Undercut hairstyle for men – super cool ideas for a truly masculine look

by Kremy

undercut hairstyle for men

Undercut hairstyle for men are an expression of a vivid individuality, these impressive haircuts are not a whim of fashion, but a demand of the time itself and of modern society. The great variety of men’s haircuts can be divided into two quite contrasting styles: classics and bold audacity. However, nowadays the borders of these categories have diluted and we see examples of original, sometimes even extravagant undercut hairstyles not only on the red carpet or sports field, but on the streets and even in corporate offices.

Boring hairstyles belong to the past! Men’s haircuts with undercuts and shaved temples are a strong trend that emphasizes the character and individuality of a man, his adventurous nature and readiness to experiment. Some people think that in modern men’s hairstyle fashion, a certain brutality and some aggressiveness took leading positions. Whether this is right or wrong is a matter of personal appearance and perception. The fact remains – more and more men in different age categories choose undercut hairstyles and they look incredibly good!

Advantages and disadvantages of undercut hairstyle for men

super cool hairstyles with undercuts for men


Undercut hairstyle for men are not a new fashion created by modern stylists. This type of haircut was popular back in the 1920s-1940s among the working class and gang members. This was a typical haircut for the Punk culture in the late 1980s and nowadays there are numerous variations in length, bangs, slicked back, sideswept, center parted, etc.

When choosing from the numerous undercut hairstyle for men you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this style and see whether it is suitable for you or not.

One of the greatest advantages of hairstyles with undercuts is that they look stylish and when properly chosen you can have a well-groomed appearance without much effort. You hairstyle speaks for you and undercuts show that you are a bright, extraordinary personality, which is not afraid of experiments.

These haircuts provide a lot of opportunities for experiments, creating new images and implementing bold ideas. The haircuts can vary from short sides with a smooth transition from short-cut temples to a longer crown to ultramodern solutions with shaven temples and clipped patterns on the sides and even a mohawk at the top. You can choose a variety with or without bangs, change your look depending on the situation – a sleek hairstyle for a business meeting or a casual one for the hours of leisure.

Minimal care – this is a great advantage as you can style your hair with the help of the simplest hair products. True, often such haircuts do not even require styling. It is enough to correct the form from time to time.

On the downside, these haircuts need constant visits to the hairdresser. If not maintained correctly they lose their striking and attractive appearance. Another disadvantage is that they are not suitable for all types of face.


Undercut hairstyle for men – how to choose the right one for yourself?

awesome mens hairstyles with undercut

Undercut hairstyle for men look fashionable, neat and allow you to have a presentable and stylish look. However, you need to carefully choose the right haircut for yourself and if you are not 100% certain, ask your hairdresser or stylist for advice.

Almost all undercut hairstyles emphasize the face. They will attract attention toward you and your ears will be constantly exposed. If you feel that the ears are sticking out, choose some other haircut. Low forehead will not benefit from hairstyles with undercuts either.

This hairstyle is more suitable for a round and oval type of face. If you have a thin face side undercuts will make it look even narrower.

Avoid hairstyles with undercuts if your face is full as it emphasizes the cheeks and chin and you will look chubby.

Each of the undercut hairstyles has its own characteristics which must be taken into account in the process of choosing. In addition to the head and face shape an experienced stylist will be able to give you a competent advice for the right haircut for your type of hair as well. Look at the photos in the gallery below and find the haircut that will enhance your personality in the best way!



david beckham textured undercut short haircuts for men

unique men hairstyles with undercuts

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