Beautiful peacock feather tattoo ideas and their meaning

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the best peacock tatoos for women

Peacock feather tattoo ideas belong to the larger group of feather tattoos which are widely popular not only for their aesthetic beauty, but also for their versatility and ease of adaptation to various parts of the body. These images look particularly good on areas such as forearm, back or legs. Peacocks are one of the brightest birds you can find. Their plumage has attracted the attention of people since ancient times, and especially of women who valued them as decorative elements. When choosing such tattoo you need to understand the meaning unless you just want a beautiful and colorful image on your body.


Peacock feather tattoo meaning


peacock tattoos ideas feather meaning


Peacocks are incredibly beautiful, therefore very rare birds, since ancient times they decorated estates and castles of princes and nobles, that is, were not accessible to everyone and were considered a symbol of royal glory and spiritual superiority. There are simple tattoos with feathers, but there are special ones. Peacock feather tattoos are one of the most beautiful and recognizable. The bird is a symbol of sun and royalty, a symbol of power and nobility. The feathers combine two meanings – one is common to all feathers and the second meaning is specific for tattoos with peacocks.

In India, peacocks are treated with special respect. It is believed that they kill snakes, and their blood scares away evil spirits. Tattoos can be a symbol of protection from these spirits.

In China there is a belief that if a peacock looks at a woman who has problems with conception, she will become pregnant. Probably a tattoo will not help you get pregnant, but at least it will beautify your body.

In Rome, the feathers were the emblem of the empress and her daughters and the symbol of femininity. At the dawn of Christian times it was believed that the peacock’s meat was the highest quality and the magnificent feathers have acquired the status of a sacred emblem symbolizing the purity of soul. The peacock’s feather is also a symbol of immortality and resurrection.

Despite that peacock feathers belong to the larger group of feather tattoos and share some common meanings there are some fundamental differences. Peacock does not symbolize strength and courage like eagle tattoos, quite the contrary – it embodies tenderness and greatness. Modern interpretations treat the beautiful feather as a symbol of the elite, a sign of superiority and wealth.

A tattoo with peacock feathers is linked to the bright side of life by its grandeur and unforgettable beauty and can also stand for pure, true love as well as immortality.


Peacock feather tattoo design ideas


best peacock feather tattoos ideas

Peacock feather tattoo designs will depend on the meaning that it has for each person. Most women prefer this particular feather because it looks as beautiful and feminine as butterfly toattoos. Some girls choose it, because it is simply more beautiful than other feathers, and only a few are asking about its meaning.

Peacock feather tattoo could mean pride and the person wearing it can be proud of himself for some achievement or he is just being arrogant so you need to carefully consider the kind of message you are sending to other people. If you do not want to look arrogant it is better to choose a small tattoo or place it on a part of the body where it will not be instantly visible.

You may have heard that the peacock is known as the bird with 100 eyes due to the unique pattern of its tail feathers and the tattoo often is used as a symbol of an open minded person who is not afraid of challenges.

Without any doubt, the peacock stands out from all other birds and a tattoo with the bird or its feather will perfectly suit a person who is bright, extraordinary and unconventional. It is believed that people who have this type of tattoos are honest, kind, patient and always optimistic. A tattoo with a peacock feather is ideal for a gentle girl as the feather symbolizes natural beauty, uniqueness and friendliness.

The most common body parts for tattoos with a peacock feather are ribs, scapula, lower back, foot, forearm, depending on the size and particular design, of course. To convey the beauty of the peacock feather the designs are often performed in color.


watercolor peacock tattoo on spine

small feather tattoo peacock

small feather finger tattoo peacock

peacock tattoo feather tattoos for women

peacock tatoo design ideas meaning

peacock feather tattoo ideas on back

original thigh tattoos designs peacock

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foot feather tattoo peacock

colorful peacock feather tattoo meaning


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