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What should be the design of a bedroom without windows? Could this be classified as a bedroom at all? Despite the fact that technically a bedroom must have two methods of egress, that is an interior door and a second door to exterior space or a properly-sized window, the truth is that many people are arranging sleeping space in rooms without windows in studio apartments, small urban apartments, basements, attics, etc.

A window is not only an opening for natural light but a key decorative element. Often the window serves as the focal point of the room and curtains complement the overall interior. In addition, windows can offer a beautiful view, although unfortunately this is not always the case, but if you are lucky and the window of your house overlooks the sea or flowering trees, this will certainly contribute to relaxation and good mood. However, there are times when the bedroom has no windows at all.

bedroom without windows design ideas furniture tips

It is quite problematic to design a windowless bedroom because there are many requirements and factors that you need to consider and plan. The design and layout will depend on the size and shape of the room, ceiling height and you need to think about proper ventilation. It is very important to choose the right furniture, plan the lighting system, the color scheme and accessories to effectively compensate for the absence of windows and natural sunlight. Let’s find out how you can design a comfortable and attractive bedroom without windows.

What are the pros and cons of bedrooms with no windows?

pros and cons of bedrooms with no windows

In a dark room with no windows, there is no natural daylight. In such a room there will always be little light – regardless of the time of day, which creates some difficulties in the design of the space. Often the dimensions of such rooms are too modest, which makes them look darker and cramped. Obviously, the design of such areas should be approached with special attention otherwise the bedroom will be gloomy and uncomfortable. Often rooms without windows resemble closets but there are some design techniques and tricks that can help. Small bedrooms are considered one of the most comfortable, so small-sized rooms without natural light are quite suitable for placing a comfortable bed.

One of the major advantages of such rooms is that they provide extra space and you can have a functional guest bedroom or additional sleeping space. Rooms without windows are usually small sized, which means that you can furnish them without much expense. You will not spend on window treatment either. Another advantage is that wall and floor coverings, textiles and decor will not fade in sunlight.

The major problem of bedrooms without windows is the lack of ventilation. One way or another, fresh air must enter the room, and in a bedroom without a window, this is more difficult to achieve. A windowless room will be dark even during the day – which means you will need a lot of lighting. It is difficult to use indoor plants for the deco as they need sunlight as well as a large amount of oxygen.

How to design and decorate bedrooms without windows?

studio apartment ideas stylish bedroom with no windows design

Every homeowner want to use absolutely every square meter of his apartment as competently and rationally as possible, especially if it is small. If you have a one bedroom apartment, then it is quite possible to divide it into two separate rooms. In this case, the bedroom will not have windows and there will be lack of fresh air. Therefore, you definitely need to take care of the ventilation in this room as it will ensure a regular flow of fresh air, it will help maintain an optimal level of humidity and reduce the risk of mold and mildew on the walls.

How to improve ventilation in windowless rooms? You can connect a windowless bedroom to the existing duct system and add vents. Another method for ventilation is to install an air conditioner. It will not only cool/heat the air but it can be an effective tool to ventilate a room without windows. Ceiling fans and portable fans provide a constant circulation of air. This is a great budget friendly solution to provide proper ventilation in a bedroom with no windows. Another simple method to improve air circulation in a windowless room is to reduce the number of furniture. When the room is cluttered air flow is blocked. Removing the obstacles will significantly improve air circulation.

Buy air purifying plants that can help you improve air circulation. For example – Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum), Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema modestum), Snake Plant (Sansevieria rifasciata), Philodendron (Philodendron), etc.

How to improve ventilation in windowless rooms

Proper lighting is essential for windowless bedrooms. Often the lighting is not good enough, so it is important to provide a sufficiently bright and comfortable lighting. Keep in mind that general lighting may not work in a bedroom without windows and it is better to use lighting by zones. Light source options include:

  • Chandelier on the ceiling – The smaller the bedroom, the smaller the chandelier. However, size should not affect its brightness.
  • Spotlights can be used together with a chandelier and allow you to highlight only the necessary space.
  • Bedside lamps – a sconce or two table lamps are perfect.
  • Decorative lighting – The easiest way is to use a LED strip to highlight a texture wall or create ambient lighting.
  • A lamp can be installed in a wall or ceiling panel, which allows you to create the effect of natural light.
  • Fake windows are another design technique that greatly improves the appearance of a windowless bedroom. A wooden frame on the wall with beautiful curtains will create an illusion of a real window. Inside the window frame you can place a photo with a beautiful landscape or install light bulbs.

large bedroom without windows in basement

Choosing a proper color scheme is important for the harmonious interior of a windowless bedroom. When choosing the color scheme for such a room, it should be remembered that it is illuminated by artificial light, since there is no natural light in it. It is recommended to select light and calm shades. The most successful design will be white. However, for such a light palette, you will have to carefully select contrasting furniture and bright decor to avoid a monotonous and boring look. Soothing green or delicate beige tones are among the most popular choices for the decoration of small-sized bedrooms. These colors help you relax faster and sleep better.

beautiful interior in a windowless bedroom

What to consider when choosing furniture for a bedroom without windows? The number of furniture pieces will depend on the on the size of the bedroom. You should not place a large number of various furniture pieces. Avoid bulky furniture pieces. On the first place they block air circulation and make the room look cluttered. A bed and some storage furniture will be enough. Small shelves are ideal in such a space. If there is no space for a closet or chest of drawers in a bedroom without a window, but you need a storage area, choose a bed with storage space under the mattress. Think vertically. Use the space above the headboard to place cabinets or shelves. It is not recommended to buy furniture in dark colors. A black wardrobe or a large black bed will visually reduce the space. It is better to use furniture with glossy, glass and mirror surfaces because they are reflective and add air.

Accessories and textiles add texture and color to the interior of a bedroom without window. One large mirror or many small mirrors on the walls will make a bedroom visually larger. If possible, place a mirror in front of the doorway. The reflective surfaces of the furniture will also become an effective way to visually enlarge the bedroom. Suitable bedding, rugs and pillows should be selected.

Do not forget about accent walls. This design technique is very successful in small spaces. Various decorative elements can play the role of bright accents – vases, wall paintings, photo frames, flower pots, figurines, etc. However, in a small bedroom you should not have a large amount of accessories so try to limit the number of decorative elements.

studio apartment design ideas bedroom with glass partition walls

Look at the photo gallery below and see these inspiring design and decor ideas in bedrooms without windows!



small windowless bedroom interior design ideas light color scheme

bedroom without windows design ideas furniture and lighting tips

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Proper lighting is essential for bedrooms with no windows

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How to design and decorate bedrooms without windows

how to decorate windowless bedroom

elegant bedroom without windows design ideas decor tips

bedroom without windows design color scheme furniture tips

Bedroom without windows creative design and decorating ideas



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