How to wear makeup at 50? Discover the secrets for a rejuvenated face!

by Kremy

How to wear makeup at 50? It’s quite simple once you understand the principle! In general, wearing makeup after 40 is very different from wearing makeup in your 20s and 30s. And that’s okay. As we grow older, our skin also ages and wrinkles and fine lines appear. But instead of feeling uncomfortable, we should continue to show off our natural features in the most beautiful way possible and look like the best version of ourselves! If you want to do your makeup right, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced, makeup-heavy woman, then stick around! I’m here to show you the best possible way to not accentuate your wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty while looking younger and fresher! Let’s talk about it!

makeover woman 50 years old

How to wear makeup at 50? Easy tutorial in 4 steps!

Once past the threshold of 30, you have to pay more attention to your skin. After 25 years of age, we slowly stop producing collagen in our body. So, to slow down the aging process, we need to follow a good skin care routine. And the most important step of all? Always apply SPF before going out, even in winter! The sun is our biggest enemy when it comes to aging! Today we’re going to talk about the most effective way to apply products to your face to prevent wrinkles from creasing and deepening and we shall answer the question “How to wear makeup at 50?”. Here are the four steps you need to follow to get a divine look!

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makeup women at 50 before after


How to apply eye makeup after 50? Tutorial

The skin of our eyelids is very delicate and thin, so it suffers a lot of damage during the aging process. That’s why we have to be careful when it comes to applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. Here are some things you should keep in mind when doing your eye makeup:

  • Do not use flashy and very bright colors. When the skin on our eyelids thins enough, it can become wrinkled, and bright, vibrant colors can really accentuate it. Opt for pastel and earthy colors instead, as you’re concentrating the darkest color on the crease of your eye.
  • The eyeliner should not be thick. Again, because of the wrinkles of the eyelid, it should be much thinner than at twenty or even thirty. A very thin line at the base of the lashes is more than enough to give you a dazzling look!

Foundation or BB cream for a 50 year old woman?

How to wear makeup at 50 bb cream or foundation

As you age, you find that heavy foundations don’t hold as well and beautifully as they used to. Since our skin has more fine lines and wrinkles than before, foundation can get trapped in there and make them look bigger and deeper. If you have dark spots, I suggest you look for a dark spot cream on your face to get rid of them. You won’t be able to hide them with foundation alone.

  • If you prefer using using foundation, focus on the under eye area, the tip of the nose, around the nose and the sides of the face. Do the minimum, do not use a lot of products. And above all, always moisturize your skin beforehand and use a primer for a smooth application.
  • You have another option: BB cream! BB creams don’t have as much coverage, but they are easier to apply and illuminate the skin. Unless you don’t have red and brown spots to try to blend with your skin, then a BB cream will do just fine!

Apply blush and highlighter

The next step is to apply blush for a more romantic and youthful look and highlighter for an illuminated face! I recommend applying your blush a little higher on your cheeks. Put it on your cheekbones and also put some blush on your nose. This method gives the face an immediate lift and makes you look younger due to the pink or reddish colors of your face.

Another great product to use is highlighter. They are quite cheap and you can buy one at the pharmacy. If you have no idea how to apply it, just run your finger over it and put some product on the tip of your nose, the inner corner of your eye, under your eyebrows and cheeks. You don’t need to put a lot. Maybe one or two dots on each area. Then make sure to blend it well and voila! You will look radiant under the light!

How to choose a good lipstick (woman 50 years old)?

what lipstick after 50 years old

Finally, we are at the end of our tutorial. When it comes to lipsticks and aging lips, there are a few rules to follow. For example, even though matte lipsticks are very comfortable to use when going out due to their long wear, they can feel a bit dry on the lips. I recommend that you stay away from matte lipsticks. For colors, women over 50 should avoid very dark and neon colors and focus on more natural creamy lipsticks to enhance their natural beauty… After all, less is more!




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