Exclusive bedroom ceiling design ideas to decorate modern bedrooms

by Kremy


Bedroom ceiling design ideas get more and more impressive and creative. We have selected to show you some really exclusive ceiling designs with amazing visual aesthetic which complement the interiors of modern bedrooms. The choice of ceiling decoration is generally determined by the design concept for the interior of the bedroom. Of course, the personal preferences and taste of the owners are always relevant and that is why bedroom ceiling designs are so diverse – they reflect different personalities, styles and taste. However, the general goal is to create a comfortable and cozy place for relaxation and sleep and when the practical function is combined with visual appeal, we see what a dream bedroom can look like.



When it comes to ceiling design, there are many design options – from beautifully painted ceilings, which create visual contrasts and highlight architectural and decorative details, natural wood, which adds its natural warmth and beauty to the bedroom interior and is a versatile option, suitable for any decor style. In addition, you can choose plasterboard which allows the design of impressive multi-level ceilings or a stretch ceiling which adds a modern vibe to the interior and easily works with other suspended ceiling structures.

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When you choose the design of the bedroom ceiling you need to take into consideration the style of the interior – rustic, Mediterranean, classic, traditional, modern, ethnic, minimalist – the options are endless. Let’s look at the benefits that the different types of ceiling offer so that you can opt for the best ceiling design for your dream bedroom.


Bedroom ceiling design ideas – plasterboard pros and cons



Plasterboard is an excellent material which allows designers to present various impressive bedroom ceiling design ideas. It is one of the most modern methods of finishing as the ceilings are perfectly flat, smooth and offer many benefits. Plasterboard allows multi-level ceilings and visual accents. One of the main advantages of plasterboard is the opportunity to apply different finishes – paint, wallpaper, etc. Plasterboard can be shaped in any form – arch, column, dome, a variety of curved lines so the design opportunities are endless and will retain its shape without any problem.


The material is environmentally friendly, with good insulating properties and flame retardant. It also absorbs the excess moisture from the air which makes breathing easier which is especially important when we talk about bedrooms. Another great advantage of plasterboard ceilings is that they do not reduce the height of the room as the maximum thickness is about 5 cm. A multi-level ceiling looks luxurious and refined and provides many lighting options which, probably, is one of the main reasons for the great popularity of this type of ceiling design. Such ceiling designs can be used to define the different zones in a master bedroom – seating area, sleeping area, etc. In terms of price, plaster board is inexpensive and a budget friendly option compared to alternative ceiling finishes. Modern bedroom ceiling design is unthinkable without fabulous lighting solutions. The lighting is a powerful design tool which creates a special mood and ambience. LED strips, hidden lighting, ceiling pendants or beautiful chandeliers play an important role not only as room lighting but to highlight the ceiling.


On the downside of plasterboard ceilings is the fact that if you plan a multi-level design, the difference between levels is limited to five centimeters. If you double or triple the amount of plasterboard to achieve more expressive level difference, this may cause a collapse of the ceiling. Last, but not least, the installation process requires some special skills and is not recommended as a DIY project, especially when you want a flawless ceiling appearance and a complex design.


Bedroom ceiling design ideas –elegant and modern stretch ceilings



Some of the most impressive bedroom ceiling design ideas feature stretch ceilings. This modern ceiling decoration technology combines style, safety and security, which certainly is an excellent choice for a modern and fashionable bedroom interior. A stretch ceiling in the bedroom has a completely flat surface without any stains and cracks. Depending on the finish – matt, satin, lacquer, metallic and translucent, stretched ceilings in the bedroom add a different appearance so you need to choose the type of finish with great attention.


Stretch ceiling with highly polished and glossy finish, also called lacquer, have a mirror effect. They have a very big reflection coefficient and with a suitable backlighting you can enlarge the space visually. These ceilings are the ideal solution for smaller bedrooms or in rooms with low height and work in a great way with modern, minimalist and contemporary interior designs.


Stretch ceiling with matte finish are perfect fir classic and traditional interiors. They do not have the reflective effect and mute the colors, which adds a feeling of softness to the bedroom and that is especially important for recreation. The matte finish offers the look of a perfectly painted traditional ceiling surface. Stretch ceilings with satin finish combine the advantages of matte and glossy finish but are not so expressive. They still reflect light but not so sharp, and the perfect smooth surface looks rich and silky. Satin finish works equally well with sophisticated interiors in classic style and with modern designs. Another benefit is that the ceiling can change its appearance under different lighting. For example, in daylight it looks like a natural fabric ceiling, and when illuminated by artificial light its appearance becomes glossier.


The aesthetic appearance of stretched ceilings in the bedroom allows you to implement many design decisions and stylistic solutions. The maintenance of stretch ceilings requires as much as a wiping with a sponge. Stretch ceilings do not need additional painting and other repairs and the average lifespan is about 30 years. Another great advantage of stretched ceilings is that they can hold up to 100 liters of water and can save your interior from flooding.


Bedroom ceiling design ideas – choosing the right ceiling color



Colors are very important in every interior design and essential for a bedroom. The variety of bedroom ceiling design ideas features different color schemes created with knowledge and sense of color and color interactions. It is very interesting how designers experiment with colors and create beautiful ceiling designs, visual contrasts or use different shades for a sophisticated and elegant color scheme.


How to choose the best color for the bedroom ceiling? A couple of decades ago, ceilings were mainly white but nowadays a variety of ceiling finishing technology provides the most extensive color palette. It depends on the overall color scheme, the desired effect, the decor style, the lighting, so as you can see – there are many factors that determine the color choice. By definition colors are chosen as per their appearance in natural light, but when we talk about bedroom ceiling design, you should keep in mind that bedrooms are used at night time and the color should work with artificial lighting as well.


One of the basic rules for choosing the color of the ceiling is that in low rooms the ceilings must be light so that the space looks visually higher. Dark colors are recommended for bedrooms with very high ceilings as they lower the height. Colors affect people’s mood and influence human health. This is very important because many people tend to choose a color that is trendy and fashionable despite the fact that they do not like it very much. Remember that the bedroom design is created for you, for your comfort, for your rest and you have to enjoy the room and not hate it. Here are some very quick suggestions and advice on ceiling colors.


Green is the color of peace and tranquility, of nature, life and spring. Soft green on the ceiling creates a relaxed atmosphere and a sense of freshness. Herbal shades, lighter, delicate colors are recommended for the ceiling bedroom but if you want to combine green with some other color – white, beige or yellow are a good option.


Red is not a popular color for ceiling bedrooms. It is accepted as aggressive but you can choose the softer shades like pastel red, ruby red, blush red, Tuscan red, pink, purple, etc.


Yellow relieves stress, creates comfort and warmth. It is better if you used it on multi-level ceilings, combined with shades of orange and a darker yellow like ripe corn, mustard, sand, vanilla and curry. Gold, butter, banana, honey are also beautiful shades for the bedroom.


Blue works great as a color choice for the ceiling in the bedroom, especially when the room is low. Blue color expands the space, giving it lightness and airiness. It can be successfully used on multi-level ceilings combined with lighter shades like sky blue or bluish-gray.









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