Ceiling design and decoration ideas – ceiling medallions ideas

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ceiling design decoration ideas ceiling medallions ideas

Ceiling design and decoration ideas feature different techniques, ornaments, colors, moldings, etc. In the desire to create a harmonious, beautiful and original interior decorators and designers create amazing designs which complement the interior of the room. We shall focus your attention of ceiling medallions as they, together with moldings, decorative plates, etc. add a lot of character and charm to the overall appearance of any room.

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Decorative ceilings play an important role in the aesthetics of the interior space. Ceiling medallions or rosettes allow you to create a sophisticated and refined decor in almost any style. Classic medallions usually have a circular or oval shape with or without additional molding decoration. Depending on the ceiling design, the shape of the medallion can be rhombic or a circle inscribed in a square, square or trapezoidal and so on. Ceiling medallions, rosettes, crown molding are still used in interiors and we selected amazing designs and decorations to give you some ideas how to decorate in a unique way.

Original decoration ideas with ceiling medallions to add grandeur to your home

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Ceiling medallions look gorgeous and add a graceful, rich look to any room in the home. If you want to define the term “ceiling medallion” or “ceiling rosette”, you may find many different definitions. Generally, a medallion is a decorative rosette which hides the place of fixing the chandelier to the ceiling. They can be decorated with relief work, and this can range from simple moulding rings to elaborate leaf, filigree, and geometric designs and using a medallion is an elegant way to conceal an unpresentable appearance, imperfections and also hide the wires.

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Ceiling design ideas offer numerous solutions for decorations. When you want to accent on the beautiful chandeliers or lighting fixtures, medallions are an excellent idea, as they are an embellishment of the decoration and enhance the beauty of the lamps. Medallions can be blended in different design styles and will look harmoniously not only in classic interiors, but in art deco style, romantic interiors, eclectic, modern, Venetian style and even minimalism. Although the main function of the ceiling rosettes is to emphasize the beauty and elegance of lighting fixtures, hence, the ceiling design, many people use them for decoration of side lighting, sconces, even as wall decorations.

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A good and original ceiling design can transform a dull and featureless room into a glittering and sparkling room and add tons of character to the interior. Medallions add volume to the ceiling design and decorative details help to create exclusive interiors. You can mimic the splendor of a palace hall or the elegance of a French boudoir, you can enhance the charm of the Provencal decor and even use a rosette in an unexpected way in contemporary styled interiors. When you want to break the uniformity and monotony of your ceiling design or you have not thought of any design at all, a medallion combined with crown molding is a quick way to decorate the space. Usually the rosette is the visual mark of the center of the room and can be a starting point for other details and ceiing decorations so the room will get a completely different appearance and will be welcoming and comfortable.

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Ceiling medallions are often considered as an element in classic style interiors – Empire, Baroque – where the ceilings are richly decorated with complex gilded ornaments and a grand work of art. In modern interiors they feature simple geometric shapes in contrast to the sophisticated ornaments of the classic medallions, as well as modern materials. Designers still use the classic round shape of the ceiling rosette, but we can see original hexagon and octagon-shaped medallions around the chandeliers, coffered ceilings with square and polygonal medallions, multi-level ceilings accented by original decorations with rosettes and moldings.

Ceiling design and decorations – what is the best material for medallions

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Until recently, ceiling medallions were made entirely of plaster. With the introduction of new technologies rosettes, molding and decorations are made of foam or polyurethane. Of course, each material has advantages and disadvantages and here is a short review which will help you to easily select the type of your ceiling decoration so that it meets your preferences and adds beauty to your ceiling design.

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Wooden medallions are the most expensive option compared to other alternatives. However, if you wanted a unique and representative ceiling design, you may invest in ornaments mad e of natural wood. Of course, the price will depend on the type of wood as some species are more expensive than other. Mahogany or rosewood would have a higher price tag than oak, for example. Wooden ceiling rosettes, especially if hand-carved, are unique decorative elements and add the warmth of wood and the beauty of wood grain to the ceiling design and overall appearance of the room. Wood works with almost any style and with many other materials. Wooden medallions, moldings and trims will require not only professional help during installation but a careful maintenance because wood does not like moisture, temperature changes and can be damaged by pests. That is why wood rosettes are not recommended for areas with high humidity like bathrooms or the medallions should be treated with varnish, paint or special sealants.

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Plaster ceiling moldings appeared centuries ago and modern production is based on old traditions. Plaster is a mixture of gypsum, sand, and water which hardens in a mold and is usually used for coating walls and ceilings. Plaster rosettes have several advantages and that it why the material is still used and we can see fascinating ceiling design ideas with large and small plaster rosettes not only in residential but in public areas as well – cinemas, concert halls, etc. Plaster rosettes come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles that the ceilings in a standard apartment can be converted into a unique work of art with exclusive visual aesthetics. Plaster can be shaped in any form – with simple or complex ornaments. It is reliable and more important – a budget friendly way to create a sophisticated and elegant decoration. The manufacturing process is simple and the installation of plaster medallions is an easy DIY project for a reasonably handy homeowner. However, large plaster medallions can be quite heavy and fragile which is their main drawback.

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Polyurethane ceiling medallions can be the perfect finishing touch to your ceiling design and home decor. As previously mentioned, polyurethane rosettes have become a real alternative to plaster models ans being a malleable material, polyurethane can be molded in any shape. Polyurethane ceiling medallions are lightweight, durable, and very easy to install. One of the main advantages of medallions made of polyurethane is their stability. They do not chip or crack, and in addition, they can be painted in any color so that the ceiling design works with the style of the interior decoration. Another advantage is the durability of the material. Polyurethane ornaments are resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. They cannot be damaged by pests, and have no unpleasant odor. The installation is easy and with some adhesive and screws and does not require any special skills. The variety of ceiling rosettes made of polyurethane is unbelievable great and everyone can find something to his personal taste. As any material, polyurethane has its disadvantages – a shorter lifetime than gypsum, it is combustible and a potential fire hazard.

How to choose ceiling medallions to create a spectacular design?

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When it comes to choosing a medallion for your ceiling design the number of options is huge. There are different types of ornaments – medallions, which are closest to the classic elements with complex ornament with a round or oval shape. Domes are exceptionally beautiful and eye-catching and add a special elegance to the ceiling design. The perimeter of domes can be additionally decorated with simple or complex ornaments. Rosettes can be installed in coffered ceilings not only with square shape but with rectangular, hexagonal and more complex forms.

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When choosing you need to take into consideration several factors. On the first place you need to select the right medallion size. In a small room, large medallions will overwhelm the space and vice versa – in a large room a small medallion will look out of place and like a patch. Proportions are of greatest importance and usually medallions are chosen in relation to the size of the light fixture and with similar proportions for a balanced look.

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The design of the medallion may feature decorative embellishments. The medallion should work with your crown molding and interior style – whether subtle and elegant or a centerpiece on the ceiling, the medallion has to give the finished look and not be in conflict with the rest of the decorative elements in the room.

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Choose the material and finish of the medallion – wood, plaster, polyurethane, metal – it will depend on your ceiling design. You can paint the medallion in a contrast color, or in a complimentary color, depending on the desired visual effect.

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