Friends inspired outfits: How to dress like the most ICONIC group of people?

by Gabby

If we all ask ourselves what is the most watched TV series of all time, what pops into your head first? I’ll give you some more time to think about it… Of course, it’s Friends! We are all absolutely in love with this series and continue to watch it to this day. My Deavita colleagues and I even recently took a quiz to show off our amazing knowledge of the show. Well, we finished second, but there were lots of cocktails and fun. Today though, we’re going to talk about their iconic outfits and moments that can help us dress stylishly today. What are the best Friends inspired outfits? How to match them perfectly nowadays? Let’s find out!

Friends inspired outfits: Discover the most iconic ones from the show!

friends ross geller monica rachel green chandler bing joey tribiani phoebe buffey

Can you name a more iconic group of people? I don’t think so! This show definitely lifts my mood even in the saddest moments and when I feel lonely I just put it on the TV. You can’t help but love the jokes of these six friends. However, besides the jokes and funny moments, by now people can’t stop commenting on Rachel Green’s fashion moments or Monica Geller’s. Now, however, I find that Phoebe has also predicted some of the current trends. What are they? What are the most memorable outfits? Let’s see now!

The one with Rachel’s new dress: Perfect spring trend!

the one where rachel meets joshua parents slip dress iconic outfits from friends


This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the show, where Rachel finally meets her then-boyfriend Joshua’s parents. This “dress” is actually underwear, but she’s posing as such, so Josh’s parents aren’t shocked by what they see. “They are wearing it in Milan… A part of my job is to wear the clothes, and then I see how people respond, and then I report back to my superiors at Bloomingdales. And obviously in this case, I’m going to report back ‘USA, not ready…”, well actually we are ready! These kinds of lace “lingerie” type of dresses are one of the top springs trends for 2023. Put on a pair of heels, and you have yourself the perfect outfit for a date night.

Phoebe Buffay orange coat

pheobe buffay orange coat oh my eyes my eyes iconic friends moment outfit inspiration

I know when we talk about style and inspiring outfits from Friends, we’ll probably always think of Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, first. However, as I watch the show for the 455th time, I actually notice that Phoebe has had many fashionista moments that have endeared her to us over the years. When I first saw the episode with the orange coat my reaction was “Oh, my eyes, my eyes!”, but now it is actually iconic. Not to mention that celebrities are hopping on the faux fur trend, and even Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing a coat like that. Not in orange, but no everyone can pull it off! If you want to look boujee for the winter 2023, get one of these faux fur coats in any color you like!

Friends inspired outfits: Monica Geller style

monica geller style friends inspired outfits 2023 mom jeans white sneakers man's shirt

Like most characters on the show, Monica Geller also changes her style a lot from the beginning to the end of the series. In the beginning we see a sportier Monica, with many looks that include boyfriend jeans. If anyone can be called the queen of those jeans it would be her. How do we match them in 2023? Get a shirt from your boyfriend or husband’s closet, preferably in a light blue color. Put on your favorite white sneakers, and you’ll have a casual outfit that will be great for this spring. If you want to do something fancy with the jeans, use a belt to snatch your waist and put on a tank top, or even something off the shoulders.

Chandler Bing office style

friends inspired outfits fashion chandles bing office style vest

What does Chandler Bing do for a living? “He is a Transponster!”, like Rachel would say, however that is not the answer. It really does not matter what he does, because he is the real king of sarcasm and great humor. How do adapt his style? Can Chandler Bing become our new fashion inspiration? The answer is absolutely! I am not going to ask you to wear one of these sweater vests, however, you can replace them with the perfect blazer. It is all about the layers in the winter. If you layer another blazer or a coat, you will have a similar outfit to Chandler’s!

The one with the knee-high boots

rachel green knee high boots jimmy choo friends outfits inspiration 2023 fashion

Many of the styles in the 90s are coming back in fashion. However, one of the things that never went out of style was the knee-high leather boot. If you want to dive into the Rachel Green magic and be a fashion icon like her, you must have one of these in your shoe collection. Pair them with a mini skirt and you’ll be absolutely irresistible!

Other Friends inspired outfits

friends inspired outfits tv show iconic moments favorites 2023

Rachel’s green dress 

rachel green dress museum night chic fashion inspiration mint color

Monica Geller’s red dress 

monica geller red dress fashion style out inspiration tv show friends

Friends outfit inspiration 

pheobe buffey fashion inspiration black dress friends

Monica and Rachel: Mini skirt style 

monica geller and rachel green mini skirt fashion ideas 2023

Phoebe Buffay fashion inspiration 

phoebe buffay outfit fashion 2023 inspiration trendy floral dress

Rachel Green’s checked skirt 

rachel green checked skirt and socks trendy outfit inspiration 2023 friends tv show

Monica Geller’s style 

monica geller style fashion icon trends 2023 friends tv show inspiration on how to dress this season


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