Nude nails – timeless, elegant and sophisticated manicure

by Kremy

nude nail art decoration with floral pattern

Nude nails are especially fashionable as they emphasize the natural beauty of nails. This kind of nail art includes classic nail decorations and is widely used for French manicure. If almost everything is known about French design, then the word nude may be unfamiliar. Nude literally means nude. Nails are painted in shades, close to the color of the skin of a person, hence the name.

Being based on the natural look, this type of nail art is relatively simple and the perfect complement for a gentle make-up in pastel colors. One of the main advantages is the simplicity and you cannot find any flaws on these nails, they are the perfect option all year round and when you are tired of thinking what kind of nail art to wear or you need something that is versatile and will last for a long time, nude nail art is the best option.


What are the advantages of nude nails?


nail art ideas taupe color french nails


To some women nude nails may seem boring and dull, but it is our belief that this is quite wrong. It is enough to look at the numerous photos of nude nail art ideas to be convinced in the opposite. This nail art is distinguished by elegance, femininity, elegance and intelligence, and the manicure looks perfectly well-groomed. Therefore, nude nails are considered to be the standard of natural beauty.

Other distinctive features of nude manicure are practicality and versatility of design. Such nail design looks appropriate at a business meeting, at a party or other festive occasion. The design makes the nails look longer and is suitable for everyone without exception, regardless of age, social status, wardrobe, accessories, etc. These nail designs works best for short and medium length nails but you can see it on long nails as well. Another great advantage is that only one nail polish is required when you want to have a perfect looking and sleek manicure. Delicate and feminine design is more attractive to men than an extravagant manicure.

When you consider nude nail art you need to know that the shape of the free edge of the nail should also have a natural shape. Ideally, the outer contour of the nail plate should repeat the shape at the base of the nail where the cuticle is located. Therefore, rounded edges are the best nail shape for this type of design but if a woman wants to have square nails or slightly sharpen the tips, it’s important not to overdo it.


What are suitable colors for nude nails?


what are nude nails colors

Those who are not experienced in choosing nail polish colors may wonder which ones are suitable for nude nails. There is only one basic rule – do not use excessively bright colors or shades. The color range for nude nails is determined by the following shades: milky, light pink, coffee with milk, cream, light brown, beige, sand. These colors give your nails tenderness, calmness, simplicity, lightness and harmony.

Complex drawings and embellishments are just inappropriate in this design. Of course, if you want to spice up your manicure a little bit you can use rhinestones, glitter, stickers, etc., but it is very important not to cross the line of good taste, otherwise the natural look of this design will simply disappear. If bright colors are used to create drawings or you like to have large decorative elements, they should be placed on one or two fingers of the hand and the remaining nails should be left in a single primary color.

Other nail polish color options for nude nails are green, as it gives freshness, purple or blue as they create a sense of depth, red or brown are a good choice for everyday office nail design, especially for women who need to comply with corporate dress code. Gold, silver and metallic shades are great for festive occasions.


How to choose the best nude nail polish for your skin tone?


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When choosing a nail polish for your nude nails you need to select the right color for your skin tone. Keep in mind that some color shades may give the skin an unnatural pallor and make it appear excessively red or yellow. It is recommended that you first try out different color schemes before buying and. Going into a shop and buying what you think is the right color for your nude nails without trying it first, may not give you the result you expected. Take a colorless nail polish base and on top you can experiment with various shades until you find the best one for you. It all depends on how your nude nails color looks in combination with the skin tone so take your time and learn the shades carefully before buying.

Choose a color slightly lighter than your skin. Nude colors are supposed to complement your skin. The right color choice will give the skin a brilliant appearance.

Light pink shades are perfect for light skin. Cool colors will look great as well. It is also good to use beige or mother of pearl nail polish. For darker skin choose brown, creamy, peach and golden shades.


Nude nail designs and stylish nail art ideas


gold glitter nude nails

As we mentioned above, nude nails look exceptionally elegant even without additional decorations. However, when you want to add some sparkle or interest, there are different options to choose from. Again, this should be done carefully as the goal is to have elegant and stylish looking hands.

Nude nail art ideas with drawings – such designs can be done on several or on all nails. The patterns options are unlimited – flowers, hearts, bows, animal prints – whatever pleases you. Typically, drawings on nude nails are made in one color – black, silver, white, brown. You can use a different color but whatever color scheme you choose, the main thing is that it looks harmonious and refined.

Rhinestones are ideal for manicure in natural tones and give it a sense of luxury. Glittering rhinestones can be placed on one nail or on all nails. The final look will depend on your sense of style and proportion. For example, if one nail is almost completely decorated with large rhinestone it is better to leave the rest without decorations.

Ombre or gradient technique will make the nude nail design light and airy. A smooth transition of two or three tones adds length to the nail plate.

Opaque nail polish will give a velvety feel and this nail polish looks especially good on short nails. However, experts do not recommend opaque finishes because the concept of nude nails is based on naturalness, which means that the nail plates should be shiny. These can be used in combination with glossy nail polish, highlighting one or two nails, or some part of the nail plate.

French manicure is a timeless classic, emphasizing the natural beauty of nails and will look great if you choose to style them in nude nail art. As accents, you can choose a white nail polish or use other colors, creating an original two-tone manicure. Other interesting combinations can be designed with gold or silver (for cool shades), as well as with dark contrast colors like black, brown or purple.


How to do nude nails at home – step by step instruction


how to do nude nails at home

Before you begin to do your nude nails, you need to choose a polish that suits the hue of your skin. A light pink shade is suitable for very light skin, peachy and other neutral tones like creamy or sandy are suitable for darker skin. Experts advise that it is best if you opt for a shade slightly lighter or darker than your skin as this will create some visual contrast. Always test the polish because the colors look different in the bottle and on the nails.

Trim your nails – cut them to the desired length and file them. Keep in mind that nude manicure looks better on short nails and natural shapes like oval or round are best.

Apply a base coat and wait until completely dry. You need to apply only one layer of base polish but if you decide to apply a second layer, make sure that the first one has dried completely. Then wait until the second layer is dry.

Apply the nails polish along the nail in three strokes – from the cuticle zone to the free edge. First make a smear in the middle, then two at the edges. In this way the nail polish is evenly distributed on the nail plate. Paint all the nails and let the polish dry completely.

Paint a second coat if necessary. A second coat makes the nail polish last longer and the color appears more saturated.

The final step when you do nude nails at home is to apply a protective topcoat. A clear topcoat will make your nails shiny and your manicure will last longer.




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