Blowout haircut: Find how to achieve this trendy men hairstyle in 2023 and how to style it!

by Gabby

A well-chosen hairstyle is one of the key elements for men to look stylish in the modern world. The choice of haircut depends on many factors – a man’s lifestyle, individual facial features, hair type and personal preferences. However, trends and fashion also influence a man’s looks. I personally love to see that man are also interested in fashion and style these days. Remember that we use them to express ourselves. That is why today I have something for you, gentlemen! I introduce to you the blowout haircut! What is that you may ask? How to achieve a trendy hairstyle in 2023? Let’s find out!

blowout haircut for men trends hairstyle 2023

What is a blowout haircut?

Blowout haircut and temp haircut are basically the same thing. You must have your temple region cut short and effortlessly faded in order to get the haircut. How to style it? You need the top of your hair left longer, so you can use a blow-dryer or a product that will give you texture, to style it in a messy kind of way. If you want to have it right away, go to your hairdresser and show him this photo!

Low taper fade tutorial

If you want to get the blowout haircut, you can also ask for a low taper fade. It is the same thing and will still give your hair a new life. If you have naturally curly hair, I think it will be easier to style it. All you need to do is use some gel, or texture spray to define your curls. You will not need to use a lot of heat to give it that volume. For the men out there with a straight hair, you can still get the same effect. However, keep in mind that you have to know how to work your way with the blow-dryer! Find more inspiration for a low fade haircut for men in 2023!

High taper face haircut

high taper fade haircut for men 2023


You want to know the difference between low and high taper haircut? The only difference is that the fade starts a little bit higher, at least 2 inches above the ears. This is another way to style your blowout haircut. It will still look amazing. It all comes to your preferences. How to choose between low and high taper fade? Just ask your barber what goes well with your facial features. If you know your face shape well, you can decide what you like best. Keep in mind that the low fade creates a smoother transition, while the high fade is more sharp.

Buzz cut

buzz cut military style haircut men 2023 trends

If you are not ready to have your hair long at the top, and want something easier to maintain, I suggest you try the buzz cut! What is the buzz cut? It is a hairstyle that can be achieved only using your trimmer and no scissors. I suggest you visit the barber before you try that at home. If you want the same fade that the blowout haircut gives you, this military style buzz cut has the same vibe to it – high taper fade and volume on top. I mean one of the hottest eras of Ryan Reynolds was him having that haircut, just something to keep in mind!

Blowout haircut: How to blow dry your hair like a pro?

I know that it may seem annoying to blow dry your hair to achieve this effect. However, if you learn how to do it properly it will not take more than 5 minutes, I guarantee you! For us ladies, it is really hard since we have that long hair. But for you gentlemen, with the right techniques you can become a pro in no time! Now, in this video you will see a full tutorial from a professional barber. I also advise you to find the right products that work best on your hair, so you can maintain that volume for a longer time, because let’s be honest you will not blow dry your hair like that every day! Three things you are going to need are texture spray, gel and a moisturizing hair cream, because heat can be very damaging, and you need to hydrate your hair.

Blowout haircut: What are the styles to copy in 2023?

what is a blowout haircut 2023

Burst fade haircuts 

blowout haircut 2023 men hairstyle trends fade

Blowout haircut for straight hair 

low fade taper haircut for men volume blowout

Blowout undercut 

blowout haircut for curly hair high taper fade

Blowout haircut trends 2023 

blowout haircut trends 2023

Blowout undercut for straight hair 

blowout undercut for men straight hair trends 2023

Ryan Reynolds Buzz cut hairstyle 

buzz cut ryan reynolds hairstyle haircut for men 2023


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