Beach wedding ideas – how to organize the perfect day?

by Kremy

how to organize beach wedding tips and decor

Beach wedding ideas are so great! Sun, wind, sea salt … If you are planning a wedding on the beach, you will find some useful tips and ideas for dress, hairstyle, makeup, decoration, etc. The wedding is such an important event in everyone’s life and it is inevitable that the plans evoke a variety of emotions and worries. All couples dream of having the most special, beautiful and memorable day in their lives.

A beach wedding is the perfect choice for the couples who want to run away from the city bustle, feel the warm sand under their feet and enjoy the sound of the waves. It may seem that organizing a wedding on the beach does not take much time and effort but you need to take into into account a number of factors which are essential for your perfect day.

Pros and cons of beach wedding ideas


wedding at the beach tips ideas decor bride and groom styling tips


Before you decide to choose an unusual sea celebration, it is worth looking at the pros and cons carefully. Here are the most important advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider as well as some highlights on the basic moments:

  • On the first place, you will have an unforgettable and absolutely charming holiday atmosphere;
  • After the ceremony, the couple may stay for the honeymoon;
  • The natural scenery of sea, sand and waves will be the best backdrop for your wedding photos.
  • You can organize the wedding by yourself or hire a professional planner to help you. Many travel and wedding agencies offer their assistance in organizing a beach wedding, especially if you plan it to be overseas.
  • A small wedding at the sea shore is an excellent choice if you do not like grand parties and celebrations with hundreds of guests.

romantic wedding ideas exotic island ceremony

As a major drawback, one can point out that if you choose an exotic island for you wedding, the cost may be significant. Of course, budget matters, but people have different financial capabilities. One couple may choose a wedding at a luxurious resort, while another couple will be more than happy to marry on the city beach.

  • The weather is a major concern. Weddings are planned months ahead and no one can guarantee that on your wedding day there will be no rain.
  • You will need special skin and hair care products to look at your best.
  • Beach wedding ideas allow you a lot of freedom yet you need to pay attention to the following.
  • It is better to choose the time for the ceremony in the afternoon and take care of the sun shades. Think about the air temperature at a chosen time and the possibility of weather changes.
  • Consider means of transport of people, equipment and products to the wedding venue. Drinking water and toilets are important.
  • Take care of the comfort of your guests. Depending on the climate and time of year, you may need to provide umbrellas, glasses or blankets.
  • Make sure that your guests are informed for the place of the ceremony and reception. Ladies in heels will not be able to move on the beach which is another thing to consider.
  • Think of a suitable a place for dancing and entertainment. Dancing on the sand or grass is not very convenient.


Beach wedding ideas – choose and decorate the venue

romantic beach wedding ceremony arch decorating ideas

The venue of the celebration, as well as the season, is a one of the most important aspects for a wedding on the beach. In organizing a beach wedding, it all depends on the wishes of the newlyweds and their personal preferences.

Wedding by the sea offers the ideal decor which is the natural seascape. However, if you do not live near the sea you will have to think in advance about transport, accommodation, meals for guests, entertainment, etc. which is a serious work. It is best if you select a hotel at the beach as many of them are experienced in organizing weddings.

Wedding at the city beach is the simplest and most inexpensive solution. However, this public area should be cleaned and prepared for your celebration. Many couples do not realize that such an event requires power supply, water supply, even surface with hard coating for installing chairs, tables and musical equipment, etc. In addition, you will lack privacy due to the fact that city beaches are public and it is not possible to restrict the access of other people.

A wedding on an exotic island is the dream of many couples and can be quite costly and we already mentioned that you may have to provide flights for your guests, accommodation, etc. Of course, with good planning and organization everything is possible and many resorts provide such services.

beach wedding ceremony ideas

The type of beach wedding decoration will vary depending on the venue. The beach itself is the best decor for the ceremony yet you still need to add the necessary decorations for such a festive event. Usually these decorations include elegant flower arches, white umbrellas or light canopies decorated with flying fabrics, garlands of flowers, white ribbons, etc. Temporary solid flooring will be very useful, for example, for the dance floor and musicians.

Beach wedding ideas show us different themes – from pirates to exotic islands. Color palettes may vary according to the chosen theme. Some couples prefer the traditional blue-white palette, others choose a certain color – turquoise, gold, silver, etc. Venue and table decoration should be in harmony with the theme, respectively color scheme, of the wedding. For example, aquariums with fish will look very unusual on the tables and guests will certainly enjoy such original centerpieces. Anchors, wooden steering wheels, elements of a ship or boat, sand, glass bottles, seashells, rope, fishing nets, driftwood – all of these are ideal for the decoration. Candles and candle holders are incredibly romantic accessories so do not skip them. Of course, flowers always add beauty to any decor, so you can combine them with the sea and beach elements. If your wedding is on an island or overseas, include items that are specific for the local culture. This will add an extra special charm to your beach wedding decor.


What is the best styling for bride and groom?

romantic wedding ideas sea shore photos bride and groom

Beach wedding ideas offer a lot of freedom for the styling of both bride and groom. You can choose outfits in accordance with the specific theme and the general concept of the event or a classic suit for the groom and white dress for the bride. Experts advise to think of your dress in advance, at least three to four months, or even earlier. Of course, brides need to keep in mind the peculiarities of weather and conditions on the beach. It is simply impossible to walk on the sand in a long magnificent dress and high heels. Dresses with a narrow skirt will not work well – in such a dress the bride will feel awkward. For beach brides dresses made of light flowing fabrics are ideal and suitable for hot weather. A gentle veil from light chiffon flying in the wind will combine perfectly with such light dress.

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Wedding dresses that expose the neckline, back and shoulders or short dresses with a long train that you can hold in your hand, perfectly match with the bright sun and beach and you can run in the water barefoot. Many brides choose a colored dress for their beach wedding – pastel blue, blush and pink, peach and champagne colors are especially popular. Decorations with lace, sequins, glass beads or pearls look are also appropriate for a wedding on the beach.

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It is best to choose sandals without heels as they are convenient to walk in the sand. If the beach is landscaped and has a hard surface, ballerina flat shoes are an excellent choice. The best hairstyles for a wedding on the beach are loose and more informal. Simple hairstyles – curls, fluttering in the wind, partially loose hair, half up half downs and braids are a good choice.

groom styling ideas diy starfish boutonniere

The choice of the groom’s outfit will depend on the dress of the bride. If the bride chose to wear a white dress, alight suit made of natural light fabric will be suitable. Light-colored trousers and a short-sleeved shirt will look appropriate and smart enough in hot weather. Light leather moccasins are a good choice for shoes. If the bride chose a colored dress, the groom should choose trousers and a shirt that match and complement the color of the dress.

beach wedding bridal dress ideas groom styling tips

Enjoy the photos and the beach wedding ideas in the gallery. You will certainly find them inspiring and of course, you can get some ideas for your own unforgettable wedding at the beach!



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Beach wedding decorations color scheme ideas


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