What is the low fade haircut for men? Find out more + 15 looks to inspire you to get this 2023 trendy cut

by Kristiyana

Looking for a new stylish man’s haircut to keep up with the latest hair trends? Well, then you have come to the right place! Meet the low fade haircut . A well-balanced, gradual cut, this hairstyle is super versatile and can be cut and styled in various of different ways. Do you want to find out more about it, who does it suit, and which style to choose? Just keep on reading!

What is a low cut fade?


The low fade haircut involves cutting the hair in a gradual, tapered way from the neckline up to the top of the head. Often referred to as a “bald fade,” this style is popular with men who want a clean and modern look. The low cut fade also presents an additional feature: it lacks any sharp transitions between lengths. Instead, the length gradually decreases from one side to another in a gentle arc. This gradual decrease creates an overall soft look to your hair, regardless if you opt for short or long styles.

Who suits a low fade?

This cut can basically suit any face shape, but it is particularly flattering on round and heart-shaped faces. This is due to the closely-cut sides, which help slim down the face.

Low faded haircut with a curly top and medium back



You have curly hair? Well, then this exceptional cut with a curly top, much like the famed broccoli haircut of 2022, would suit you greatly. It’s a modern take on the classic mullet, which a lot of guys are sporting nowadays.

Heavily layered fade haircut


Maybe go for a low fade cut that is heavily layered at the top, and fades carefully to the side and back? This take on the trendy 2023 haircut will make your hair look neater and more refined. Make sure you use a texturing product to keep it looking sharp.

The low burst fade haircut 2023


And if you are looking for something with a twist, give a chance to the low burst fade! With this style, the silhouette of your hair remains polished and neat, but the curved pattern makes the hairstyle even more appealing.

Fade haircut on red hair?


Red hair has always been eye-catching, but with a low skin fade, it is bound to look even more striking. This haircut starts out thick, and it thins out towards the bottom.

Curly French crop Low fade


This cut featuring a curly French top shapes your head and flows down nicely. When you have curls like these here, it is best to leave them all natural, as too much styling can cause fizziness.


The low fade buzz haircut 2023


Think the low fade haircut is only for men with longer hair? Well, think again. Guys with short hairdos can also pull it off. Here, the hair on the back and sides needs to be noticeably shorter than on the top.

Tapered fade hairstyle


And why not try the tapered low fade for a super trendy and stylish 2023 look? To get the volume of the cut, ask your barber for tapered sides and leave the top of your hair longer. Style the cut with a hairspray or tonic.

Low fade haircut in a slick back style


In 2023, a lot of men are preferring longer hairstyles as opposed to shorter ones. For this low fade haircut, in order to keep the length of the hair, the cut has been styled in a slick back. This fade is shorter around the ears and transitioned gradually to the top at the midpoint.

Thick curls fade cut


Having trouble finding a  haircut that is stylish, but can also keep your thick curls in place? Opt for this fade look. This cut keeps your curls thick and neat. Style your curls with a quality hair styling cream or mousse to avoid frizz.

The sharp fade haircut for thick hair


To control your thick hair texture, this sharp low fade haircut has been kept low and blended heavily to preserve the thickness of the hair. In order to keep this cut in place, daily styling will be required. Opt for a sea salt spray and finish with a styling powder.

Salt and pepper waves cut


The salt and pepper hair color, a trend that has gained popularity over recent years, pairs perfectly with a fresh haircut featuring short textured waves. This stylish combination is particularly flattering for men with thinning hair. With its short length on the sides of the head, this hairstyle is extremely suitable because it will help you look at least 5 years younger.

Fringe and shaved lines


Best to try this cut if you have either short or mid-length hair. The sides of this low fade hairstyle are faded up to the temples, leaving length at the top to be styled into a fringe. Add extra definition with some shaved lines on the sides.

Low tapered fade on black hair 2023


Trying to keep your afro waves in place? Well there’s nothing sexier than a low tapered faded haircut on afro hair. It’s a pretty low-maintenance cut and doesn’t require any styling.

Low fade haircut on cool-toned red hair


The low fade haircut looks exceptionally good on cool-toned red hair. That’s my opinion, at least! Leave a bit of length on top, but make sure you tell your barber to cut it tight around the ears.

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