Choppy bob for thick hair: Tips for a trendy bob haircut and amazing looks to inspire you!

by Anjelina

Women who have thick hair know how difficult it is to control it and make it look good all the time. With the help of the right hairstyle, however, things can be a lot easier. In today’s article, we are going to pay special attention to the choppy bob for thick hair because it turns out to be a great solution that will make your hair look vibrant and amazing at any time of the day.

Why choose a choppy bob for thick hair?

choppy bob for thick hair shoulder length

You can never go wrong with a bob haircut. The many variations that hairdressers continue to come up with make it so easy to suit a certain face type and hair texture. When it comes to thick hair, the bob haircut is definitely worth a try. In particular, the trendy choppy bob would look simply amazing on hair with more volume. Why? Well-shaped choppy layers are always thought to give hair even more volume, but that’s not always true, as with the right method they can actually take away excess weight and make your hair feel lighter and more vibrant than ever. Plus, you’ll get a very expressive look and your hair will be awarded with lots of movement and ease!

3 tips for a trendy bob haircut on thick hair

thick dark brown hair bob hairstyles bangs


Next time you visit your hairdresser with the clear idea that you’ll want a choppy bob haircut, keep the following tips in mind to make it look great on your thick hair!

  1. Straight cut is not for you! It is true that it looks very elegant, but you probably won’t be able to achieve the desired effect of taking weight out of your hair. For a trendy cut that suits thick hair, hairdressers now use scissors and razors to create slightly tousled, choppy ends.
  2. Add more layers. Try to have more layers that will pull volume into the roots. The more extra layers you have, the more hair you will remove, thus you will instantly feel the pleasant change of your hair feeling lighter than before. At the same time, you can keep the length you want.
  3. Keep styling to a minimum. To accentuate the natural texture and beauty of your thick hair, use a texturizing cream or sea salt spray. Your hair should be freshly washed, use your hands to shape the strands into the desired shape (you can bend your head down and press them with your hands). The product dries and fixes the strands.

Choppy bob for thick hair: Inspiring looks and styling techniques

celebrities choosing the bob haircut trends 2023

We’ve put together some great and inspiring looks, especially for those of you with thick, beautiful hair. They are definitely worth taking a look at and may serve as a muse for new and exciting hairstyle adventures! Who knows?

Trending long, choppy bob

long choppy bob textured ends and trendy balayage

One of the leading hairstyles at the moment is the long, choppy bob that reaches the shoulders. Its textured ends make the look both fascinating and playful. You can wear your hair in waves, but also a great way to style it (and at the same time visually take some of the volume out of it) is by straightening it. It’s definitely up to you to decide how to wear your lovely choppy hair! You can also add bangs, which would also fit in very well and highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

Messy chin-length bob and side-swept bangs

textured blunt-bob-with-highlights-lowlights

If you’re a fan of short hairstyles, a chin-length choppy bob is definitely worth a try. Moreover, if you add long side-swept bangs that blend in with the rest of your layered hair, you’ll look fabulous! You will also keep maintenance and styling methods to a minimum. Plus, you can experiment with new hair coloring techniques and give your choppy hairstyle an even more fresh and youthful look!

Gorgeous platinum layered hair

platinum blonde trendy color amazing looks textured bob

Why not be daring and go for a platinum blonde hair color that would look amazing on your choppy hairstyle. This particular hair color is a cool blonde shade that most women dream of, as it is always in fashion and looks very stylish. Undoubtedly, the tone is difficult to achieve and also to maintain, as the appearance of yellowish hues should be avoided. However, its admirers are sure that it is all worth it!

Straight textured bob

choppy bob for thick hair straight blonde short hair

If your hair is naturally straight and thick, it would be great to try a textured choppy bob, which will take away the excess volume. This will be visible to you (your hair will feel much lighter and manageable) and to others as well. If you have wavy or even curly hair, it would be a good idea to straighten it. It will visually make it look thinner, and it will be a reason to see yourself in a different light! Just remember to use a good heat protection spray before exposing your hair to heat.

Choppy bob – Photo Gallery

chic and stylish bob haircut short hairstyles 2023

Short layered bob haircut

short layered bob dark thick hair

Choppy bob and ombre

choppy bob for thick hair ombre effect

Cute wavy bob and straight bangs

short bob hairstyles for thick hair wavy dark brown

Trendy layered bob for women over 50

trendy layered bob for women over 50

Beautiful balayage on brown hair 

cute balayage on brown hair lob haircut

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