Studio apartment design ideas – minimum space, maximum comfort!

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Studio apartment design ideas show us how one can be creative and utilize a small space into a functional and modern living environment. If you own such an apartment and plan to remodel it, this article will be really helpful to you. We have selected some of the most original and visually pleasing solutions that will give you ideas how to make a multi-functional home from your tiny apartment.

What are the pros and cons of studio apartments?

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Nowadays small studio apartments are gaining popularity, especially among young people and families. Unusually, such a purchase is considered from a practical point of view because studios offer many pluses. A studio is one of the most popular alternatives among students and young people who move from their parent’s house to another city for study or work. This is also a good alternative for buyers who do not have a large budget but prefer to live in their own home. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of studio apartments.

Opportunity to save – Buying a small apartment will allow you to have low utility bills. In addition, the tax on such property will also be small. All this will help the owner to save money and even save up on down payment for a more spacious new apartment later.

Convenience – small apartments provide a comfortable space for one person or a couple. In this case, spacious apartments are not needed. Having a small studio apartment, you can use the space to the maximum, keep everything at hand.

Less repair time – due to the small area, it will take a little time to repair a studio. In general, the maximum time required for repairs will be approximately 5-7 days, depending on what you planned, of course. However, even a major renovation will require less time if compared with renovations in large homes.

Studio apartment design ideas space organization of functional areas

Less clutter – due to the limited space it will be difficult to store unnecessary things. The available space is optimized and used in the best possible way.

Less cleaning time – A small apartment will also save time on cleaning. The smaller the space, the less time it will take to clean.

We have to mention the disadvantages of studio apartments as well. Obviously, the limited space does not allow bulky furniture and are suitable for only for one person or a couple. If a child appears, it is impossible to arrange a nursery room. The lack of privacy is another disadvantage. If one person gets up early, he will surely wake up his partner, even taking into account the minimum noise and movements. You can divide the space with partitions and screens, but such zoning will not give sound insulation. It is not very convenient to entertain guests and almost impossible to have someone staying for the night. Storage space is usually a problem. Very often there is not enough space for storing personal items.

Studio apartment design ideas – space organization of functional areas

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When you plan to remodel a small home you can find inspiration in numerous studio apartment design ideas. It is not necessary to use the services of professional designers because it is quite possible to arrange a comfortable and functional living space if you follow some basic rules and recommendations.

Space organization is the most important moment when you design a small studio apartment. It is necessary to visually separate one zone from another, for example, a kitchen from the living room or a bedroom from the living room.

You need to determine the space of the kitchen and bathroom. It is better if the kitchen is isolated, since smells should remain only in the kitchen. If this is not possible, consider buying a powerful hood and installing a high-quality ventilation system. In this case, partitions are not needed.

The bathroom is automatically separated from the rest of the space in any apartment.

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The recreation area must also be carefully considered. Usually, this zone is located in the middle of the studio, as this is the area where you will relax, receive guests and just watch TV. The living room zone is the largest in size and it is best if it is located between the other functional areas.

A sleeping place must be separated, not only visually, but also by partitions.

Zoning is achieved by using various materials for decorating walls, floors and ceiling which differ in color and texture. Partitions are also suitable. Of course, zoning options may vary depending on the design concept and individual needs, taste and preferences. In the studio you can arrange a living room with a bedroom, or arrange the bedroom in a niche. Both options are equally acceptable, but more often the owners of studio apartments prefer to combine the living room with the bedroom.

Studio apartment design ideas – successful techniques and tricks to make the space look bigger

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The biggest challenge in the design of studio apartments is to create a feeling of spaciousness. There are some techniques that can help you cope with the task.

Light – this is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. It was necessary to let in as much natural light as possible. Heavy and dense window treatment blocks the light, so it is better to use tulle or other light and transparent fabric. Roman shades are a good solution which will help you control the amount of light in case the sun is too bright. Consider artificial lighting which can create both bright illumination and an intimate atmosphere.

bold and bright furniture colors as accents in modern studio

Interior color scheme – The predominant color scheme should be light – white, milky, sand, light beige, etc. Do not be afraid of white. A few bright accents in the interior will make the interior cozy and harmonious. Contrasting color combinations are also a good option – black and white, white and gray, white and brown shades, etc.

Furniture – When there is not enough space, it is necessary to use every free centimeter. Functional furniture will save space. One thing must be remembered – keep as few things as possible in sight. A lot of furniture makes the space look cluttered. Think of space saving and multi-functional furniture pieces – sliding wardrobe doors, shelving systems, vertical storage, etc. Choose furniture in light colors. Materials like glass and wood are an excellent choice. Glossy surfaces reflect light, so you may consider kitchen cabinets with glossy or glass fronts, for example.

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Storage – it can be a real challenge to create enough storage space in a studio apartment. Using every inch is important. The space around the windowsill can be made more functional if you add shelves. They can accommodate books and various items. You can use a free window sill is also to organize the workplace. The surface of the windowsill will play the role of a countertop. Niches are great as storage space. Depending on the size you can equip them with rods for hangers or transform them into storage cabinets.

Minimum decor and home accessories – do not overdo the decoration. A small space should not be overloaded otherwise it will lose in visual volume. It is worth abandoning floor lamps. Large floor vases, statues or large flowers in pots are also not the best choice. Wall art is a great idea. You can hang paintings which will add color and visual interest to the interior. Photos in frames and decorative pillows are also a good idea and will give the studio character, individuality, atmosphere of comfort and home warmth. A carefully selected combination of furniture and home accessories, textile and objects of modern design can create an atmosphere of uniqueness in the living space.

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Choose the right design style – it is not a secret that the best styles for the design of studio apartments are loft, minimalism, high-tech or Scandinavian. All these styles are based on the balance between restraint and functionality. Avoid design concepts that are based on lavish decoration. Remember that less is more and this is even more valid for small studio apartments.


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