Wooden Staircase Railing Ideas: Modern Designs in Contemporary Home Interiors

by Kremy

Do you want to make your staircase the focal point of the interior? Wood is a traditional material for home construction, furniture and, of course, interior design. However, it has its place in contemporary home interiors and décor. Here are 10 outstanding wooden staircase railing ideas that complement modern home designs.

Does a Wooden Staircase Railing Work with Contemporary Interior Design Styles?

modern wooden staircase railing ideas

A staircase combines functional and aesthetic purposes in every home. In addition to being practical, it should also be safe and visually pleasing, matching the style of the interior. A beautiful design always attracts the attention and can make the home décor look spectacular and unique. You have probably seen photos of exceptional carved wood railings and amazing works of art. On the other hand, nowadays home interiors are more and more aimed at practicality and minimalism is among the leading design trends. So, this brings us to the question – how to incorporate wooden staircase railing ideas in modern homes? Why choose wood over glass or stainless steel?

modern home staircase wooden railing ideas


It is true that wooden staircase railings were out of fashion for some time. We saw a lot of floating stairs, glass, wire and metal railings which look very modern and add a sleek look to the overall design of the home. The good news is that wood returns and more and more homeowners realize that beautiful wood is one of the highlights of the home and should be emphasized.

Why Choose a Wooden Staircase Railing?

why choose a wooden staircase railing

Everyone knows the fact that wood offers an aesthetic appearance, a beautiful texture, grain and color. It is a durable and, most importantly, safe material, which will serve you for many, many years. In addition, wood is warm and pleasant to the touch, it adds a feeling of coziness and comfort in the house which is very important for minimalistic decors, especially if they are created in traditional white color and seem a bit too “cold”. Without any doubt wood looks elegant and works with any other material – stone, metal, leather, brick, etc.

unique spiral staircase with wooden railing

A wooden staircase railing is pleasant to the touch and because the material is environmentally friendly, it will blend beautifully in modern eco-designs. It is best if you keep the texture and accent the beauty of the grain, but if you want to add a pop of color to your interior, you can paint the wood easily.

Spectacular Curved Railing

spectacular curved railing interior staircase designs

Stairs can look original if you choose soft, curved lines instead of straight ones. This solution looks very elegant and attracts the attention. The curves add softness to the overall look and the delicate presence of metal brings out the beauty of wood and adds to the modern look of the staircase.

You Can Never Go Wrong with White

white interior staircase railings against shiplap wall

For a fresh airy look, pay attention to white. A white staircase will make the home visually more spacious and light. As we mentioned white is the traditional color of minimalism and the perfect choice for contemporary home designs.

A Spectacular Black and White Contrast

black wooden railings against white wall modern home decor

A black railing creates an eye-catching contrast against a white wall. If you want a dramatic effect this classic color combination will certainly please you! You can use the colors in different ways – paint the staircase and railing in black, combine the two colors on the handrails and spindles, accent the posts, combine black railing with wooden risers, etc. Whichever way you choose, your interior staircase will look magnificent!

Unique Wooden Staircase Railing with Book Storage Space

unique wooden staircase railing with book storage space

Wooden railings can be turned into original book shelving. Colorful covers of books and magazines will perfectly complement the living room. The storage space integrated into the stair railing creates a unique interior.

Incorporate Lighting

modern interior staircase with led light

Any staircase must have good lighting, otherwise, injuries may happen. General lighting is used to provide the required illumination. It can be a chandelier or a suspension in the center of a flight of stairs, but more often it is spotlights built into the ceiling or walls. How about built in lighting into the railings? LED lighting is not only modern but also save electricity at night.

wooden railing ideas colored spindles

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