Colorful summer nails ideas – adorable butterfly nail art designs

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bright yellow nail polish butterfly nails

For all of you looking for summer nails ideas, we have selected 20 adorable butterfly nail art designs to inspire you. Butterflies on the nails are one of the most popular nail art designs for the summer. You can use any combination of colors that you can imagine, and be very creative when drawing wings.

People have been fascinated by butterflies since ancient times. They are light and graceful, their wings are painted with the most fantastic patterns and the process of turning an awkward caterpillar into a magnificent airy creature gave birth to many different beliefs as only truly magical creatures are capable of such a miraculous metamorphosis. Butterflies symbolize many things – from joy to sadness, beauty and freedom.


Butterfly nail art designs for your summer nails


purple butterflies french nails ideas


When women want to change their appearance or add something new, bold or feminine, the simplest options are makeup and manicure. Nail art designs offer numerous ideas and every woman can choose something interesting. Some prefer one color designs, some like classical French manicure, but any of these styles can be made more interesting and original. A small tender butterfly on one finger will add a little zest to the appearance and will improve the mood throughout the day. Butterfly nail art designs are very common and popular, and it’s up to you to decide which one to choose for your summer nails. Butterflies are a favorite theme of women and due to the fact that they embody tenderness, grace, beauty and lightness it is not surprising that there are so many varieties of this element.

For butterfly wings you can choose almost any color – pastel, bright and even neon shades. A saturated shade of red or coral color looks great on light skin and gives elegance to the manicure. It is desirable that the clothes or accessories are kept in the same color scheme. One of the new trends is the smooth transition of color, gradient, which is easily decorated with small butterflies.


Butterfly wings nail art ideas


original butterfly wings nail designs

Nail art is a real art and we have seen many masterpieces created with nail polish. The summer nails ideas feature not only butterflies but stunningly beautiful butterfly wings. Usually this nail art design features only a fragment of the wing which is drawn on the nail. There are simple and easy ideas for beginners but those who prefer something more artistic should find an experienced nail technician as drawing butterfly wings requires some experience and artistic skills.

adorable pink black butterfly design ideas

In combination with the tenderness and femininity of the French manicure, butterflies will look amazingly beautiful. You can have a butterfly or a butterfly wing on only one finger on each hand or draw them on all the nails, but in this case it is worth considering the harmony of the overall picture. For classic white French manicure, for example, the outlines of butterflies can be made in black, purple, red, blue or any other saturated shade so that they look clear and noticeable. Enjoy the gallery and find your favorite butterfly nail art design!



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DIY butterfly wing tutorial

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amazing butterfly nails ideas for the summer




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