Mindblowing sleeve tattoos – designs for men and women

by Kremy

best sleeve tattoo designs for men and women

Sleeve tattoos are considered to be one of the most complex tattoos and are equally popular among men and women. These tattoos are laborious and if you want a real sleeve tattoo, be prepared for several consecutive visits to the tattoo artists. Very often they are made in several colors, and the design may feature many interwoven images on a complex background – flames, water, whirlwinds, etc. Quite often, there is a central image around which the rest of the design is created. Real experts prefer to create a full concept-sketch of the future sleeve tattoo, and only after that start the project. Sleeve tattoos are located around the forearm or around the shoulder. They may have a voluminous appearance which emphasizes the individuality of its owner. If you consider such a tattoo you need to find an experienced, well-proven master in a professional salon. Visually, the arm can be divided into 4 parts and this determines the appearance of the tattoo. The options are:

Long sleeve tattoo – the arm is completely covered from the shoulder to the wrist;

long sleeve tattoo ideas for men


The half sleeve covers the arm from the shoulder to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist;

tribal style samoan sleeve and shoulder tattoo

A quarter of a sleeve is half the shoulder or forearm;

As it is not difficult to guess, in addition to this, you can choose the size of ¼ and ¾, which is just a formality in terms of classification.

You can determine the exact location and the size of your tattoo in accordance with your personal preferences. Most women choose half sleeve while men opt for ¾ or long sleeve, but there are no rules whatsoever. As far as tattoo style and techniques are concerned, the most popular choices feature blackwork, biomechanical, polka trash, traditional Japanese, Black and gray, Polynesian and tribal, watercolor – basically, any style and technique can be used in a sleeve tattoo design.

Sleeve tattoos ideas for men

full sleeve tattoo tribal style

Sleeve tattoos for men are often the choice of guys who are more likely to experiment, to test themselves and their bodies in new directions. For a long time it was believed that these tattoos are an integral part of the image of a rapper, but today large-scale drawings went far beyond the boundaries of subculture. They are chosen by extraordinary, bold personalities, as well as followers of anciently sacred philosophies. A tattoo on the arm is quite visible but on the other hand, it can always be covered with clothing. You can start with a smaller tattoo on the shoulder or on the wrist and add new images later or opt for a bigger composition. Men often prefer black and white patterns, Polynesian and Celtic motifs. Until recently, Trash Polka style was not so popular but nowadays we can see incredible tattoo ideas in this style. Traditional Japanese tattoos and biomechanics are also among the most popular choice as well as steampunk. The variety of imagery is enormous – from black and grey classics in a realistic style to animals and abstract images.

Sleeve tattoos ideas for women

tattoo ideas for women sleeve

Sleeve tattoos ideas for women are represented by a rich variety of compositions. As a rule, women prefer bright, colorful “sleeves” but there are also black and grey works. Just like with men’s tattoos, for a beautiful tattoo, it is preferable to create a general story. Women, as a rule, prefer images of flowers, leaves or magic symbols. Some women prefer designs with various animal motifs. Numerous inscriptions, Chinese or Japanese symbols, names of loved ones, important dates, gorgeous patterns and laces, small birds, butterflies, animals – all these refer to female sleeve tattoo selection. Girls like the watercolor style and their tattoos are more refined and often colored. Japanese style tattoos are as popular with women as with men. Pair tattoos have a special place – that is, the design is divided into two parts. The first part is applied to one arm, and the other one is applied to the other. When arms are connected, both parts harmoniously complement each other.

tattoo long sleeve unique ideas for men

It is strongly advised that you look at different sleeve tattoo designs before letting the tattoo machine into your body. Select an image or a composition that has a special meaning to you, especially if you want a unique tattoo design, discuss it with the tattoo artist the design and the colors that you wish to be use and check how long it will take for the tattoo to be completed. Look at the gallery below for inspiration!

long and half sleeve tattoos designs

tribal tattoos for men half sleeve

tattoo design ideas half sleeve

super cool half sleeve tattoos for men and women

sunflower tattoo ideas for women

sleeve flower tattoo roses and leaves

half sleeve tattoos ideas for men and women

colorful tattoo half sleeve

blackwork tattoo sleeves

best half sleeve tattoos mandala lace tattoo ideas

beautiful long sleeve tattoo design


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