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We selected some of the most popular and striking shoulder tattoo for men which can be an inspiration for all guys searching for ideas for their next tattoo. The art of tattooing goes back to antiquity and in tribes they were used as a mark showing the profession and social status of man. After all these millennia, beautiful tattoos on the shoulder, with bizarre patterns or precise geometric contours have not lost their appeal.

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Like women’s tattoo, men’s shoulder tattoo feature traditional meaning, imagery as well as modern interpretations and styling. Tattoo artists say that it is not very difficult to tattoo a shoulder and getting this part of the body inked is not as painful and due to that shoulder tattoos are not the most expensive ones. Having said that, you need to realize that price will depend on the complexity of design, the size (many men extend their shoulder tattoo to the chest or the back), the colors, etc. Those of you who look for reasons to choose a tattoo for their shoulder can add to the plus side the fact that you can easily hide it under a shirt. Another advantage is that thanks to the shape of the shoulder, you can create a real masterpiece in three-dimensional form. On the shoulder, the image will look very beautiful, no matter what style it is made. Usually, women choose images which will their femininity while men, on the contrary – the imagery includes more masculine, sometimes even aggressive designs. Shoulder tattoos may vary in meaning from one culture to another but most often the artists follow special rules. An experienced artist will be able to tell you what the tattoo that you chose means.


What the most popular shoulder tattoo for men images are?


mens shoulder tattoo ideas


Most often shoulder tattoo for men express leadership, strength and courage and are chosen as a way to express the man’s individuality and stand out from the mass. This is not accidental, because the tattoo on the shoulder attracts the attention of the girls, and also emphasizes the muscles. In the past warriors were the ones who wore tattoos, as well as men with high status.

Animals are one of the most popular images chosen as shoulder tattoo by men. Those of you who consider such a design, should get informed for the meaning of the animal they chose. For example – a lion is a symbol of leadership, strength, protection. Often the lion is depicted roaring. Tiger tattoos on the shoulder mean wisdom, a desire for victory, ferocity, thoughtfulness and wealth, depending on the overall composition. Wolf stands for masculinity, fearlessness, intelligence, survival, independence, loyalty power. A dragon tattoo can mean both greed and wisdom, depending on the overall composition.


Tribal shoulder tattoo for men

tribal tattoo ideas for men shoulder

Another large group of shoulder tattoo for men are the tribal designs – whether Celtic, Aztec, Polinesian, Maory, Samoan – tribal motifs are particularly suitable for this part of the body. You need to get informed for the meaning of each character and combine them in a custom design, but do not forget that tribal imagery is deeply connected with the particular cultural traditions of each tribe. For example, Polynesian Maori Tattoos are very complex motifs, which have originated from ancient cultures and tradition and since Polynesia is the geographic region of Oceania between New Zealand, Hawaii and the Easter Island, the tattoos have Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori and Aztec origin. Each of these cultures has its unique patterns, which have their own meaning but some of the tattoo elements are common for all cultures. One of the most popular images is the Tiki – a human-like figure representing Polynesian demigods and a symbol of protection.

Celtic shoulder tattoos for men are also especially popular. They can have a different meaning and can symbolize different things. It is believed that the pure knot stands for the unity between the spiritual and physical worlds, the eternal life. The circles (with a Celtic cross), swirls, interwoven lines and patterns, interlocking knots look very attractive and eye catching. Celtic tattoos can be a symbol of powerful force, protection or courage.

Mandala is one of the most universal spiritual symbols and mandala tattoos are equally popular among men and women. The circle design is the most popular as “Mandala” means circle in Sanskrit. Sometimes these tattoos have triangular or square shapes as well. Mandala tattoos can incorporate many other symbols so always make sure that you know exactly what your tattoo means. Remember that the design of your tattoo should mean something to you.

Angel tattoos and angel wings tattoos also have a fair share in men’s shoulder tattoo designs. Guardian angels, warrior angles, fallen angels – all of these images can be seen and each one has a special meaning. You need to choose very carefully the type of angel and the additional elements, if any. Wing tattoos are most often extended towards the back or the chest and look really beautiful on men. Angel wings tattoos are a symbol of freedom and independence, evolution of the soul, etc.

Shoulder armor tattoos feature a variety of images – from plate armor to shields and are very popular among men. These tattoo designs symbolize courage, honor, and strength and most often cover the shoulder and the chest or back. They can be done in tribal style – Celtic, Polynesian, or as an armor of a Roman warrior, etc. Armor tattoo can include images of lions, dragons, crests and crosses, fleur de lis, Celtic knots, a flag, chainmaille element, etc.

Modern geometric and abstract shoulder tattoos for men feature a large array of images, often in biomechanical style, trash polka, dotwork and blackwork style. Geometric lines, abstract images,

According to popular beliefs, tattoos on the left shoulder will bring a profit to their owner while a tattoo on the right shoulder is a guarantee for family happiness. Those of you who are about to get their first tattoo should carefully choose a studio and follow these simple tips which will make sure that you will be pleased with the final result.

By all means do not do tattooing at home, in basements, beauty salons and hairdressing salons. You may get scarred, even infected with AIDS or hepatitis. Choose a professional studio and an experienced tattoo artist! Ask for the type of tattoo equipment. Keep in mind that the tools must be treated and disinfected which does not mean boiling them or rubbing them with alcohol but disinfect them in a chemical solution or in a special sterilizer. Needles and gloves are only disposable! You need to be sure that you are not allergic to dyes.

Check the work of the artist – pay attention to the clarity of the contours of tattoos, the brightness of color, proportions, etc. If you have any doubts, postpone the tattoo for later. It is important to remember that the tattoo artist should tell you that during the healing period the tattoo can change in shape and color. If you are doing a large and complex tattoo, it is better to do it gradually.

Ask the artist to make a draft of the tattoo. In this way you will be able to see how the design looks and if you have specific ideas you could discuss them with the artist. Every studio will offer you catalogs of tattoos and you can choose or sketch out the most important elements of the future tattoo.

The better you do the research and study the patterns and styles of tattoos, the more likely it will be to find the sketch you need and enjoy of the tattoo you made.

If you carefully care for your shoulder, the wound will heal up in maximum two weeks. It is best to do tattoos in the autumn. In summer, due to heat, sweat and dust, it is easy to get an infection. In the winter you wear warm clothes and it will take longer for your shoulder to heal and you may feel a lot of inconveniences during the process. The wound should be constantly washed and periodically smeared with cream, so that the crust is constantly moisturized.


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Mandala tattoo on shoulder mens designs ideas

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