Feminine and tender blue wedding dress design ideas

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Feminine and tender blue wedding dress design ideas

Probably every bride has heard of the tradition that she should wear something blue. It could be flowers, accessories, dress decoration, etc. Yes, until not long ago, brides did not have the liberty to choose anything different from white, but nowadays traditions are changing and young women willingly break the rules. We have selected extraordinary blue wedding dress design ideas in a variety of shades as this color is becoming more and more popular among brides and has a significant place in wedding fashion.

It is not a surprise that fashion designers respond to the demand for bridal dresses in color and every season they come up with more and more luxurious dresses in various shades. Bold and extravagant brides can choose for themselves a red or even black wedding dress, but for girls who want to look like a princess, a blue outfit is perfect.

Blue wedding dress design ideas – What does the color symbolize?

elegant and stylish wedding dress ideas in pale blue


Why blue wedding dresses are popular among brides? One of the main reasons for the huge popularity of the many shades of blue among brides is that both runettes and blondes look great in this color. Blue is the color of the sky, it is extremely soft and cooling contrast to all that is disturbing, bright and tiring. The beuatiful sky blue shades are especially soothing. A bride in blue is romantic and a little mysterious. A blue wedding dress is fresh, fashionable, interesting and an excellent alternative to white. This color is a great choise for girls who consider a white wedding dress boring and trivial, but do not want to shock others with a too unexpected color. A bride in a blue wedding dress looks innocent, tender, romantic and peaceful like a princess, an angel or a fairy that has come down from the pages of a fairy tale book.

Blue color symbolizes innocence and loyalty, sincere and pure relationship and is the choice of young women who appreciate the integrity of the relationship. That is the reason why brides wear something blue at the wedding. It is also the color of peace, tranquility, harmony, creativity, hope, kindness, carelessness and at the same time femininity and motherhood. In addition, this color is associated with sky and water, which means that it symbolizes infinity and life. It is considered a color that brings good luck as well. Being considered the color of loyalty and love, this color is suitable not only for a wedding dress, but also for the groom’s suit.

Blue wedding dress design ideas – how to choose your style

Cinderella blue wedding dress

A blue wedding dress is a great choice for winter weddings, beach weddings, marine theme weddings, winter wonderland theme, etc. Designers create magnificent models in a variety of length, styles and silhouettes. Long models are always a top choice, but at the same time, short blue wedding dresses are romantic and very beautiful, so every future bride has the chance to find the perfect wedding dress.

It is advisable to visit the wedding salons, so as not to be mistaken with the option. In addition to the many shades, dresses come in different style, and the girl can not always know what kind of wedding dress will suit her body shape and appearance. For example, some girls prefer a dress that combines different shades and textures and is aboslutely stunning while other prefer strict and classic lines. Each style is beautiful, has its own unique advantages and is characterized by specific features. Every year, designers bring something new and exciting, yet some classics remain unchanged.

blue bridal dress design ideas models shades

  • Mermaid, which is dramatically expanding down from the knees
  • Princess, the classic version, fitting the upper body and expanding in the form of a wide skirt, starting from the waist
  • Empire style dresses – light and easy fit, characterized by a well-defined waistline and a narrow loose skirt
  • Straight lines of various lengths
  • A-silhouette
  • With or without train
  • Short dresses with knee length or shorter with a full or tight skirt

To emphasize the subtlety and elegance of a blue wedding dress, it is best if you choose fabrics like chiffon, satin, silk, organza, tulle, lace, etc. As we mentioned above you can combine different fabrics, textures and shades. The future bride needs to remember that even the most ridiculous-looking forms can look original and extravagant on a girl with a certain figure so trying on various models is a good strategy for finding the perfect blue wedding dress.

