Unique designer wallpaper ideas with forest and tree motifs

by Kremy

designer wallpapers light rays through trees forest wallpaper mural

Nowadays Nature theme – forest, trees, jungle – is exceptionally trendy and this is not coming as a surprise. Many people living in an urban environment surrounded by noise and concrete, dealing with the daily challenges of the crowded streets and the city hustle and bustle opt for interior designs which create relaxing atmosphere and nothing can be more tranquil than Nature. The market responds to this growing trend and offers unique designer wallpaper ideas with forest and tree motifs which make the wallpaper a focal point of the interior. Nature themed wallpapers are multi-functional and look very attractive not only in classical, but also in modern interior designs.


Unique designer wallpaper ideas – trees, forest and jungle motifs for your home


nature themed wallpapers birds and leaves


Unique designer wallpaper ideas, focused on the beauty of Nature, not only create a pleasant and calming atmosphere in the home interior. They add color and freshness, a feeling of open air, and the motifs with palm trees bring the tropical splendor into the city environment. Wallpaper murals are the perfect option for lovers of nature and you can choose from different landscape themes – from waterfalls, spring and autumn forest, sunrise or sunset – anything that pleases your eye and brings comfort to your soul. This is possible due to the fact that Nature themed wallpapers from different manufacturers come in many different options and even if you are not a professional decorator you can safely choose wallpaper with forest motifs and easily incorporate it in the existing interior of your home. You can also choose from magnificent designer wallpapers by famous names like Versace with splendid colors and palm tree motifs which can easily transform a dull room into something classy, elegant and sophisticated.


Unique designer wallpaper ideas for every room of the home


Unique designer wallpaper ideas wall mural

Trees, forest or jungle themed wallpapers allow you to admire the amazing beauty of Nature every day, to be inspired by its harmony and peace. However, when choosing mural or a pattern for your home, you need to follow some simple rules.

Choose the right combination of patterns and colors. It is important to find wallpaper with pattern and texture that will work with your existing interior. You can combine expressive colors and textures to achieve depth or combine different patterns.

At the same time you need to remember the dimensions of the room and the size of the wallpaper. The larger the picture and the brighter colors on the wallpaper, the smaller the room will appear. Soft muted tones can add extra volume and visual lightness.

Obviously, colors will differ depending on the particular photo or design, but generally speaking, nature themed designs feature natural colors like green, blue, brown, beiges, yellow, red and orange etc. Depending on your personal preferences you can opt for lush green, calming autumn shades or elegant neutral colors. Use your imagination and creativity, do not be afraid to experiment and create an original and beautiful interior with these unique nature themed wallpapers!



waterfall photo wallpaper forest theme

Unique designer wallpaper ideas versace wallpapers

nature themed versace wallpapers green palm leaves

modern wallpapers forest theme leaves

tropical photo wallpaper modern home interiors ideas


lush tropical themed wallpaper with green leaves

designer nature themed photo wallpaper ideas


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