Unique carved wood staircase ideas: an exclusive feature of interior design

by Kremy

amazing interior staircase ideas wood art

Nothing emphasizes the magnificence of a staircase as details carved from solid wood. These exceptional carved wood staircase ideas that we selected for you have both aesthetic value and luxurious appearance.

Oak staircase with intricately carved wooden railing


Wood has been used for thousands of years not only as a building material, but for furniture manufacturing and home decoration. Wood carving occupies a special place in the improvement of house interior. Various carved elements -moldings, screens, beams, etc. amaze us with their unsurpassed beauty. A staircase is an integral part of every multi-storey building, public or private, and not only performs a very important function, which is to connect the levels of the building, house or apartment, but it can also become a real focal point of the interior. Wood is a universal material and can be used in any style. A wooden staircase decorated with carvings will certainly not remain unnoticed. The beauty of carved stairs, railings, handrails, balusters, posts and other elements will not leave anyone indifferent.

Carved wood staircase ideas – magnificent works of art to make your home unique

amazing carved wood staircase home interior ideas

Solid wood has magnificent natural qualities, which is the reason for its popularity in home interior. It is preferred for interior staircases because of its environmental cleanliness, warmth, and exceptional beauty. Even if it is not the main material for the staircase construction, it is often used as additional insert elements that can carry both a purely decorative function and increase operational characteristics. Wooden stairs are strong and durable and in addition, the material is easy to process. To preserve the excellent quality of wood, you need to pay attention to the materials intended for its processing and protection against decay, moisture and insects.

Carved wood stairs can be integrated in various design styles – from classic to modern. It is true, that when you hear carved wood, you immediately think of splendid palaces and majestic interiors. Such staircases are memorable architectural elements of the interior and feature noble varieties of wood and craftsmanship.

unique wood and wrought iron staircase railing harp

If you plan an interior staircase made of wood, you have a choice from a variety of species. Wood is evaluated by its hardness, durability, strength, color, texture, roughness or smoothness of the surface, grain, cost, and also resistance to decay.

Soft wood grades are the easiest to work with but hard wood products last longer. Oak staircases will give the room a touch of luxury and elegance, since this powerful tree is the most durable and wear-resistant material. It is one of the most valuable and expensive tree species, valued for its hardness and resistance to decay.

Carved wood staircase ideas – a spectacular accent in home interior

bespoke interior staircases sculpture newel post horse

We selected a variety of carved wood staircase ideas which can be used in different interior styles. Carved wooden stairs in a modern interior may sound like something impossible to many people. While the palacial grandeur is achieved with ornate and complex patterns and ornaments, bold design decisions, asymmetry and unusual shapes have their place in modern home design.

Wooden staircases with various carved elements can serve not only as a reliable support when moving from floor to floor, but also contribute to the original design of the home. Wood carving was practiced by different peoples all over the world. Staircases decorated with wooden sculptures, complex carved balusters and ornate details can imitate various ethnic styles and become a major element in the interior design of the home. Wood carved decorations will emphasize and determine the style of home decoration. Without any doubt, such staircase construction will become one of the main focal points.

elegant home with spectacular staircase carved wood railings

Carved wooden stairs are the most noticeable decoration for the living room or hallway. The main style of the stairs is set by the newel posts – starting and landing newel posts, balusters, spindles, decorative newel caps, volute, etc. As we already said, the decorative design of the staircase should be in harmony with the interior of the room.

Newel posts are the most important element of any staircase. They act not only as a supportive but as a decorative element and usually they are decorated especially luxuriously. There are different options for decorating the newel posts – from wood carved statues, simple figures or exquisite artistic compositions to non-standard or symmetric patterns.

beautiful carved staircase light wood home decor ideas

Carved balusters look very impressive and original. They perform a protective function and ensure the safety of movement on the stairs. In combination with newel posts, balusters give additional strength and stability to the railing. Another important purpose of balusters is to decorate and give the staircase a unique appearance. The carved patterns vary from plant motifs to relief images of animals, people and birds. This is a very complex and expensive element of staircase decor and exclusively hardwood is used for work. Such balusters have an exclusive appearance and usually a high cost due to the exquisite hand crafted decoration. Carved elements can turn the most boring and ordinary wooden staircase into a real work of art, which will become the center of attention and admiration.

What is the best material for wood carved staircases?

spectacular interior staircases lion sculpture newel post

Wood is a material with great potential for a stylish and ultramodern staircase design. Carved stairs can be made of one or different types of wood. For example, the decorative elements of the stairs can be made of more expensive and valuable species and the main structure of a more affordable variety of wood. In any case, the supporting structures must be strong and reliable. Most often, the following types of wood are used for the manufacture of stairs:

Oak and beech are elite and expensive varieties of wood. Oak and beech stairs are a real decoration for any interior. Despite the high density, these wood species are not difficult to process. Their operational characteristics are also at their best – wear resistance, strength, resistance to decay, etc. The only difference is in moisture resistance – beech is not as resistant as oak.

Ash has good strength and excellent flexibility. By its characteristics, ash is similar to oak, but has a lower cost.

Pine is a durable material for wooden stairs at a reasonable price. Pine has an expressive wood pattern and a pleasant coniferous aroma. It has good resistance to decay and is well processed. Due to the affordable cost, pine is the most popular material for the manufacture of carved stairs.

Larch is a great option for making a reliable and durable staircase construction. In terms of hardness and durability, larch is akin to oak, but has a lower cost.

carved wood staircase posts beautiful interior decor ideas

A wooden staircase decorated in the same style as the rest of the room can become the main emphasis in design and make the appearance of the house more harmonious. A properly selected type and style of carving and pattern will help create a warm and cozy atmosphere, emphasizing the grandeur of the home and the high social status of its owner. Yes, wood carved staircases are not cheap, and the price depends on the rarity of the wood species, carving technique and the area of carved elements. But the result is certainly worth all the means and expectations.



Unique carved wood staircases with sculpture post

Unique carved wood staircase ideas spectacular interior stairs

interior stairs designs with carved wood elements

interior staircase with beautiful carved banisters

carved wood newel posts staircases decorated with sculptures

Amazing wooden stairs home decor ideas



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