Blue wedding dress design ideas – how to choose the shade?

gorgeous wedding dress design ideas in blue with white decorations

Blue wedding dress ideas, as well as white, complemented by elements of blue, will be a chic option for any wedding celebration. Most of all gentle blue wedding dress will suit blondes, girls with a light skin tone and dark or even black hair, with blue or gray eyes. Blue is so rich and has so many shades that each bride can find the one that complements her character, individuality, skin and eye color in the best way. Ranging from the gentle sky blue and ending into the deep and bold tones, each shade creates a different image. A tender blue wedding dress will help you to become a real angel coming down from heaven while a deeper shade will add a touch of mysteriousness to your look. One thing that we need to point out is that when choosing the shade of your blue wedding dress, you need to keep in mind the season of the year and the color scheme of the entire wedding celebration as well. Generally, blue color can be divided into several large subgroups:

  • White and blue
  • Light blue
  • Gray-blue
  • Green Blue.

blue white wedding dress elegant silhouette

White and blue combination enjoys a huge popularity as these colors work perfectly together. The combination of white and blue will help the bride creating an image of a queen. A blue wedding dress design with white decorations is romantic and elegant, exceptionally stylish and sophisticated.

movie inspired Cinderella blue wedding dress

Light blue is the color of a cloudless sky. It is believed that the delicate shade symbolizes innocence, ease, hope, protection, loyalty and strength, purity of thoughts. This is the color of Cinderella’s dress and it is an inspiration for many princess style wedding dress designs.

beautiful blue wedding dress design ideas styles color shades

Even within the group of light blue you can define a variety of shades – sky blue, azure, powder blue, duck egg, aqua, arctic blue, etc. As a rule, sky-blue wedding dresses are made of airy fabrics like silk, satin and chiffon, which emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the bride. The advantage of light blue is that it will suit a girl with any color of hair and skin. The light pale sky blue shade is versatile and can be combined with almost any other color. This versatility allows young brides to create their own unique combination which will emphasize their individuality in the most sensual way.

elegant blue and gray wedding dress

A gray-blue wedding dress looks original and elegant and emphasizes the individuality of the bride. It has a special flair of aristocracy, attractiveness and elegance. The subdued cold tone is ideal for vintage style but not only.

turquiose wedding dress ideas princess style

Turquoise wedding dresses are a huge fashion trend. Turquoise is an amazing shade, a mixture of blue and green which looks fresh, original and at the same time, sophisticated. A rare option for the wedding, so many women of fashion choose it to look bright and extraordinary. A dress in turquoise color can be short or with floor length, with a straight or fluffy skirt, with a train, with long sleeves or straps. Turquoise goes well with white, peach, beige, soft pink and looks great on brides with light or blond hair. It is a great choice if you want to emphasize blue eyes as well. Such a dress is perfect for a Tiffany style wedding or a nautical theme celebration.

sea wave color wedding dress ideas in blue shades

Sea wave wedding dress is another interesting and original version from the darker end of the blue palette. Like turquoise, it is a mixture between blue and green. Having in mind that this is a deep and rich shade, sea wave color is recommended for brides who want to make a statement and look original.

How to choose accessories for a blue wedding dress?

Wedding accessories blue veil shoes bridal bouquet

The overall look of the bride will be incomplete if you do not pick up the appropriate accessories that will complement the dress. Any outfit has its own characteristics, so you need to select thoughtfully and with taste. When choosing accessories for a blue wedding dress, the bride needs to consider a variety of factors – the theme and color scheme of the wedding, the season, the style of the dress, the silhouette, the shade of blue, etc. Shoes, tiara, veil, gloves, jewelry, bag – all these elements are important. It is best if the accessories and details are in white, pale pink, beige, peach and light blue. For turquoise and sea wave shades, experts recommend silver shoes and white accessories.

The bridal bouquet symbolizes beauty, mystery, goodness and love and is a must for every bride. A similar color palette should be chosen for the bride’s bouquet. There are different options:

  • a combination of white and blue colors;
  • a blue bouquet;
  • snow-white bouquet with blue decorations;
  • In some cases, you can use lilac or pink flowers.

pale blue wedding dress design with delicate white decoration

When planning your wedding appearance, remember that the newlyweds should complement each other. For the groom, you should also choose accessories in blue color, which will be combined with the wedding dress of the bride.


stunning wedding dresses blue dress decorated with pink flowers

strapless wedding dress in blue with flowers and embroidery

romantic princess dress blue wedding ideas

princess style blue wedding dress with tender pink flowers

modern blue bridal dress exclusive wedding dresses

gorgeous blue and white wedding dress

feminine bridal dress in blue

creative wedding dress design ideas blue color bridal gowns

bridal dresses in blue shades stunning design ideas

blue satin wedding dress with buttons on the back

blue mermaid style wedding dress with silver rhinestones

blue and white wedding dress with beautiful decorations

beach wedding dress design tulle and blue decorations

amazing wedding dresses in blue shades


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