The advantages of wood ceiling in contemporary home interior design

by Kremy

creative wood ceiling design ideas in modern living room

A wood ceiling is one of the most versatile designs, which ideally suits both classical decors and interior designs in a modern style. A wooden ceiling is not old fashioned, quite the contrary, it is a growing trend in interior designs as it creates an atmosphere which can hardly be surpassed. Wood is a traditional material that has been used for centuries for the construction of houses and their decoration. Today, it is a popular material for ceiling decoration, as it provides protection the room from cold and overheating, it is environmentally safe and durable. Such ceilings can be combined with many types of interior, making the room cozy and stylish.


What do you need to consider when choosing a wood ceiling?


contemporary kitchen design with wood ceiling


Wood, as a material, has remarkable beauty, unique texture and grain pattern and this is just one of the reasons why it never loses its popularity. However, when you consider a wood ceiling for one or more rooms in your home, you need to carefully think about several important questions.

Is there enough space? A wooden ceiling looks best in a high room, as it partly steals space. If the height of the room is enough (at least 3 meters) you can choose almost any type of wooden ceiling, but if the ceilings are lower, you will have to think of an alternative option. You can paint the ceiling in white or in the same color as the walls which will be a way to solve the height problem and the room will appear visually higher.

wooden ceiling and walls open plan living room interior design

Harmony of wooden floor and ceiling – if both floor and ceiling are made of wood, designers recommend darker shades for the floor and light colors for the walls. If the ceiling is made of dark wood or stained in a dark shade, this may create a gloomy atmosphere. Use dark shades in rooms with good lighting, whether natural or artificial, to avoid the feeleing that the ceiling is too low.

Match the colors – this is essential for the overall appearance of the room. If the interior of the room is dominated by neutral and cold colors, you can make it more inviting and cozier by using a sandy shade for the ceiling. When there are a lot of wooden elements in the interior, it will be a good idea to choose an option with exposed wooden beams for the ceiling which will harmoniously work with the other elements in the interior. Do not be afraid to combine different techniques – a wooden section in the center and plasterboard in the color of the walls along the edges of the ceiling will make the room look higher.


Wood ceiling in home interiors – advantages and disadvantages


exposed ceiling beams brick wall loft style living room decorating ideas

Wood ceiling in home interiors is often considered as universal and multi-functional design. Many designers prefer this type of ceiling to create a practical and at the same time beautiful decor in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, study, home office, home library and even bathroom. Wood has a lot of advantages and benefits to offer which makes it one of top choices of customers and here are some of the main ones:

  • Environmental friendly – ceilings made of natural material not only allow you to emphasize the natural beauty of design in any room, but are also completely safe for human health.
  • Versatility – wood offers a huge variety of textural solutions which allows you to add character and individuality to any room. It comes in panels, planks, tiles, and depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from many options. Further to that, you can hide minor problems or imperfections of the main ceiling, hide communications, electricity wiring, etc.
  • Durability – high quality wood will retain its original appearance for a long time, and if properly maintained you will enjoy your beautiful ceiling for decades
  • Insulating properties – this is one of the great advantages of wood compared to alternative materials. It has excellent soundproofing properties and will eliminate irritating noises. In addition, this is one of the materials with highest thermal insulation qualities which means that the temperature in the room is easily maintained.
  • Aesthetic appeal – the visual appeal of wood and its unique beauty, the grain and richness of texture are features that people have appreciated for hundreds of years and although modern industry offers alternatives at a more affordable price, natural wood remains one of the materials with highest aesthetic value.

As you know, there are no perfect finishing materials, and wood is no exception. It is susceptible to water damage, it can warp, crack, rot, and requires special treatment with special impregnation. A wooden ceiling has two more enemies – fire and pests – which meant that your ceiling will require treatment with special protective products.

Fungi and mold can also appear. To avoid this, even at the production stage, wood has to be treated with special chemical compounds.

Ceilings made of wood absorb steam and odors and without additional protection, it will change its color and even deform.

Price can also be a major drawback, depending on the wood species. Rare and exotic species can be really expensive but the market offers many alternatives which are suitable for any budget.


How to combine a wood ceiling with other finishing materials in interior design?


wooden walls and ceiling modern dining room decorating ideas

When you hear “wood ceiling”, most often the first image that comes to your mind is a log house or an interior in rustic style. This is normal, since wood is the most popular material for this style. In terms of design, wood is one of the most universal materials to work with as it works harmoniously with any other natural materials, even with some artificial one.

Ceiling and walls made of wood is one of the styling options, which gives the space a special charm and exceptional warmth. You can use matching colors or stain the wood in contras shades if you are looking for visual dynamics.

Wood and stone are “the perfect match”. Concrete blocks, brickwork or natural stone in the design of the walls will be an excellent decision for many décor styles – rustic, Mediterranean, Insustrial, Shabby chic, Traditional, Craftsman and even contemporary interiors will benefit from this combination.

Ceilings made of wood are beautifully combined with plastered white walls. Such designs benefit from the different textures of smooth walls and wood and have a great aesthetic value.

modern kitchen ideas wood ceiling and flooring

Wooden ceiling and floor is another option which enjoys a great popularity. This combination is really beautiful and often the color of wood is matched for the floor and the ceiling.

Wood and artificial materials do not work quite well, especially PVC wall panels, for example. However, it is not impossible to achieve a good appearance, especially if you play with colors. Light natural wood on the ceiling can be a complement to the walls panels imitating dark wood. Having said that, we have to point out that unless you are an experienced decoratior or interior designers, it is better to avoid such experiments as the result can be quite diappointing.

To paint or not to paint wood ceilings – that is a very good question!

home decorating ideas knotty pine ceiling and decorative wall

Should you paint a wooden ceiling? This is an on-going hot debate and you can hear various and contradictory opinions. Each option has its supporters and they have their arguments.

To us, the right answer to this question depends on the aesthetic preferences of the homeowners as well as on the general interior concept of the room. If the house is decorated in rustic, country or provencial style, or there are many other elements made of wood, then the wooden ceiling in the interior will look more harmoniously if its natural appearance is preserved. You can choose from different options to treat the wood itself – impregnation solutions, staining, lacquer or varnish – all these will protect the material without hiding its grain pattern and texture.

If the styling of the house does not imply the preservation of the natural structure of the wood, then one option remains – to paint the ceiling with paint.

Why paint the wood ceiling? This creates a stable and durable color coating on the surface, completely covering the natural texture of the wood.  There are some practical reasons like adding light to the room, especially in small and dark areas, where natural light is limited, painting the ceiвing in white is a good idea. White makes the ceiling appear taller than it actually is. This is another plus for painting your ceiling. Further to that, by painting the ceiing you can hide minor cracks, scars or gaps. Make sure that you use safe paints that do not emit any odors, and do not contain toxic substances. Always read the labels carefully and check if the product is intended for interior decoration.

What color – light or dark – is better to paint the ceiling? Again, this depends on the interior design concept. Wood is a material that looks heavy, so if you prefer dark colors, the room should have anough height. Light shades visually raise the height of the ceiling, so it is better to choose white, cream, sand or light gray color.

contemporary bedroom interior design wood flooring and ceiling

Look at the magnificent wood ceilings in the photos below and how they are blended into modern home interiors.



wooden ceiling in modern bathroom interior design

light wood ceiling open plan living space

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modern dining room design wood ceiling and crystal chandelier

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how to incorporate wood ceilings in interior designs

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