Mid-length layered cut 2023: How to adopt the hairstyle that flatters every face?

by Anjelina

What haircut enhances your face and stays on top of hair trends? Here’s the suggestion from our editors that’s sure to be what everyone will be talking about for the next few months: the mid-length layered cut 2023! While it’s by no means a new look, this charming and versatile hairstyle is making a comeback and is already fascinating many girls. Who is it best suited for and how to wear it without making a mistake? We tell you everything you need to know to get your hair looking chic in no time. As a bonus, there are some great hair care tips for you.

Who is the mid-length layered cut for?

mid length layered cut 2023 trends

Good news: The layered mid-length haircut for women is suitable for all hair types and face shapes. It creates a natural look and enhances facial features in a beautiful way. Thanks to the layering, this trendy hairstyle is particularly flattering on fine hair because of the XXL volume created by the layers. For girls with thick manes, the layered cut feels light and airy. Curly hair looks more structured.

And as mentioned before, this trendy haircut flatters all face types! If you have a round face, the mid-length layered cut will frame your face nicely to visually lengthen it. For oval faces, any version of the cut will do!

Trendy cut 2023: How to wear the mid-length layered cut?

trendy cut 2023 how to wear the mid-length layered cut


An ideal cut to give volume to fine and flat hair, the mid-length layered cut offers several variations and can be styled in different ways. So, don’t delay and get inspired by the very chic ideas of our editors in the following paragraphs! Let’s take a look at the 4 hairstyles that are taking the current trends by storm.

The choppy bob is currently seducing trendy girls

the choppy bob is currently seducing trendy girls

At the end of last December, the actress of the Netflix series “Wednesday”, Jenna Ortega, adopted the choppy bob haircut, making a real fury among the fashionable girls. This hairstyle is characterized by strands that are superimposed with the aim of forming several layers and therefore – a spectacular volume. Here, it is essential to respect the balance and symmetry and to adapt the cut to your hair and face type. To achieve this, visit your professional hairdresser, who will know how to act.

The feathered bob for maximum volume

the feathered bob for maximum volume

The feathered bob has been gaining popularity in recent months, and with good reason. With layers carefully cut to resemble a bird’s feathers, this hairstyle brings maximum volume to any mane.

Women’s cut trend 2023: The Rachel Cut

women's cut trend 2023 the Rachel haircut

Want a mid-length, layered cut with retro bangs? We’ve got the perfect suggestion for you: the Rachel cut! A hybrid haircut that merges Brigitte Bardot’s iconic curtained bangs with Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) famous Friends haircut. Like the chopped bob, the Rachel must be well adapted to the hair type of its wearer.

Mid-length cut with layered curtain bangs

Mid-length cut with gradient curtain fringe

The layered mid-length haircut is the perfect opportunity to make your everyday look chic. While the layers add texture, the curtain bangs give structure and finishing touches. You can also wear your mid-length layers with a slight wave for an everyday look.

Which hair care products will enhance your new layered mid-length cut?

which hair care products will enhance your new layered mid-length cut

In order to have a great hairstyle, it is important to take good care of your hair. To achieve this, it’s best to use natural products to avoid harming your hair with chemicals. Our editors recommend that you use castor oil – a real beauty ally for your hair. Other products include argan and coconut oil, homemade hair masks, etc.

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