20 Cute summer nail art ideas to brighten your mood

by Kremy

summer nail art ideas lemon slice

Summer nail art ideas are really diverse and we have selected some really cute ideas which reflect the brightness of the season and add to your summer mood! At the end of spring we begin dreaming for sea, beach, heat, vacations and cocktails! Summer is a season that allows us to wear a whole range of modern and fresh colors, both in clothes and in manicure. For this season of the year, the right colors are bright, vivid, neon, sparkling tones that create a feeling of freshness. Blue and white are the perfect choice for marine themes and is also a great addition to your summer vision. Different types of decorations will complement your manicure – palm trees, sea waves, sea stars, flowers, butterflies and more.


Summer nail art ideas and design tips


Cute ideas for your summer nails


A modern woman must follow many rules if she wants to be spectacular and attractive. These rules include clothing, hairstyle and manicure. Your summer manicure can emphasize your outfit and attract attention but you need to combine it properly with your garments if you want to make sure it stands out. When your nails are richly decorated you must wear at least one of the colors on your beautiful nails. For example, if you have silver glitter on your nails you should wear a top with silver motifs and silver accessories. It often happens that there is no time to do your nails in a salon since you need to go to the country house or go with your family to the sea and in the gallery below you will see some inspiring summer nail art ideas which you can use as DIY nail art and have the perfect nails.

orange slice and water drops nails

One of the most popular and cute nail art designs for the summer are fruits and sweets. Even a simple one color coating with gel-varnish and an accent on one or several nails will look bright and beautiful. Berries are a top choice especially strawberries. Those who prefer the elegance of the French manicure can have a discreet raspberry on one of the nails and a water droplet for volume. Lovers of exotic fruits can choose dragon fruit, coconut, pineapples and oranges, lemons, etc. Juicy cherries, slices of watermelon – all of these can become elements of your manicure.

Cute and beautiful summer nail art ideas


summer nails ideas stripes polka dots

It can be difficult to choose between the thousands beautiful summer nail art ideas. The patterns and styles are so many and the Internet is full of fantastic nail designs. However, think of your personal style, whether you want your nails done before you go on holiday or you wish to add some summer mood to your office look. Here are some more nail art ideas for you to choose from.

Greenery and leaves nail designs for the summer manicure is another hot trend for the summer. The green color has a strong energy. It is the color of youth and nature. We are accustomed to seeing yellow, white, pink drawings on nails but how about yellow-green or green leaves and flowers? Such designs will look perfectly on a one color manicure and an accent on one nail. Bright, green color is perfectly combined with light, spring and summer dresses. If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a fashionable summer manicure you can certainly take advantage of this idea. Do not limit your fantasy – from palm trees to cactuses, sunflowers or simple green leaves – all of these patterns can adorn your nails.

Marine motifs are associated with summer holidays and are becoming more popular than ever. The trend is to use simple designs instead of complex compositions. Small elements, for example, blue stripes on all nails with an accent on one nail in the form of an anchor or a steering wheel, a starfish or seashells is enough to convey the idea of the theme. Wavy lines associated with the waves of the sea, ombre in in shades of blue colors, turquoise, a combination of blue and white, etc. will create a cheerful mood and will speak about going on vacation at sea.

Of course, these are just a few ideas for your summer nails. You can choose anything that pleases your eye and gives you a good mood. If you prefer butterflies, bees or ladybugs – the summer season is the perfect time for such designs. You can choose summer sports like surfing, hot air balloons, you can opt for adorable white fluffy clouds, rainbow, a teddy bear – the options are unlimited!


polka dot watermelon summer nails

summer nails yellow ladybug flowers

summer nails blue yellow butterflies

summer nail design ideas polka dots and sunflowers

summer fruits nails watermelon orange slice

red white nail color teddy bear heart

nude nails ideas summer nails

mickey minnie mouse nails summer ideas

gradient neon nail polish designs rainbow

fresh nail design ideas for the summer green leaves

Cute summer nails minnie mouse

Cute summer nails ideas hot air balloons

Cute summer nail design ideas butterfly lady bugs

Cute summer dot nails ideas flowers

Colorful nail design ideas for the summer pink and flowers

beautiful bees summer nails design ideas



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