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Bathroom ceiling design ideas can be a major highlight of the interior. Modern bathroom ceiling designs give individuality to the room and besides the practical functions, a ceiling adds tons of character and visual aesthetics. Modern ceiling design features different technology and materials – tiles, tin tiles, faux tin tiles, styrofoam tiles, plaster boards, particle boards, suspended ceilings, fabric ceilings, stretched ceilings – so many options to create unique ceiling designs that attract and please the eye.

Unique ceiling design modern bathroom


Contemporary bathroom ceiling design ideas are an attractive feature in the interior and often feature indirect LED lighting or fascinating chandeliers which enhance the beauty of the ceiling and add to the zen ambience or the romantic atmosphere of the bathroom. Many people believe that the limited space of the bathroom is a limit to creativity, but this article is going to prove them wrong. With creativity and unlimited imagination, you can create a separate world, a magnificent relaxing zone, a private romantic corner where you can enjoy moments of peace. Spectacular bathroom ceilings can be a stunning visual effect in the design, a true focal point and a masterpiece that you can observe while taking a relaxing bath and tasting a glass of wine.


Impressive bathroom ceiling design ideas and elegant interior designs


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A white and flat ceiling is like an empty canvass. Look at the amazing bathroom ceiling design ideas in the gallery below and find inspiration to add a fabulous feature to your bathroom. Ceilings are just as important as the rest of the room – walls, floor, furniture pieces or accessories. They are a part of the design concept and complement the color scheme, they are the perfect base for spectacular lighting designs and can be anything from grand, elegant and sophisticated to the wow factor that you need to add.

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Bathroom ceiling design as an element of the overall design concept can help you set the desired atmosphere. We shall look at several different options and their advantages and disadvantages. When you wonder which option to choose for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom, you need to consider whether it is a sloped ceiling, is it even, as this will determine whether you opt for plaster and paint, drywall or a suspended ceiling, for example.


Bathroom ceiling design ideas – painted ceilings as a visual accent in the bathroom interior


bathroom ceiling design ideas

A painted ceiling in the bathroom may sound very old fashion, but ruling it out as an option would be quite unwise. Depending on the desired effect, you need to make sure that the ceiling is completely smooth. This is an excellent opportunity to add an accent color in the bathroom and create visual contrasts, even a dramatic effect. Dark colors exude warmth and coziness, and even add certain grandeur. Such bathroom ceiling design ideas draw the focus upwards which makes the bathroom appear bigger. Vibrant colors add a fresh touch to the atmosphere. The choice of color will depend on the taste of the homeowner, the overall bathroom color scheme, the size of the bathroom, etc. Make sure that you use water resistant paint which is suitable for rooms with high humidity levels and high temperature. Another option is to decorate the ceiling with fascinating murals. Just imagine yourself looking at your beautiful ceiling while having a relaxing bath after a long day. That would be so nice, right?

small bathroom ideas attic bathroom painted ceiling

bathroom ceiling design ideas painted ceiling walk in shower jacizzi

bathroom ceiling design ideas painted ceiling bathroom dark floor

bathroom ceiling design ideas magnificent master bathroom ideas walk in shower

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Bathroom ceiling design – decorating with tile and ceiling panels

ceiling panels ideas contemporary bathroom

Here are some fascinating bathroom ceiling designs with tiles. You can see how tiles are used to create beautiful patterns, mosaic patterns as a visual accent and an eye catching ceiling decoration. If you are not a fan of ceramic or glass tiles there are other options to choose from – metal tiles, tin tiles, wood panels and each will add a special character and ambience. For example, wood panels will be a wonderful accent in a tropical bathroom decor and will work very well with the clean lines of modern bathroom designs. One major advantage of ceiling panels is that they can be installed over an existing ceiling and are the perfect way to hide different imperfections. Ceiling panels are highly functional and durable. A dark colored ceiling panel creates a sober, subdued atmosphere and add the natural warmth of wood to the interior.

