How to plan a wedding on a budget – creative ideas and tips for you

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tips and ideas how to organize your wedding with limited budget

How to plan a wedding on a budget? The wedding budget is one of the most important and painful issues for the newlyweds. Is it possible to have an unforgettable day with minimal investment and enjoy the preparation process? How to decorate the venue for the ceremony and the reception without breaking the bank? Is it possible and we will share some secrets with you!

organizing a wedding with a limited budget is quite realistic


Almost every girl has been dreaming of her wedding since childhood. Have you dreamt about a white dress, a magnificent ceremony, flowers, smiling relatives and guests and a grand banquet with delicious food and a lot of dancing? All weddings look like this, more or less. But what if the budget does not allow organizing a luxurious wedding with lavish decoration and many guests? Well, it is not worth giving up the idea of a wedding party. You can have a wonderful wedding with a limited budget and the only thing is not to go to extremes. Let’s see how this can be done!

12 Ideas how to plan a wedding on a budget

12 ideas how to plan a wedding on a budget

First of all, we have to note that the concept of “wedding on a budget” is purely subjective. One and the same amount of money will be “modest” for some couples, while for others it will be a small fortune. So, can you organize a wedding on a budget? We firmly believe that the answer of this question is “Yes, you can!” Another important question – Do you need to hire a professional wedding planner when you have a limited budget? Well, certainly, a professional will be able to help you organize an original wedding and plan your expenses correctly. For those who prefer to organize their wedding by themselves, we have some useful tips and ideas how to work within a limited budget without compromising the quality of the holiday.

The power of planning

Make a list of what you need for the wedding

Do not underestimate planning. Make a list of what you need for the wedding and the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on it. Make a checklist and include everything that you want – venue, guest list, flowers, transport, accommodation, decoration, menu, wedding cake, photographer, DJ/band, video, wedding attire for bride and groom, hair and makeup, wedding rings, bouquet, invitations, party favors, etc.

Set your wedding date in non-wedding season

Set your wedding date in non wedding season

Late spring and summer is the time of the year that most weddings are planned and that is why it is called “the wedding season”. It is not a surprise, of course, as these are the months with beautiful weather. However, many newlyweds forget that the prices in summer increase by about 1.5 times. If you plan your wedding well in advance for the lower wedding season from November to March you will save significantly as prices are lower. Even if you are not a huge fan of winter weddings, you can enjoy a fantastic party in May or October when the weather is warm. In addition to this, there are so-called “non-wedding days”, for example, Thursday and Sunday, which also offer good discounts and special offers.

The right venue is the key to a great wedding

The right venue is the key to a great wedding

The right choice of venue will help you save on the design and decoration. You have to determine the concept of your wedding, choose a theme, a specific color or style beforehand. Maybe your perfect venue is not a luxurious restaurant but a barn, a loft-style cafe or a small tent in the middle of the forest. Selecting a venue which is beautiful on its own will reduce the expense on decoration because you will need a minimal amount of decor.

Choose your wedding theme carefully

Choose your wedding theme carefully

Obviously, a wedding in a country, eco or rustic style is less expensive in materials and less demanding on floristry than a Baroque wedding or a Great Gatsby style. Of course, one can spend hundreds of thousands on a rustic style wedding. You can find many interesting and original ideas for weddings on a budget, for example Boho chic, Beach weddings, etc.

The guest list

A small wedding will save on the budget

A small wedding or a banquet for 100 people? It is best if you sit down and make a list. Only you can decide whether you want to invite distant relatives, an uncle or an aunt whom you have not seen for a decade. A small cozy wedding will save on the budget and in addition, you will be surrounded by the closest family members and friends.

Invitations, place cards and table numbers

DIY wedding invitations place cards and table numbers

Do you want to save money and be more original? Print your photo where you two are together, and write an invitation on the back. Or pre-paste the text directly on the photo. There are many programs that allow you to create your own design on the computer and simply print the invitations, place cards and table numbers. All you need is to print them and it will be significantly cheaper than ordering invitations. You can ask your friends and relatives for help and literally in one evening you can prepare all the invitations. If all your guests are active in social networks and have Internet access, you can send design an electronic invitation and send it to all your guests. Certainly, getting a real invitation is much more pleasant, but if it helps you save money why not take advantage of such an option?


wedding transport vintage car

Renting limousines, huge cars or rare vintage models is expensive. You can ask a friend to drive you from and to and save a significant amount of money.

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The wedding dress should be beautiful. This is an indisputable fact! Remember that this is your holiday, the day that you expected and dreamed of. The bride and groom are the most important people on this holiday. You are the center of attention and you should like yourself, feel confident and beautiful. Even if you have a limited budget, it is not worth saving on your bridal dress and suit. Photos and videos are a memory for a lifetime, the only thing that will remain after your wedding and this is what you will show to your children and grandchildren. By saying that, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune of a designer dress. You can buy a dress within your budget from a wedding shop or opt for tailoring. The bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere are important as they complement your image. Even if you make them by yourself, you can make it rich and beautiful.

Wedding decoration

How to plan a wedding on a budget creative ideas

The decor is a delicate matter. Usually, this is the most expensive item. Quantity does not necessarily determine the price. How come? The cost will depend on the type of flowers and on the complexity of the compositions. Of course, there are some tricks. If you choose seasonal flowers, for example, in May it is lilacs, in June – peonies, in September – dahlias and chrysanthemums, this will cost you less than orchids or other exotic and expensive flowers. For example, a centerpiece from hydrangeas and ordinary roses in a high glass container will cost half to two times cheaper than a low composition of peony roses, English roses, tulips, etc. because these species are much more expensive to purchase. In addition, there are thousands of DIY wedding decor ideas and you can have fantastic and original decorations.


wedding buffet dinner budget friendly ideas

When you plan a wedding on a budget it is likely that the limits will not allow you to invite a large number of guests into an expensive restaurant. The first option is to review the guest list and reduce it to the possible minimum. Another option is to opt for a buffet style dinner. Talk to the restaurant/caterer and see what they can offer you.


look for special offers when you organize a wedding on a budget

There is nothing wrong with discounts and special offers when you organize a wedding on a budget. All weddings are planned months in advance. You can find vouchers for manicure, makeup and hairstyling. Many print studios organize campaigns and sell their services at a discount so you may have the chance to get your invitations at a much lower price. So, do not be afraid of discounts. You can even ask for them!

Ask for help

diy wedding reception table centerpiece ideas

Doing everything by yourself is very difficult. If you decide to craft your own invitations or decorations for the banquet hall, ask your friends for help. If you liked a DIY wedding favor idea, ask your mom, aunt and bridesmaids for help. Organize a workshop and you will spend a pleasant afternoon in chatting, laughing and crafting.

Think about small details

wedding on a budget original wooden wedding ring holders

Often, when the budget is limited, couples do not pay enough attention to details – a seating plan, a ring pillow, place cards, etc. As insignificant as it may sound, these little things create the perfect wedding.

how to organize wedding with a limited budget

As you can see, organizing a wedding with a limited budget is quite realistic. Almost every style can have several decisions, for a different budget. Listen to yourself and look for ideas that inspire you!



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