Summer French nails – trends and nail art ideas for the vacation season

by Kremy

cute summer French nails pink white polka dots

French nails are a classic and one of the best types of manicures to have elegant, sophisticated and beautiful hands. We selected some gorgeous summer French nails ideas for the most active months of the year when you travel, go to the beach, get together with friends or go to parties so you have to look fantastic from head to toe, not to mention your hands. Find out what the summer nail art trends are and what will dominate during the summer months. The hushed colors of winter are replaced by more powerful tones, bright and intense colors and bold neon colors!


Summer French nails design ideas


purple french manicure summer nails ideas


The choice in favor of French manicure does not depend on the time of the year as they are never out of fashion and always look elegant and feminine. You can choose the tones you like best to give a unique and lively touch to your summer French nails. However, when you want to add a touch of playfulness, some bright accents for a good mood a stylish nail art can be a true beauty statement and can be perfectly combined with fresh summer outfits – jeans and T-shirt, as well as with a chic mini dress.

Many women prefer DIY French nail art ideas which can be easily imitated at home. However, if you are not confident about the designs, you can still use them as a template for your nail technician. Whatever design you choose, you will surely feel unique and enjoy the summer with a nice styling.

White color plays an important role in the summer – not only for clothing and accessories but also for the nails! For many women, white is the favorite color because it makes the nails stand out, especially when you have a beautiful tan from the sun. In addition, white nails can complement any clothing. The only downside is that you have to patiently apply several layers of white nail polish. To lighten the design, you can use white as a base coat and draw blue strips with a blue nail polish which immediately creates a maritime look.

Geometric patterns are also very popular for French manicure, especially those that have triangles as a main element. There are many possible options and you can choose from numerous different and original nail designs – from drawing small triangles at the bottom of the nail, floral patterns to triangles of different size and colors. Those who are skilled enough can use the duct tape technique for the triangles so that they are perfect and the lines absolutely straight. Same technique allows you to create other geometric patterns.


Summer French nails and cool nail art ideas


easy DIY summer nails french manicure ideas

One of the easiest ways to add a vivid touch to your summer French nails is to use stripes. Whether vertical, horizontal, matte or shiny, stripes on nails are a hit and one of the great trends of the moment. We mentioned the marine theme, but you could also choose a more minimalistic approach and have stripes on a one color base, such as nude white, yellow, pastel blue, etc.

Polka dots nails are a good option for summer nails for those who love this cheerful pattern. Polka dots can be funky or elegant and classy and in addition this is one of the easiest DIY nail art designs and even those who do not have much experience in nail art can manage this cute and eye-catching pattern with the help of a tiny paintbrush or toothpick.

Feminine and chic summer nail designs can be created easily for French nails with discreet and elegant accents in silver or gold glitter, rhinestones or water drop effect. Soft pastel colors are universal and will demonstrate your personality.

Without any doubt those who prefer French nails can take advantage of more funky patterns – fruits, flowers, butterflies, palm trees, etc.

Ombre nails are very beautiful and the gradient appearance makes the look especially interesting.

Nail design ideas with stickers are another easy DIY nail art idea which can be easily done at home. Apply a coat of a cheerful pastel nuance – pink, blue, purple, peach – and then add nail stickers and some glitter for a bigger effect. This nail design is extremely simple and perfect for beginners. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired for your own summer nails!


summer nails polka dot rainbow nails

summer nails ideas for short nails flowers

cool ideas for short nails nautical theme

summer nail ideas for french nails stripes

Summer french nails polka dot nails

summer french nails ideas with flowers

summer french nails ideas maritime theme bue white

stylish DIY summer French manicure

rainbow nails for french manicure

purple glitter polka dots french manicure

French manicure ideas fruits lemon slice

cute summer nails ideas palm trees

beautiful french manicure flowers


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