ceiling tile ideas master bathroom decor

 master bathroom ideas

 wood cladding modern bathroom

rustic bathroom ceiling ideas

ceiling tile ideas bathroom decoration

ceiling tile ideas bathroom decorating ideas

ceiling tile ideas bathroom decor

bathroom ceiling design ideas bathroom decorating ideas

bathroom bamboo decor


Bathroom ceiling design ideas – bathrooms with skylights

skylight modern bathroom design ideas

Look at the magnificent bathroom ceiling design ideas where the skylights allow natural sunlight into the bathroom, making it brighter and more spacious in appearance. Many people consider skylights to be a luxurious addition, but they are especially effective in bathrooms. Skylights can be fixed or vented for easy opening, and come in a variety of designs, styles and price ranges. You can choose laminated or tempered glass, flat or domed styles but either way you will have a spectacular ceiling design which adds a fascinating feel to the bathroom and in addition, adds beauty and value to your home.

bathroom ceiling design ideas master bathroom skylight

Magnificent bathrooms skylights lighting

modern master bathroom


skylight corner bathtub small bathroom design


False ceiling design ideas – make your bathroom a luxurious place

bathroom ceiling design ideas suspended ceiling bathroom lighting

False ceilings are hanged below the main ceiling and usually are made of lightweight materials. There are two main groups – plasterboard and POP ceiling designs. This is the perfect solution for hiding an uneven ceiling or various imperfections on the surface. In terms of functionality, false ceilings allow you to hide various cables or the air conditioning system, for example.

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POP ceilings can also be called suspended ceilings, and create an amazing visual appeal and add tons of character to the bathroom. A POP ceiling provides numerous stunning designs and room for great flexibility and creativity. POP can add glamour to your space and we selected some breathtaking POP designs that can transform a dull bathroom into aesthetically pleasing space. Without any doubt, POP false ceiling design greatly contributes to the decor of the bathroom and homeowners can choose from different types of finishes that are possible for a modern interior design or a luxurious bathroom in a classic style. POP ceilings are even more spectacular with backdrop illumination and lighting.

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bathroom ceiling design ideas master bathroom interior design

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Stretch ceiling in the bathroom – durable and aesthetically pleasing ceiling design

 stretch ceiling 3d ceiling

Stretch ceilings are durable and aesthetically pleasing, but may cost quite a lot. When heated they become flexible, they are stretched and fastened on a special frame made of plastic (PVC) or fabric (more expensive polyester fabric). PVC stretch ceiling are a good alternative to drywall, they are installed relatively easy and quickly and the market offers stretch ceilings in different colors as well as some really original and interesting 3D ceiling designs. Stretch ceilings offer great visual aesthetics and work very well in modern interior designs, making the bathroom more modern and elegant. When you want to give individuality, a unique look and a personal touch to the bathroom design, stretch ceilings are the way to go.

unique bathroom ceiling design ideas stretch ceiling modern bathroom

 stretch ceiling spa bathroom ideas




stretch 3D ceiling design

3d stretch-ceiling-tropical-bathroom

Exclusive lighting ideas


We cannot talk about bathroom ceiling design without mentioning the relevant lighting design. Lighting comes in a wide variety of options to choose from – wall sconces, chandeliers, led lighting, natural light, ceiling lights, etc. As much as any other element in the design concept, bathroom ceiling lights are very important for the appearance of the bathroom and the harmonious ambience. Choosing the right lighting fixture for the bathroom will depend on the design style. You can choose an eye catching crystal chandelier that will enhance the ceiling design and will make it stand out. Modern bathroom ceiling designs feature amazing combinations between integrated LED lighting and recessed lighting.


The bath is the sanctuary and you need to get the right atmosphere. Experts in lighting advise that it is best to use different type of lighting favorable for the different functions. Of course, you will need mirror lighting which is more functional and wall sconces on the sides of the mirror are always a good idea. However, when you think of ambient lighting, LED lights come to aid. You can create soft shades on the ceiling which will complement the design and enhance any structural and architectural elements as visual accents. Rope lights hidden behind a molding, dropped several inches below ceiling height will add a soft glow around the perimeter of the room and add tremendously to the atmosphere. Dimmers are a good idea when you think of ambient lighting. They give you a control over the intensity of lighting and thus of the mood in the bathroom.



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