Negative space nails – trendy nail art with natural look

by Kremy

original negative space nail design ideas

Negative space nails is the choice of women who prefer minimalism, good taste and elegance in clothes and jewelry, but still want to try something new and interesting. It is woman’s nature that we always want something new – change the hair style or make-up style, master a new nail design. Those who are still in search or just want to slightly change their style would love this original design of nails. Manicure with negative space has become one the most striking trends. If you have not understood from the name of this nail art, the essence of this design is that one part (or parts) of the nail plate remain clear, without nail polish. The design is suitable for French manicure, moon nails, geometric nails and other styles as well.


Negative space nails – beautiful nail design ideas


negative space manicure geometric nails


The beauty of nails is the key to a woman’s success and she must always remember this definition. Manicure design offers new fashion and interesting suggestions every season and those who follow the trends know that even the simplest nail design makes the hands look well groomed. We have selected some of the most interesting and original ideas for negative space nails which are suitable for different nails shapes. Another advantage is that this type of manicure is business appropriate and you can wear it in the office as well. In such cases the base is transparent and pastel or beige color is applied on the tips of the nails.

Optionally, you can leave a part of the nail transparent and draw an image or a pattern with a nail polish. It is important to observe the size of the pattern or figure and the ratio between the colored and transparent part of the nail plate in order to have clear contours which are visible. The first and main condition for a beautiful manicure is that the nail plate should be smooth and well filed. In the classical version, this manicure is suitable for any outfit or event and for more festive occasions you can choose brighter shades or glitter.

Whether you choose to visit a nail salon or do your nails at home, the result will be a very feminine, stylish and elegant manicure.


How to do negative space nails at home – ideas and tutorials


geometric nails with negative space in pastel colors

Negative space nails can be done in a variety of designs. A transparent layer can be forming different shapes – hearts, stars, vertical or horizontal lines, geometric patterns, rhombuses, etc. You can choose a nail design with a simple or intricate pattern, based on your imagination.

DIY stylish black and white manicure tutorial

The first and easiest way to do negative space nails at home is to use adhesive tape or a manicure tape. Pieces of tape are glued to the nail plate and covered with a colorless (or solid color) varnish, and after applying a new layer of lacquer the tapes are removed, leaving an area without nail polish.

The second technique for DIY negative space nails is to use a nail polish remover. First, paint the entire nail plate with a solid color, and then, using a cotton swab, wipe off the areas which will become “negative”. Naturally, this method does not create smooth and clean lines, as the first one but it can be used to create a deliberately sloppy effect.

The third DIY negative space nails method is to carefully paint some areas of the nail plate with nail polish without using strips. Cover the nail plate with transparent base and with the help of a thin brush you can draw strips, triangles, dots (using a dotting tool), etc., the result depends entirely on your accuracy and imagination.

amazing nail designs negative space

Look at the photos of negative space nails in the gallery and choose a nail design to try at home. It may look complex but in fact, these designs are very easy DIY projects. Try experimenting with this nail design – the results are often quite stylish and original. Once you master the basics of technique you can use your imagination and you will create a unique nail art. Do not be afraid to experiment, when it comes to your appearance – try the most daring ideas!


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