Boho chic wedding ideas to have an unforgettable day!

by Kremy

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Boho chic wedding ideas enjoy a great popularity due to the fact that this is one of the most artistic and original styles, providing numerous opportunities for creativity. Bohemian style originated in the late 60s and combines elements of different cultures – from African ethnic motifs to Indian patterns. The ethnic mix is spiced with rustic and vintage touches, a feeling of freedom, harmony with the world and closeness to Nature. This style is often described as the best way to express the joy of life and love for freedom. It is a rather unusual style with open space for bold experiments and if you are a fan of lightness, naturalness and eccentricity, this is your style! We shall help you with great boho chic wedding ideas about the venue, wedding decoration, flowers, the outfits for bride and groom, table decor, etc.

Beautiful Boho beach wedding ceremony arch decoration


Some of the most distinctive features of Boho chic style are:

  • Natural colors and combination of bright, bolder and calmer tones and shades.
  • Natural fabrics and materials – linen, chiffon, silk, velvet, lace, etc.
  • Preference is given to natural materials.
  • Accessories from different styles – rustic, vintage, Shabby chic, ethnic, etc.
  • Ethnic, floral, rainbow motifs, handmade jewelry, knitted and woven items, various textures – all these can be used as decorations and accessories.
  • Simple, time-worn items, old furniture and combination of different style items.
  • Bohemian style allows you to combine expensive, luxurious materials with rustic elements.

Boho chic wedding ideas – how to choose and decorate the venue?

outdoor table decoration ideas bohemian chic wedding ideas

Choosing the perfect venue for the wedding is one of the main tasks but no matter what style you selected, the exterior and interior of the place add to the overall mood and will underline the theme. Boho chic wedding ideas vary depending on the personal preferences of the couple and of course, the season as weather conditions matter greatly, especially for Bohemian style parties. The best time for boho-style weddings is summer, warm days of late spring or early autumn. On the first place you will not worry about bad weather and in addition, the greenery around you will help set the mood. Some couples prefer a ceremony on the shores of the sea or lake, in a flower garden park or in a forest. You can hold the ceremony under a huge old tree, on a cliff, on a beach or any other interesting and original place.

Bohemian style wedding invitations and place cards can be informal, bright, original and can be made from almost anything – watercolors and paper, to fabric and photos, fabrics and vintage laces, etc. Often the invitations are decorated with leather ribbons, satin ribbon, laces, cotton, linen, wool, embroidered with beads. You can skillfully combine different objects and textures in one small envelope. Boho chic wedding invitations can be written on ornamented paper, adding a special symbol of the couple, and then tied up with string or even dry grass. Some newlyweds choose minimalistic invitations without decorations – a card with branches of flowers, twine, feathers.

Bohemian style wedding party decoration ideas

Boho chic wedding decor is an excellent chance to experiment boldly and to try out combinations of seemingly incompatible things. Bohemian style color palette is very rich. You can mix beautiful natural and bright, catchy shades. Play with purple and sandy colors, turquoise and yellow, combine white and red. A mix of flowers of ripe berries (cherries, plums) with their lighter shades – red, pink, orange will look amazing. You have the freedom to choose whatever colors you like. One thing that you need to remember is not to use cold colors and shades.

DIY wedding table centerpiece ideas

When you decorate a hall, a tent or just a meadow, you should keep in mind the basic principles of the boho style. Asymmetry is welcome. The tables for guests can be different both in shape and in the design. For example, some tables can be rectangular with high floral arrangements, others – round, with low bouquets. The main thing is to focus on the table of the bride and groom.

Boho chic wedding flowers have an important role in the decor. Flowers are beautiful because they are diverse just like the boho style itself. Wild field flowers combined with feathers, ribbons, beads, and other decorative details are an excellent choice. Dried flowers, wild field, meadow, forest flowers, herbs, twigs, succulents, acorns, chestnuts, bird feathers are a good choice for table centerpieces. Compositions in which some plants are covered with golden or silver paint look quite original as well. A bridal bouquet in pastel colors, for example white and pink roses or orchids, camellias and lilac roses will be an expression of the passion and love of the newlyweds. A bouquet of tea roses combined with unripe blackberries is incredibly tender and delicate. If you prefer field flowers, add poppies to the composition.

boho wedding table decorating ideas birdcage and flowers

Tables can be covered with colored multi-layered fabrics. Contrast napkins, garlands of ivy, vintage candlesticks and antique figurines will help you arrange beautiful table decoration complementing the bohemian theme. The branches of the surrounding trees or the walls (ceiling beams) can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, decorative bird cages, paper or real lanterns. Colorful pillows with bright patterns, patchwork-style rugs, shawls and scarves and lace napkins will add a touch of comfort to the colorful atmosphere.

Lighting is another important element of the decor. It helps create a fun and, at the same time, romantic mood at the wedding. Candles, lanterns, oil lamps, chandeliers, antique lamps – all these are suitable for a boho chic wedding.

Boho chic wedding ideas for the bride and groom

boho chic wedding bride and groom styling dress and suit

How to choose the perfect outfit – dress and suit – for your Boho chic wedding? What type of hairstyle and makeup will complement your appearance? The main principle of Bohemian style is to stay away from everything classic and fancy. A Boho chic bride and groom should feel comfortable. The bride’s appearance must be refined, romantic, charming and feminine.

The perfect wedding dress should be made of light, flowing fabrics like silk, lace, chiffon, etc. Knitted or embroidered elements and ethnic motis are also a complement for the style. A boho-style wedding dress is a flowing, long, layered outfit that emphasizes the fragility and elegance of the bride. Boho style has several different varieties so for your wedding image a bride can combine bohemian with glamor and vintage. Whether to have or not a veil, depends on the personal preferences of the bride. You can replace the veil with a long piece of lace fabric or tulle which can be fixed with a comb or a hairpin on the back of the head. The color palette for the wedding dress of the bride is quite wide. You can choose gentle tones like white, beige, ivory, yellow, blue, silver, ash-pink, lavender or more saturated colors like emerald or turquoise.

Without the right shoes and accessories, the image of the bride will be unfinished. A Boho bride can choose sandals, ballerina flat shoes, boots or even walk barefoot. A light airy dress and slightly casual shoes will make a beautiful and unusual contrast. Bright handmade jewelry is also typical for the style. The jewelry should be original, bright and noticeable. Thin or large leather or plastic bracelets, metal rings, multilayered beads, pendants on long chains, hanging earrings – choose accessories to your taste.

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Boho chic wedding hairstyles are usually romantic and include disheveled, romantic curls, braids, buns and knots, half up half down hairstyles and anything that makes a bride feel comfortable. Quite often, large hairpins, lush wreaths, ribbons, combs, clips, headbands, lace bands, tiaras of beads are used to decorate the hair.

The appearance of the groom, like the bride, should be playful, slightly careless. Classic black in clothes should be replaced by gray, sand, brown, etc. Instead of strict suits the groom can combine jeans, casual pants, pants with suspenders, unbuttoned waistcoat, shirt with rolled up sleeves. If the choice falls on a suit, then it should be made of natural fabrics. It is better to abandon the jacket and choose a vest. If you still want to wear a jacket, it should be different from the trousers in color and texture. Of course, the outfit and overall appearance of the bride and groom should be in harmony.

bohemian chic mountain wedding ideas bride and groom

Hopefully, these ideas will help you have the perfect Boho chic wedding. The main thing is not to forget about the essence of the style – you are allowed to do what you want and where you want it. Just listen to your hearts and the voice of your love!




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