Butterfly Tattoos – ideas for the choice of freedom lovers

by Kremy

amazing tattoos for women green butterfly

Butterfly tattoos most often are a symbol of rebirth and a kind of transformation – the ugly caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly with fabulous wings. This metamorphosis is just one of the reasons why the tattoo is so popular. The wings are full of colors and represent the transition to a new stage in life, new beginnings. There are over 160,000 different species of butterflies and they come in huge a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes and are often used as a motif in art, painting or poetry because of their beauty and delicate nature. Butterflies are considered as small and fragile creatures and admired for their uniqueness. In fact, they are not so fragile – contrary to the popular belief, a butterfly cannot be killed by touching its wings.

What is the meaning of butterfly tattoos?

yellow butterfly leg tattoo


Usually, butterfly tattoos is a design chosen of women, men rarely select this pattern. Many young women want to mark the transition from girls’ to adult’s life. Those of you who are planning such tattoo need to know the meaning of the symbol as it is different in different cultures and can be interpreted in many different ways and in different tattoo styles.

The ancient Greeks considered the butterfly a symbol of the immortality of the soul. It was believed that they would raise the soul of the deceased to heaven. Psyche, whose name means “soul”, was presented in the form of a girl with butterfly wings.

In Japanese philosophy it symbolizes femininity, joy, grace and several fluttering butterflies are a symbol of family happiness while a butterfly together with a chrysanthemum flower depicts the “beauty in old age”, with a feather – longevity. A white butterfly is the spirit of the deceased and In China, the winged creature means immortality, leisure, joy and summer.

For the peoples of Central America black butterflies were regarded as death-bombs. Even in many Asian cultures, they are still regarded as misfortunes, but often also as a symbol of a new beginning.

In the West and in Christian art, butterflies are still symbolic for metamorphosis in a positive way, for resurrection, rebirth, and immortality.

Butterfly tattoos design ideas, colors and patterns

butterfly and flower tattoo on the back of the shoulder

Choosing a tattoo with a bright, beautiful butterfly, you emphasize your beauty. As we said, the meanings and interpretations are different so you need to decide what the tattoo will mean for you. Perhaps for you such a tattoo will be purely decorative and complement your bright nature. You can choose a design which integrates the names of your children, parents or partner in life. Roses and butterflies are a timeless combination. These are just some of the reasons why these images are so popular. The good news is that you can easily expand a butterfly tattoo later on by adding other motifs.

butterflies and phrase tattoo for women

One of the most frequent questions is which part of the body is usually tattooed with a butterfly? The truth is that the tattoo looks great on any part of the body. However, the girls prefer to have them on the back, at the waistline, on the shoulder, as an ankle or foot tattoo. A butterfly tattoo looks very beautiful on the girl’s belly, especially if it is made on the side. Such a tattoo attracts attention, looks beautiful and exotic. Having one on the shoulder will definitely attract attention, especially if you chose a 3D design.


what is the meaning of butterfly tattoos

unique butterfly tattoo ideas wasteline back

3D Butterfly tattoo on foot

small tattoo ideas for women

small tattoo ideas butterfly on the hip

shoulder tattoo for women

pretty butterfly and flowers on the foot

flowers and butterflies beautiful tattoos for women

cool blue butterflies tattoo on the leg

Butterfly tattoos ideas for women

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