How to strengthen weak immune system – help innate immunity naturally

by Kremy


immune system stops virus bacteria and toxic substances

How do we help a weak immune system to become stronger and maintain our well-being throughout the year? Immunity consists of all the organs, cells and immune bodies that serve the body to protect itself from the aggression of microorganisms and parasites. In addition, they also contribute in part to the neutralization of toxic chemical substances that are subsequently excreted through the urinary tract of the body. That’s why we’ve put together some useful tips for strengthening the immune system.

What to do against a weak immune system?

high humidity in autumn and winter lead to colds


Science shows that our immune system has a high degree of complexity of glands, white blood cells, lymphocytes, antibodies and beneficial bacterial flora. They protect the body from a variety of potential pests called antigens. Antigens can be viruses, bacteria, indigestible proteins, mineral particles or toxic substances.

antigens coli bacteria with green color and weak immune system

In addition to the antigens, emotional stress and mental trauma are another challenge for the immune system. They cause the body to produce internal toxins, and respond inadequately to its own antigens. The immune system is activated when too many toxic substances accumulate in the body. It remains at its peak as long as there is no balance or no homeostasis in the body. We should consider this as an inseparable body system, which must function accordingly in symbiosis with the environment.

How can you build a strong immunity?

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A comprehensive, integral and holistic approach that supports good health, as well as a suitable environment, are essential for this reason. In addition, our organism needs a natural and healthy diet, exercise, enough rest and emotional balance. However, there is no shortcut to health. No medication or nutritional supplements will cure you properly if you provide no basic conditions for better health.

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A weak immune system is a result from bad lifestyle due to:

  • Unsuitable foods which are difficult to digest and have a high toxic load. These include meat, fish, eggs, large quantities of dairy products, ready meals, refined fats and much more.
  • Disturbed balance between exercise and rest is another factor for weak immune systems. Complaints, tiredness and in particular insomnia have a strong effect on the immune mechanisms.
  • Feelings such as anger, anxiety, sadness and others cause a corresponding immune response. These are the result of both different stress factors in everyday life as well as the wrong attitude to them and the lack of a broader mental and spiritual perspective.

That’s why we need constant work and a holistic approach to keep our immune system at its best.

Tips for a strong immune system

Soup with spices and green vegetables broccoli and leek for strong immunity

The ideal healthy diet consists of natural foods that you should also prepare and combine in a healthy way. They provide the body with the necessary nutrients and bring no significant toxic load in the digestion and metabolism. Such foods are mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds, nuts, olives, avocados, herbs and spices. Most of them are full of fiber and contain many minerals and vitamins.

healthy fruits and vegetables avocado and carrot strawberries and raspberry

In addition, these natural products have easily digestible proteins and less complex structured fats. Many of them are also alkaline and regulate the so important low acidity in the body. However, fruits should be ripe and nutritious and always consumed separately. It is also recommended to eat fruit in the morning for breakfast or at least 4 hours after a main meal.

fresh made pressed juice from Buckthorn

Raw vegetables are ideal for freshly prepared juices and salads, and their properties are best preserved if steamed or boiled in water. The grains are healthy if you soak for 10-12 hours before cooking. Legumes are also soaked for 24-48 hours, boiled and then rinsed if you want to get the most out of it. Seeds and nuts are hard. For better digestion, let it soak for 4-8 hours. Do not eat more than 50-70 grams per day.

mint leaves for strong immune system and natural products for healthy diet

Salt should also be consumed in moderate amounts not exceeding 2-3 grams per day. Refined fats and the likes like margarine are not recommended in any form. If you want, you can eat some raw butter or ghee after eating. Animal products are also not recommended if you have a weak immune system. Sometimes, however, you can add meat to your daily menu 1-2 times a week. Of the dairy products kefir, cottage cheese and natural yogurt are especially useful for the development of immunity.

Pure water and good air quality

happy life and nature bound lifestyle lead to strong immunity

This means living in such an environment where there is a minimal amount of contaminants. Most particles and fumes are enemies to the weak immune system. Reverse osmosis water that you can find in any supermarket or make it yourself is advisable. It absorbs very well and dissolves various toxic substances. Another good option is spring water. The more often you have access to fresh air, the stronger your body becomes. If you live in urban conditions, you can use various air purifiers. The simplest way is to air the rooms in your home on a regular basis.

Relax and sleep well

immune system strengthening with tea rest and emotional balance

If there is no balance between rest and work, it can also lead to a weak immune system. The body gradually weakens. If you do not do anything about it, toxic crises like colds and other illnesses are inevitable. It is advisable to sleep between 6 and 8 hours. The most valuable rest periods are the hours before midnight.

