Summer nails for the office – length, shape, colors and patterns

by Kremy

Summer nails for the office shape color ideas

Summer nails for the office or work-appropriate nails, is a controversial topic and you can hear all kinds of opinions. Modern women combine careers in various fields of activity with care for their own appearance. Moreover, the image of a successful woman includes the concepts of “style”, “beauty”, and a fashionable hairstyle, impeccable outfit, restrained stylish accessories and, of course, an ideal manicure – these are the components of this image. Some companies have a very strict dress code and those who want to follow the fashion trends often wonder how to combine the company rules without violating the rules of business etiquette and still have a fashionable and beautiful nails? Do you wonder what nail polish colors are appropriate for work? We shall help you with useful tips and office appropriate nail art ideas and will give you advice on the shape, length and nail decoration.


Summer nails for the office – length, shape and colors


what is office appropriate nail shape and length


When we discuss summer nails for the office we have to begin with the appropriate shape and length. As much as you dream for a vacation, a holiday on an exotic island and for endless golden beaches, the reality is that sooner or later you will have to go back to your working environment where rules exist and very often large companies have mandatory rules for the appearance of their employees which cannot be violated.

A shorter length rather than longer is recommended if the office is very formal. All nails should be carefully filed in such a way as to give them the same shape, and the free edge of the nail should not exceed 5 mm. The best form is oval, almond or square, but with smooth edges. Stiletto, coffin (also known as ballerina) nails are not appropriate for the office so leave this shape for the time of your vacation.

Office appropriate nail colors will vary greatly depending on the particular company and the corporate rules. Some companies, banks for examples, forbid bright and neon colors, but if you work in a more informal environment you have more options. In general, bright colors, especially neon tones, and colorful drawings are a better idea before vacation so, as a rule, too extravagant options should be avoided.Here is a quick review of the most popular summer nail polish colors and tips when is appropriate to wear them.

Red nail polish is a timeless classic and includes all the shades from pink to burgundy. It looks professional and classy so you cannot go wrong with red nail color.

Purple can be a tricky color. If you choose purple nail polish for the office make sure it is light and subdued – lavender or delicate pastel shade is advisable.

White is a safe choice and you can choose from different shades of white for your summer nails in the office.

Black, yellow and green nail polish colors are not office appropriate. You can use black or yellow as nail decoration but in a very limited amount for discreet drawings, for example, graphic, but it is better to avoid green.

Nude nails, neutral colors and pastel shades are the safe choice for the office at any time of the year, anyway.


French nails for office with a touch of summer mood

nail design french manicure for office

You can never go wrong with French manicure. When done well it looks perfect on anybody and is among the favorites of office fashion. Shades of pale pink or beige look neat, feminine and gentle at the same time, and can perfectly match with any outfit. You can safely change the white for any pastel color or another shade that you like, for example, lavender, mint, blue or yellow and if the rules in your institution are not too strict, then you can choose darker, but muted shades – coffee, marsala, dark blue, etc. French manicure for the office can be decorated with gentle drawings like elegant curls, delicate lace motifs, geometric ornaments which look really beautiful especially on accent nails.

office manicure ideas colors length shape

Office nail art for short nails is especially popular due to the fact that short length nails are practical and convenient, they do not interfere with working with computers and office equipment, they break less often, they do not cling to clothes. Moon nail art, gradient pattern, even one color nails in muted tones like marsala, chocolate, gray, coffee, dark olive, dark blue, etc. looks good and is office appropriate.




Summer nails for the office pink polish floral nail art

Summer nails for the office marble nails

Summer nails for the office colors pink and silver

office appropriate summer nails with flowers

office appropriate nails summer ideas

office appropriate nails ideas for summer white pink

office appropriate nails french manicure

office appropriate nail design ideas

short nails office appropriate nail design

black white french manicure polka dots

Beautiful nail designs for the office fresh flowers



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