Geometric tattoos – original and creative ideas based on geometry

by Kremy

trendy geometric tattoos for men forearm

Geometric tattoos have become so versatile and they have become a new playful art form and the artists create original and eye catching designs. Some tattoo designs consist only of simple lines, other impressive motifs consist mainly of dots, which are united into homogeneous whole. Triangles, squares, rectangles, circles appear suddenly and clearly outlined animal motifs and sacred geometry symbols are especially popular. These designs conceal the secret knowledge which gives us a complete control over our lives. These are The Golden Rectangle, the Fibonacci spiral or the Golden Spiral, the Metatron’s Cube, the basic circle, octahedron, icosahedron, etc. Abstract motifs such as pixel graphics or screen print designs are also gaining in popularity. The fact that tattoos are no longer something for individualists, outsiders or people who express their belonging to specific groups and cultures but a mainstream, makes them so popular among people and clearly defined geometric motifs and mandalas are the most preferred by the young generation. Those who are attracted by geometric shapes can use the photos in the gallery as a source of inspiration. They show geometric tattoo ideas for men, the style is quite minimalistic and graphical, mostly black because of the visual simplicity, they have a very big effect.


Geometric tattoos look chic and beautiful

geometric tattoo motifs for men forearm


The trend towards abstract geometric tattoos gives you a great freedom to experiment a lot, “play” with lines and figures and design a completely individual motif. According to a study, straight strokes, circles, lines, and points are more lasting than complicated details, which are affected by the aging of the skin. Although many people think that such tattoos are not difficult to make, it does require much skill and practice to sting long, thin lines. Those who plan a tattoo in the style of geometry need to find a really good master because one wrong move of the tattoo artist can disrupt the integrity of the drawing so do some research in advance and find real professionals.

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Intertwining lines in a certain proportion, assembled into a single whole is the basis of all sketches of geometric tattoos. The great popularity of such tattoos can be explained with the fact that such drawings bear a sacred, personal character from ancient times to our days. Most of the drawings bear a special, mysterious meaning. For example, a simple triangle can introduce several meanings into the drawing: marriage, fire, flame, security, number 3, physical balance.


Geometric tattoos for men and women

Wolf geometric tattoo for men

Most tattoo artists can turn an ordinary sketch of a flower or animal into a geometric pattern on the body and, without any doubt, such tattoos always attract attention. The following figures relate to geometric symbols – lines (straight, broken, curved, etc.), cones, spheres, cubes, etc.

awesome geometric tattoos ideas for men

Tattooing in the style of geometry is a considered as a person’s self-expression. This kind of tattoo is usually done in visible parts of the body: hands, shoulders, neck, back, legs. The location of the tattoo will also depend on its size.



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tattoo ideas for men forearm geometric pattern

original tatoo ideas for men geometric pattern

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forearm tattoo ideas for men geometric pattern

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