Mens short hairstyles – trends and ideas for a stylish modern man

by Kremy

trendy cool hairstyles for men with beard

Mens short hairstyles are not affected by fashion’s whims as women’s hairstyles, yet we see some interesting, original and impressive ideas every year. It is a fact that stylists experiment with the appearance of women more often but there are many representatives of the strong sex who follow fashion trends and pay attention to their image. Short haircuts are a real classic but there are some interesting stylish changes which makes an ordinary short haircut a really fashionable one.

A well-chosen haircut is one of the most noticeable elements in the image of a stylish modern man. The choice of haircuts depends on many factors – the lifestyle of a man, the individual features of his face, the type of hair and personal preferences, but trends and fashion also have an effect on a man’s requirements. Fashionable haircuts come and go but there is one major rule that has not changed for decades – whether a man wears a short haircut or long hair, he needs to have it trimmed and cut regularly so that it looks neat.


Mens short hairstyles – trends and stylists advice

best short hairstyles for older men


Short hair is chosen by strong-willed men. If teenage hairstyles can be somewhat shocking and deliberately demonstrate some negligence to stand out from the crowd, mature men should select a hairstyle which suits their personality. Men are practical and most often practicality is the main criteria when they choose their hairstyles. The ideal hairstyle is beneficial to the skin color and facial features. The structure of the hair must be taken into account as well. It is not easy to choose a hairstyle for a man but if you have a good hairdresser, he will be able to give you a good advice.

It is not easy to create a man’s hairstyle which is unique and never seen before, especially when we discuss mens short hairstyles. Asymmetrical haircuts, for example, look very attractive. Retro remains fashionable as a magnificent example of creative expression – layers or incredibly smooth hair are reminiscent of the impeccability of the twenties.

The vagabond image returns to fashion. A three-day beard will make any haircut stylish, and although there is a growing trend for longer hair length, short haircuts will remain the most popular choice of men. No matter how extravagant and original variations of hairstyles we see, at all times men tend to remain restrained, natural and practical.


What are the most popular mens short hairstyles


cool hairstyles for men fashionable haircuts

Mens short hairstyles can be based on conservatism or on a more avant-garde approach and although many haircuts are considered as classic, this does not mean that a new and modern twist cannot be introduced. All short men’s hairstyles can be divided as per the length of the hair. Experiments with hair length are the base for a variety of modifications. For example, undercuts are widely popular among young men while more textured haircuts are the choice of business men.

Unpretentious hairstyles enjoy a great popularity as they require minimal care, and this is especially valuable for men. Classic hairstyles with bangs and military haircuts which demonstrate masculinity and courage are the main trends of modern men’s hairstyles.

Undercut hairstyles, or shaved sides were symbolic for the fans of punk rock. However, this is one of the most popular short haircuts for men of all ages and occupations.

Asymmetry and bangs in men’s hairstyles also have their rightful place. Like women’s, men’s haircuts are selected according to the shape of the face. Asymmetrical haircuts provide many opportunities to make your face look more oval while bangs vary in length and can be styled in different ways.

We selected some of the most attractive short haircuts for men – undercuts, military style haircuts, spikes, slicked back haircut, slicked back undercut, businessman’s cut, side part, etc. You can see how a modern man can look sexy and stylish at the same time, so enjoy the photos in the gallery and choose the best haircut for yourself.


undercut hairstyles for men spikes haircut

trendy hairstyles for men short haircuts ideas

stylish short haircuts for men

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mens short hairstyles with undercut

mens short hairstyles undercut fade and spikes

men hairstyles for short curly hair

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cool hairstyles for men brushed back with fade undercut

cool haircuts for men short hairstyles

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