Modern concrete staircase: a perfect solution for contemporary interiors

by Kremy

minimalist concrete staircase modern interior ideas

Modern concrete staircase ideas offer a new perspective to this well known material. Concrete stairs are widely used not only in public areas and buildings, but also in private houses, and apartments. A modern concrete staircase with an original design will turn your interior into a true work of art. Beside the practical function of staircases to allow people moving from one floor to another, they are an architectural element and will allow you to create a truly unique structure, which will be the center of attention of your home interior.

Pros and cons of concrete staircase in private homes

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Concrete is an ideal material for staircase construction. Despite the long process, it allows you to get a monolithic structure of any configuration and complexity without joints and gaps. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of modern concrete staircase designs in private homes.

  • Durability – A concrete staircase has high wear resistance. It will serve for many decades and will not lose its original functionality provided that all the requirements of the manufacturing technology were met during its construction and only high-quality materials were used.
  • Strength and reliability – Steel reinforcement allows concrete to become resistant to chips, mechanical stress, and cracking. The material is not afraid of temperature changes, humidity, does not rot, corrode, and is not susceptible to fungus and mold.
  • Versatility – Due to the fact that stairs are made by pouring liquid concrete into a frame, these structures can have different shapes and you can have a simple minimalist staircase or a complex and eye catching structure.

modern staircase concrete and wood home design ideas

  • Resistance to fire and frost, as well as to aggressive environments. That is why concrete stairs can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Reinforced concrete does not deform and does not dry out.
  • Large selection of materials for decoration – from carpet and linoleum to solid wood, tiles, marble, stainless steel, glass, etc.
  • Affordable price – This type of staircase is relatively inexpensive, especially if compared with other materials.
  • This type of structure does not loosen over time, which means the staircase will not creak.
  • The stability of concrete structures allows you to use almost any decorative material in the decoration of steps.
  • Concrete is absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Concrete structures have better load bearing capacity and ability to withstand various loads than other materials.

Modern concrete staircase – design ideas for contemporary homes

modern concrete staircase and polished concrete flooring

A modern concrete staircase is a practical and convenient solution for interior stairs. You can use almost any material for decoration and add to the visual aesthetics of the staircase. Obviously, finishing and decorative materials should be selected in accordance with the interior style of the home. For example, in a minimalist interior one may opt for polished concrete or add glass railings. The unlimited options for selecting a finishing material allow you to create unique solutions and improve your interior.

  • Finishing a concrete staircase in a house will perform several important functions:
  • On the first place, it eliminates the wear and tear of concrete;
  • It will extend the service life of the entire structure;
  • A well chosen finish will allow you achieving a harmonious look and blend the appearance of the stairs within the interior design concept;
  • A finish will minimize the cost of repairing concrete.

spectacular indoor staircase made of concrete

When choosing a finish for a concrete staircase you need to keep in mind some considerations:

  • the location of the structure
  • dimensions and shape of steps
  • interior design of the house and the room in which the staircase is located.

modern interiors staircase ideas concrete pros and cons

The shape of steps is important. If your concrete staircase has steps with the usual rectangular shape then you can use any kind of materials for decoration. However, steps with irregular shape require a special approach and you need to select only those materials that can be easily cut and give them the desired shape.

Pay attention to the sound-absorbing characteristics of the finishing material. The quietest materials are carpet and natural wood, and the loudest ones are tile and stone.

concrete and glass staircase with stainless steel railings

To make your staircase look even more elegant, consider what trim elements and accessories could decorate it. For example, you can install steps made of solid wood. Wooden treads not only look expensive, but will also save you from having to walk on cold stairs.

Railings also add character and visual interest to modern concrete staircases. Glass, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood – you can combine the elements of the staircase to enhance the style of the interior.



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Modern concrete staircase ideas for contemporary interior designs

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