Super cool and masculine forearm tattoo ideas and designs for men

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masculine forearm tattoo ideas and designs for men

Forearm tattoo ideas are hugely popular and having an image on this part of the body is a real classic. Many men, who would like to draw attention to their good physical shape, choose this part of the body as the place for drawing and they are doing quite the right thing. According to psychologists, muscular male hands are exceptionally appealing to women. Every woman feels secure and protected in strong hands, right?


Forearm tattoo ideas – What are the pros and cons?

tattoo ideas for man faith inscription


Any tattoo is a way to demonstrate your individuality and stand out from the mass. It is true that people with tattoos were not always received positively by society. Many people from older generation still consider tattoos as something typical for either sailors or criminals. Luckily, during the last decade, the art of body painting has improved so much that tattoos have become real works of art, even masterpieces, rather than primitive symbols. For example, designs in Realism or Biomechanical styles are very impressive. Watercolor tattoos are stylish and beautiful and without any doubt Tribal and Celtic tattoo designs are real eye catchers! Forearm tattoo ideas come in a huge variety of designs, but before looking at the styles and popular images, let’s have a look at their advantages.

On the first place, the forearm provides enough of space for original and creative drawings and one can enjoy his tattoo at any time. It is also easily visible. On the forearm you can create a design with excellent details and a variety of elements. The available amount of space allows realistic drawings with the highest quality.

Usually, such tattoos are applied over the entire area of the forearm and use all the available space. You can place large –sized drawings without worries that it will be spoiled. In addition, you can expand the drawing with additional elements towards the shoulder, wrist and hand or choose a design that starts on one arm and continues to the other one. Thus the tattoo artist has the opportunity to create a true work of art.

mandala tattoo ideas for men forearm and wrist

Versatility is another advantage of forearm tattoos. They are easy to hide. You just need to wear a long sleeve shirt. If you need to comply with a strict dress code at work, for example, you can easily hide the tattoo. If your profession does not require strict rules, then even better, you can proudly display the unique tattoo on your forearm.

The painless application is also an advantage. Of course, when we talk about tattoos, “painless” is quite subjective, but compared with the process of applying an image to other body parts, the painful sensations are minimal. This is due to the fact that the arm does not have a lot of nerve endings, and the bones are hidden under a thick layer of muscle tissue. This is good to know if you plan your first tattoo and wonder where to apply it. In addition, the skin itself heals quickly and if you take proper care for the tattoo, especially in the first days after the procedure, it will retain its attractive appearance for a long time.


Forearm tattoo ideas – choose the design and the style of the image

leopard tattoo on forearm cool ideas for men

Among the most popular forearm tattoo ideas are designs that symbolize strength, power, courage, bravery, masculinity, even a certain degree of aggression. For example, the image may include any type of weapon – arrows, bows, guns. When you plan the design of your forearm tattoo, you need to think of the image itself and the style and technique as well.

tribal forearm tattoo ideas for men

Ethnic style is very popular among men since the authentic ornaments look stylish and attractive on a man’s body. Polynesian patterns, Maori tribal images, Celtic patterns – all these are chosen as a talisman and when done properly by an experienced artist, the compositions can be a work of art. Usually, the drawings on the left hand perform a protective function while the ones on the right hand help to realize desires and aid the spiritual development of the person. Tribal tattoos (ethnic tattoos) are popular mainly because of their aesthetic appeal. For many centuries they were applied as a symbol of spirituality, social status and age of their owner. Tribal tattoos from around the world are widely used to create unique and meaningful patterns. The symbolism of such tattoos can vary widely depending on the culture of the particular tribe as well as on the choice of the symbols and their combinations. For example, Maori tattoos usually consist of simple designs that are assembled into large images. Most of the designs are in black and shades of gray, but lately, tattoos in the style of Maya tribes are done with the addition of red and blue colors. Celtic tribal tattoos usually consist of thin dark lines that are twisted into a variety of weaving. These weavings can form objects like crosses, shields, trees and animals, and so on.

biomechanical forearm tattoo trendy ideas for men

Biomechanical forearm tattoo are very fashionable. They are based on the topic of artificial intelligence, robots, books, science fiction, cyborgs, etc. The meaning of the images can be quite different. To some, biomechanical tattoos are a respect to technical progress and science, they can be a sign that the man’s life is connected to modern technology and the design is created as a symbol of the era to reflect the spirit of the time. For some biomechanical style is embodies the idea that the inner world of a man may be different from his appearance and his character, strength and intelligence do not depend on his look. These tattoos invite the public to look on the inside of man’s body. Each image is a real artwork created by the skillful hands of a master. Cyberpunk tattoo compositions designed individually, taking into account human anatomical features, they look really impressive and are spectacular body decorations for men.

old school forearm tattoos for men

Old School tattoos have a bright, spectacular look that instantly attract attention. Most often they have a black borderline and the inside of the images is brightly colored. Red, blue, yellow, violet and green are the typical colors for this style. The most popular images are cross, anchor, star compass, horseshoe, roses, inscriptions, etc.

Of course, a man can choose any other style for his forearm tattoo – from Japanese style to Trash polka, Realism, Blackwork, Dotwork, Chicano, etc.

Chikano style tattoo on forearm design ideas for men

The anatomy of the forearm allows you to place almost any geometric shape, which gives huge opportunity for creativity and imagination. There are plenty forearm tattoo ideas for decorating your body. Here are some of the most popular themes and images:

Predators and images of birds and animals – this is an opportunity to demonstrate your character, masculine strength and emphasize your physical strength. It is recommended to choose an image that reflects your temperament and individuality. From tigers and lions to eagles and wolves, you can see fantastic ideas in the photo gallery below.

Inscriptions – this is another type of tattoo designs which is especially popular for forearms. Wise sayings, quotes, words and phrases in foreign languages, the options are unlimited. Usually, men prefer large tattoos with clear geometric shapes. Such tattoos are of great importance for their owner, they are an inspiration for new achievements and because the tattoo is visible, one can immediately understand the values and priorities of the man.

Marine tattoos include anchors, compasses, ropes, lighthouses, ships, stars, daggers, etc. The star compass (wind rose) is a popular image as it symbolizes the way of a man. It was believed that the wind rose would never allow a man go the wrong way.

Rose is a symbol of love, tenderness, and passion. People have always associated this flower with love. Flowers are traditionally the choice of women, but roses are one of the oldest Old School patters as well. A rose tattoo attracts attention because it has bright and intense color.

forearm tattoo ideas for men

These are just few of the most popular patterns. Enjoy these amazing forearm tattoo ideas in the gallery below and see the excellent work of real tattoo artists!




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unique forearm tattoos for men

Tattoos For Men cool forearm ideas

Super cool and masculine forearm tattoo ideas

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Rose forearm tattoo design ideas for men

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Amazing forearm tattoo designs for men


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