Wedding style and theme ideas – choose the concept and decoration

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Wedding style and theme ideas how to choose the color and decor

The wedding is an exceptional event. Every couple wants this day to become the most beautiful, bright and joyful. That is why the organization of the wedding requires special attention. To hold such an important event is a very difficult task. It is necessary to choose the theme of the wedding, think over its style to the smallest detail, find the perfect venue for the celebration, choose proper clothing, etc.

Wedding style and theme ideas tips and tricks


Wedding style and theme is determined by the general concept and involves a detailed design, reflecting the individuality of the couple. The choice of wedding style may depend on the season, the mood of the bride and groom and even on financial possibilities. There are many things to be considered – from the right venue to the party favors for the guests, from the decor to music, etc. We shall give you some tips and ideas for the most popular wedding styles and themes so that you can choose in accordance with your individual preferences.

Wedding style and theme ideas – what to consider when choosing the concept for the big day?

ivory and purple wedding decor ideas branch centerpieces

The bride and groom need to remember one thing – the wedding is before all a holiday and it should be held exactly as it has long been dreamed of. It is a great idea to try and describe how you imagine your wedding. Is it grand or cozy and intimate, romantic or explosive, unusual or traditional?

Wedding style and theme ideas concept and decoration tips

Where do you want to hold a wedding? Venue plays a key role. First, determine whether it will be indoors, outdoors or you prefer a tent.

wedding guests seated at table holding glasses

How many guests do you plan to invite to the wedding? What is the age of invitees? The number of guests is really important. It is best if you have a more or less accurate list. You may wonder how the guest list affects the choice of wedding style and theme. Well, if you plan a big wedding with a lot of guests, a classic style is more appropriate. Unusual wedding themes are more appropriate for events with a smaller number of guests. If your guests are mostly young people you can choose almost any theme but in case your guests are from different age groups, you should choose a more neutral style.

summer beach wedding bride and groom running having fun

What season have you chosen for your wedding? The time of the year is essential for the wedding concept as it determines the decor, the venue choice and the overall style. Obviously, it is not a good idea to organize a beach wedding in the middle of winter. What do you like more: warm, hot weather or cool, and maybe frosty freshness? Would you like a wedding in the open air, or you prefer to hold the ceremony and reception indoors? Maybe you want to choose some special date for a wedding, beautiful or important for you two? Do you want to organize a celebration abroad in a particular country? And what are the best seasons for a wedding?

wedding ideas and themes color schemes pastel shades

What is your favorite color scheme? You can choose one or more colors, but when you select more than one color, make sure they are from the same palette. Here are some color concept ideas:

  • Bright and bold;
  • Gold and silver;
  • Soft pastel colors;
  • All shades of white;
  • Natural shades;
  • Black and its shades;
  • Seasonal palette: for example, mustard for autumn, burgundy for winter, mint for spring and yellow for summer. Every style has its own color palettes and if natural colors will complement a rustic wedding, gold and silver are a good choice for glamour style, blacks and its shades are the choice for a Gothic wedding style.

Popular wedding style and theme ideas

beautiful wedding ceremony decorating ideas flowers

There are a lot of wedding themes, and sometimes it’s not so easy to find the perfect option. We will list some of the most popular wedding style and theme ideas and their characteristics.

winter wonderland wedding theme decor

Wedding style and theme ideas by season – couples who plan a wedding at a certain time of the year should design the event in accordance with the style of the selected season. For example, in the spring you can focus on the abundance of flower arrangements and warm delicate shades. For winter, it makes sense to use more contrasting colors, and as decorative elements – knitted accessories, cones, and spruce twigs. Summer time can be emphasized with the help of rich colors, berries, greenery, natural materials. For autumn it is appropriate to use a bright palette, foliage and autumn vegetables.

wedding color scheme black and purple decorations table settings

Wedding style and theme ideas by color – this is among the most popular choices for modern weddings. The couple can choose a certain color or a combination of shades as a wedding theme. You can use the selected palette for all elements of the wedding, ranging from the bride’s dress to decorative elements, or accentuate only some details.

