Stained glass ceiling designs – exceptional sophistication and charm

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stained glass ceiling design ideas interior staircase dome ceiling

Stained glass ceiling designs are as popular as stained glass windows. They are amazing ornaments, transforming a roof into a real work of art in any home and creating a feeling of luxury, exceptional sophistication and charm. Whether a fascinating colorful ceiling dome or a suspended plafond decorated with back-lit panels – it is an immediate focal point and a conversational topic giving an extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of your place.

Stained glass ceiling design ideas – types, shapes and sizes

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Ceilings can have different shapes, textures and colors. There are people who prefer an ordinary white top, without levels and colors while other people opt for a decorative one. There are so many options to design it in a most spectacular way – you can use stencils, medallions, murals, ceiling panels, etc. – but we want to show you a selection of exclusive stained glass ceiling designs which add refinement, luxury and comfort to the atmosphere of any room. What are the main types of this extraordinary architectural element ?

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Colored-glass domes are usually large compositions, which are ideal for large rooms, staircases, living rooms, etc.

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Round stained glass ceiling panels can be used in any room of the home – bedroom, living room, children’s room, kitchen or bathroom.

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Rectangular ceilings are one of the most common forms of this decorative element, which looks very impressive, despite of the simple shape.

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Stained glass ceiling panels are in most cases installed in suspended constructions, in a special box, which hides all communications and light sources.

Stained glass ceiling – advantages and disadvantages

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Stained glass ceiling designs are incredibly beautiful, they add individuality and originality to the home, but this type of design is one of the most expensive. When a man looks at a beautiful stained glass ceiling he is fascinated by the magical effect of light and color.

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Thanks to the original appearance you can create gorgeous interiors in offices, homes and public spaces. A stained glass ceiling becomes a major decorative element in any room and makes it exclusive. Most ornaments are handmade which makes them unique pieces of art. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and techniques, which makes them really unique, with a very special charm. A stained glass ceiling can disguise problems and flaws when installed as a decorative piece.

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Another advantage of these domes is that they are particularly resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, or direct sunlight. In addition, they are easy to clean using non-abrasive home cleaners. The absence of harmful substances in the material makes it environmentally friendly.


A particular attention should be paid to the correct choice of light when you plan to install a stained glass ceiling. Improper lighting can ruin the beauty of the element and the impression of your design. It is important to take advantage of natural light, if possible, and combine it with the right artificial light for the dark part of the day.

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It is also important to take into account that the height of the ceiling is reduced by an average of 15-20 cm. if you install ”vitrage” panels. However, when properly selected, they can add airiness and visually enlarge the room space.

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