Regular exercise and body activity

healthy lifestyle with physical activity healthy diet and sport

Another extremely important element of general health is the constant physical activity. A lack of exercise today can be described as the “modern epidemic”. Such irresponsible behavior towards one’s own body leads to weakening of the body’s defenses. There are several exercises that you can do at home, outdoors or in the gym. These include walking, tai chi, cardio, fitness and stretching such as yoga and aerobics. However, if you do not have time for a variety of physical activities, it is advisable to take a few minutes of intensive cardio training at least twice a day.

Emotional balance

healty lifestyle for better general condition

Maintaining good mental health is not always easy. As a rule, most people are exposed to great stress during everyday life. It is therefore important not to become easily angry or to blame others and not always blame yourself. In addition, try to overcome the fear of grief and other emotional states, as well as not allow intrusive thoughts. You can consciously influence your feelings by expressing yourself in a positive way, noticing the positive in life, as well as putting on joy, gratitude, love and rest. Be an example and create a healthy environment for communication, starting with the family and close friends.

Body hygiene against weak immune system

man bathing in river good health and strong immunity

Hygiene is both external and internal. Maintaining external cleanliness, such as personal hygiene with regular showering and brushing, provides an exemplary look. Clean clothing is just as important, so that bacteria and viruses stay away, as well as to maintain self-confidence. Maintaining clean body fluids and tissues, free of toxins, is the foundation of internal hygiene, which is even more important. To do this, you can try to avoid toxic foods and products like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, coffee and many others. The inner hygiene also includes thinking and concentration on spiritual realization.

Sunlight for more vitamin D

woman with sunglasses holds white flower in mouth under the sun rays

The human body needs sunlight that we can absorb through the skin and the eyes. It is important to us because it helps our body with Vitamin D. This vitamin plays an important role in the innate antimicrobial response, if you have a weak immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent not only in people with joint problems, but also in people with autoimmune diseases. When it is more difficult to get enough light during the cold season, Vitamin D can be a dietary supplement. Since mid-October the intake of vitamin D3 as a food is recommended, starting from 25 micrograms per day. A weak immune system will not suffer from deficiency.

Suitable temperature conditions

immune system strengthening with lemon and ginger

This means, above all, that you should not expose your body to high or too low temperatures. So always pay attention to a normal temperature between 18 and 25 degrees. When it is very cold or warm, put the body in a “survival mode” and put it under stress. This activates an adaptive, primary, or humoral immune response that we might need for more serious situations.

Suitable dietary supplements

aid for weak immune system cough syrup drop in a spoon

These are particularly important for people who live in urban environments and have no access to clean and nutrient-rich products. People with different genetic mutations can also have a weak immune system. Especially in winter, it is better to concentrate on various green leaves, such as spirulina algae and omega-3, nutrient yeast, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamins (D3, B12, K2), suitable micro-minerals, probiotics and specific immune-regulatory herbs according to individual needs.

Detoxification of the body

lymphocyte helping T cell immune response to diseases healthy life

Detoxification stimulates and improves the performance of the immune system. According to the lunar calendar, you can do this two or sometimes three days a month. These are the days that are extremely favorable for the cleansing of body, mind and soul. During this period, it is recommended to abstain from food in whole or in part. The so-called Ekadasi days for 2019 are: 1, 17 and 31 January, 16 February, 2, 17 and 31 March, 15 and 30 April, 15 and 30 May, 13 and 28 June, 12th and 28th, 11th and 26th of August, 10th and 25th of September, 8th of October, 23rd of November, and 7th and 22nd of December.

Time for meditation

woman meditating with closed eyes in a studio

Ayurveda and yoga assume that physical health is closely related to the mental state. For example, the total strength of the body and the immune system depends on the radiation (life energy) that is rapidly lost by mental anxiety. The easiest way to recover the radiation is through spiritual meditation. Mantra and meditation are therefore very accessible and powerful methods that have a positive effect on our spiritual growth and the development of a calm mind and a healthy body.

teddy bear with drug and handkerchief as symbol for sick child

By following these guidelines, you will be able to lead a life free from illnesses and medications. Very often we do not let our body do the work and suppress a real treatment with various medications. An example of this is when we treat high temperatures especially in children. We should not be fooled that lowering the temperature will help us.

woman practicing yoga on beach

On the contrary – they often make the situation worse. Moderate fever is in most cases not dangerous and not part of the problem, but part of its solution through the strong immune system. Temperature helps the body to deal with infections and bacteria. A well-known fact is that the rising body temperature helps lymphocytes to fight infection. These are primarily cytotoxic T cells that are more effective against bacteria in a warm environment.



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