Hawaiian wedding ideas floral decorations

Wedding theme by country – this is the choice of couples who prefer a particular ethnic style, traditions and culture of a country. From Indian or Japanese style weddings to Russian or Polynesian – the choice is vast.

wedding theme ideas by age Hollywood glamour

Wedding theme ideas by historic age – this is also a good idea as you can take your favorite era as a basis. Recently, the most popular theme is the 40s, with an elegant new look style and classic Hollywood cinema, as well as the 20s and The Great Gatsby theme.

creative extraordinary underwater wedding hobby diving

Choosing a wedding theme in accordance with the hobbies is an excellent idea, especially if both, bride and groom, have a common hobby. It could be anything – from cycling to music, chess or ballroom dancing, and if the guests share your preferences, then there is no doubt that the wedding will be a huge fun.

fairy tale wedding ideas choose a theme

Fairy tale wedding ideas – the choice of girls who want to fulfill their childhood dreams at the most grand celebration in their life. When you want a fairy tale wedding you can use the idea of your favorite story as a base for decoration, accessories, party favors, etc. Alice of Wonderland, Cinderella, Princess Elsa – everything is possible!

How to choose the style of your wedding?

wedding theme color schemes styles and decor ideas

Wedding styles vary just as much as themes. Rustic, boho-chic, Provence, Shabby chic are among the most popular choices of couples. When choosing a specific style, you need to understand its basic characteristics and plan decoration, flowers, accessories, etc in accordance with the specifics. Let’s look at some of these styles and the most important that you need to know so that your wedding is stylish and all elements are in harmony.

elegant and sophisticated classic wedding decor in neutral colors

Classic wedding is always fashionable. Many couples choose a classic wedding style as a sign of respect for their parents and traditions. The color schemes for a classic wedding include pastel shades, classic white color, ivory, gold, and silver. Delicate colors like pink and peach are also a good choice. You can add bright color accents but the main idea is to keep a single color scheme. The elements of decor include a drapery of luxurious fabrics, a lot of white or tea roses, candlesticks, candelabra, lace, crystal.

Provence wedding decor ideas simple rustic decor

Provence is another wedding style that enjoys a great popularity. This style is based on the characteristics of the provincial region in the south of France. The main features of a Provence wedding are the French refinement, simplicity of details and decor materials with an antique look. Wicker furniture, burlap, lace, pottery, soft floral textiles, French wine, lavender, etc. can be among the elements. Color schemes include combinations of lilac, beige, olive, pastel blue and pastel pink shades.

boho chic wedding ideas table decoration candles and flowers centerpieces

Boho chic or Bohemian chic wedding style is a combination of ethnic and vintage elements, gypsy motifs and hippie aesthetics. It has nothing to do with glamour and pretentiousness. The decoration can include vintage and luxurious items and the options are practically unlimited. The main rules of the boho style are bright colors, light flowing fabrics, artistic clutter, no symmetry and complete freedom. Wildflowers, bright exotic flowers and a large amount of greenery will be the best choice for a boho style wedding.

rustic wedding decor ideas choose the style and theme

Rustic style weddings should be based on tenderness and simplicity. This style is based on rural aesthetics. An ideal venue would be a forest and a tent under the trees, a country cottage with a large yard, a barn or a countryside restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Rustic wedding decoration is based on natural materials – hay, stones, moss, garden tools, glass jars and wooden barrels, lace and burlap. When choosing the color scheme, avoid bright colors. Focus on natural colors like white, blue, pale pink, beige, brown, green, gray, etc.

shabby chic table decorating ideas centerpieces

Shabby chic style is the choice of couples who want a romantic wedding. The decorative elements include English porcelain, vintage vases, birdcages, mirrors with antique frames, etc. Pastel colors are typical for the Shabby chic style. Choose milky, soft pink, gray-blue, peach or pale green shades for the color scheme of the decor.



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