Foot tattoos for women – how to choose the best design?

by Kremy

how to choose foot tattoo designs

Foot tattoos are especially popular and loved by girls and women, because they are not as provocative as, for example, on the back or shoulder, but rather stylish and beautiful. We have selected some of the most beautiful foot tattoos for women which will attract attention. We shall explain the meaning of the foot tattoos and give you practical tips how to choose your tattoo.

Most popular foot tattoos for women

original creative ideas for tattoos on foot



Most often, girls and women choose to go for small tattoos which do not have any special meaning but simply emphasize the originality and courage. Foot tattoos for women can have different content and symbolism, depending on the personal preferences and the images vary form butterflies, flowers, animals, cartoon characters, Chinese or Japanese symbols, hearts, various patterns to all sorts of inscriptions. Some tattoos are three dimensional, others are more conventional. Before choosing the design, it will be a good idea to find out the meaning of the tattoo. For example cats symbolize sensuality and independence, butterflies – freedom and brightness, dolphins – harmony, flowers – tenderness and vulnerability. Inscriptions are increasingly popular as well. Nowadays there is a huge number of sites with thousands of tattoo designs. The best thing a girl or a woman could do is choose carefully and consult a professional as there are some factors that may affect the final result – type of skin, color of skin, the design itself, etc.

Foot tattoos for women – practical tips for choosing the best one for you

elegant tattoo on foot for women

As we said, foot tattoos for women come in a plethora of designs. When choosing tattoos, select several options, consider which one you like best and try to imagine yourself with one and then with another. Decide which one suits you best and choose a design which will reflect your individuality.

Keep in mind that not every tattoo can fit your foot. If you saw a tattoo on the hand of another person and you liked it, it does not mean that the drawing will look great on a foot.

The tattoo, even if it is on the foot, has to symbolize something and mean something to you. Do not forget that you will look at it for the rest of your life. Think about what you want to tell the world about yourself and make the right choice. Make sure that people close to you approve your choice.

It is not a secret that the process involves a certain amount of pain due to the fact that the skin in this area does not have a fat layer, so you need to be sure that you are prepared for that. Most often foot tattoos are done on the top of the foot. It can be placed on the heel or on the side of the ankle. It all depends on what kind of image you have selected.


original foot tattoo ideas for women

music signs heart tattoo on foot for women

kanji foot tattoo ideas

foot tattoos for women moon butterflies

foot tattoos for women ideas designs roses

foot tattoo design word butterfly

foot tattoo designs and ideas

foot ankle tattoo designs for women

creative foot tattoos for women roses clock

bird tattoo on foot

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