Cute and colorful summer nails design ideas with fruits

by Kremy

bright summer nails ideas with fruits watermelon nail art

Summer nails ideas with fruits – what could be more fun? Summer is a time of bright sun, juicy fruits and good mood. These are the days when you want to create and radiate happiness, so fruit manicure will come as a great option. The tiny pieces of fruit will fill your everyday life with colors and add to the positive mood. We selected some of the best and most beautiful fruit nails and offer you to see examples of this adorable nail art design in the photos below.


Colorful summer nails ideas with fruits


kiwi orange slice nial designs for the summer


It seems that fashion and fruits manicure could not have anything in common? The latest trends in the fashion world show the opposite. Stylish nail design with juicy fruit images are a hot trend especially for the hot months. Summer nails ideas with fruits can be a real work of art. You can use a variety of techniques to create this nail art – stamps, decals, you can draw the fruits, if you wish and there is only one rule – choose colors that work with each other. Remember that Mother Nature is the best artist so choose the natural colors of the fruits. For example, if you like the green color, select a fruit in green – apple, kiwi but if you prefer the yellow palette, the right fruits would be lemon, pineapple, banana, etc.

Those of you who cannot draw very well should not give up the idea. It will be quite easy for you to make a juicy fruit summer nail design. Even an artist who is far from creativity will be able to draw an orange slice or a strawberry, so get some colorful nail polishes and start creating. Do not forget to fix the result with a protective coating, so that the bright colors of your manicure with fruits will last longer.


Summer nails ideas with fruits tutorials and instructions



beautiful summer nail designs rasberries

A refreshing watermelon, juicy oranges, a fragrant strawberry – add a piece of summer to your nails! Those who like summer nails with fruits and do not know where to start from can take advantage of the easy tutorials that we have selected and the ones who have more experience will definitely find inspiring nail art ideas in the gallery.

What do you need for fruit nail art? Obviously, once you have chosen the design that you like best, you will need the relevant fruit colors – red, pink, yellow, orange, green – the palette will depend on the idea. You may need white, black and brown polish and one (or more) fine brush as well.

Before drawing the fruit, prepare your nails. Remove the existing nail polish from, cut your nails to the desired length, trim the cuticles and shape the nails with the help of a file. Apply the base color and let it dry completely. Now you are ready to draw some fruits!

How to draw kiwi on nails?

easy nail designs kiwi nails step by step tutorial

When you want to draw a kiwi on nails you will need green, black and white nail polish. Use green as a base color and when it id dry, make a white oval with several rays close to each other. Use a toothpick or a needle to add black dots which imitate the seeds. Apply a protective top coat.


How to draw watermelon on nails?

DIY watermelon nail design tutorial

Watermelons on nails can be drawn in many different ways. Here is an easy tutorial for beginners. Remember that fruit nail designs do not necessarily cover up the whole nail. They can be done on only part of the nail.

The steps are similar – begin with trimming your nails, apply a base color (white) and wait until the nails are completely dry. Place a duct tape on the nail leaving only the area to be painted. Apply a layer of red on the nail and wait until dry. Place a tape on the nail leaving the edge free and paint it with green nail polish. Use a toothpick or a needle and paint the seeds of the watermelon. Apply a protective top coat. You can use the same technique to draw a strawberry on your nails.

colorful ideas for summer manicure with fruits

If you cannot decide which of the fruits you prefer create a delicious assortment of fruits. Let each finger be done in a special individual manner. Fruits can be drawn as slices or as whole fruits. Do not be afraid to combine colors and shapes. Experiment and enjoy your cute and colorful summer nails with fruits!


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summer manicure ideas with fruits strawberries

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