Outstanding living room ceiling design ideas and home interiors

by Kremy


Living room ceiling design ideas can be outstanding and we selected 20 fascinating ceiling designs to demonstrate how designers can create exclusive living room interiors. When you think about it, you will realize that people often neglect their ceilings believing that they’d rarely look up as there is nothing to see. They could not be more wrong! The days of the uniformly smooth white ceilings are long gone and with some cool and trendy ideas you can decorate your ceiling creatively and make it a real star in the room.


Living room ceiling design ideas – spectacular ceiling decoration ideas




The living room is the place that gathers the family for time together, gathers friends for a drink and many designers will tell you that it reflects your personality. It is true that we all look at different ways to make our home unique and more beautiful, and the living room is one of the main rooms to which we give more attention in decoration. The choice of furniture, decor, accessories, accents, even the ceiling design demonstrates the personal taste, lifestyle and character of the homeowners. These inspiring living room ceiling design ideas can add finesse to the interior, style and class, refined sophistication, even a sense of adventure.


Suspended ceilings with many lights look wonderful, as an interactive game created with light. The lamps in a suspended ceiling with a seemingly chaotic arrangement will create an amazing effect. There are so many options to choose from – suspended, sculptured or vaulted ceilings, wooden beams, Tudor-style  etc., pop ceilings, false or stretch ceilings – limitless design opportunities. Here are some hot new trends in modern ceiling design that you would love.


Living room ceiling design ideas – choosing the right design style



Professional decorators can offer you a lot of living room ceiling design ideas. You have to choose a ceiling design that works with the overall design concept. A Tudor style design will look ridiculous in a contemporary living room and even if you are attracted to exposed beams it would be better if you opt for a false or a stretch ceiling.


Another important consideration is the choice of color for the ceiling. You can combine different shades from one color to accent on architectural details, you can choose a contrast color for a visual effect or opt for modern panels and integrated lighting.


The variety of design ideas will add a great aesthetic value to the living room interior, that makes the atmosphere exclusive and elegant. There is a variety of materials – POP, gypsum board, wood, fiber and aluminum – colors, shapes, patterns and lighting systems for creating striking ceiling designs, some of them feature stunning 3D effects. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired by these amazing ceiling designs and exclusive interiors.

















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