Exceptional flower tattoo design ideas for women of all age

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amazing flower tattoo design ideas for women

Flower tattoo design ideas are no less popular than butterfly tattoos, feather, mandala, heart, etc. Nowadays, a girl with a tattoo does not surprise anyone and, moreover, there is nothing strange that tattoo artists promote certain styles for female tattoos. For example, watercolor technique without clear dark contours is the absolute leader for tattoo designs with floral patterns. This year, tattoos with flowers have become a popular trend and for a good reason – they look simply unrealistically beautiful. Flower tattoos can be an excellent decoration on the body of women and girls, because they give a sense of tenderness, femininity and refinement. Magic flower drawings are able to satisfy even the most demanding person and their diversity is simply amazing. Flower tattoo designs may surprise with a riot of colors, pastel tenderness or black and white minimalism – it all depends on your personal wishes! We selected some of the best floral tattoos which can inspire you and we shall explain how to select the right flower for your tattoo design, understand its meaning and of course, we shall pay attention to the most popular tattoo styles and techniques.


Amazing flower tattoo design ideas for women – understanding the meaning


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The art of tattooing can be traced back to ancient cultures from around the world. Once the only people who had tattoos were warriors or men with high rank but in the modern world tattooing is not so much about ranking, but about art. Nowadays there are no clear distinctions, who can wear a tattoo and what type of tattoo to wear. One and the same ornament can be seen both on the body of a rock musician and a teenager.

Floral ornaments are widely popular and this is not surprising, because in all the variety of colors, no matter what: blue, yellow, purple or purple, they always occupied an important place in the hearts of people. Flowers have been used for many centuries in religious rituals, people used them to decorate their homes, gave them to their loved ones, expressing love and respect. Of course, when people want to make a tattoo, they want to express their individuality and that is why there are countless varieties of flower tattoo design ideas and numerous floral motifs that differ in shape, size or color. Very often women choose to combine their flower tattoo with other symbols – hearts, fairies, butterflies, inscriptions or geometric patterns. While men prefer strict symmetry and when choosing a floral tattoo they usually combine it with geometric patterns, women often choose complex designs.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, flowers symbolize fertility, longevity, rebirth, love, infinity of life cycles and much more. Even the color which is used can give a different meaning, express different feelings, desires or actions. For example, red color symbolizes passion and white – purity and integrity. Tattoos with flowers can have a much deeper meaning than just beautiful drawings on the body. Flowers are symbolic incarnations of nature, manifestations of its beauty, mystery and diversity. In different countries and in different cultures flowers had individual significance. For example in the East, lotus flowers and sakura have a huge spiritual and philosophical meaning while in the Western world roses and lilies are especially popular.

The symbolism of flowers is very mysterious and hidden and comes to us from mythology and folklore of the different countries. Each culture treats the symbolic meaning of each of the colors in different ways, and from this we get all the variety and richness of the images and meanings of tattoos with flowers. The choice of a flower tattoo is very complex because of the huge assortment and variety of color options. Let’s have a look at the meaning of most popular flower tattoos.

blue rose tattoo with butterfly

Rose flower tattoos are the oldest and most popular ones. This flower is associated with many legends and roses have always occupied the hearts and souls of people, so it is not surprising that this design has a dominant place in the art of tattooing. Roses can mean different things to different people, but there are some traditional meanings. Red roses are a symbol of love, passion and romance as well as courage. White roses are a symbol of endless love, natural charm and innocence. Pink roses stand for grace, secret love and admiration while yellow roses express the jealousy which remains when feelings of love fade away. Rose buds are a symbol for innocence and purity.

lilly back tattoo womens tattoo ideas

Lily, as a flower, usually means purity, but there are many different lilies and meanings of tattoos with lilies. The main symbolic meaning of this flower is more or less the same as the meaning of the lotus in the eastern traditions. The overall meaning a lily tattoo is harmony, tranquility, nobility, fame and innocence, peace, grandeur and tenderness. Depending on time and culture, tattoos with lilies had different and even opposite meanings.In ancient Egypt, the lily was a symbol of fertility, whereas in medieval times it symbolized innocence. Calla Lily is a symbol of the beauty and modesty of a young girl, a water lily is a sign of purity of heart and thoughts, yellow lilies mean coquetry, white – sweetness and purity

lotus and mandala thigh tattoo beautiful designs for women

Lotus is one of the most popular flower tattoos, often combined in mandalas, but seen as a single image as well. It is, probably, the most famous and universally recognized symbols of the East and the cultural traditions of that part of the world and each culture saw some special unique meaning in this flower. It is the flower of perfection but has many other meanings too. Lotus tattoos can symbolize : immortality, life and death, perfection, fertility, peace and tranquility, purity, etc.

cherry blossom tattoo sakura tattoo ideas

Sakura tattoos or Cherry blossom tattoos are incredibly feminine. Cherry flowers are a symbol of women’s beauty and love in China, but also a symbol of the transience of life in Japan, because the cherry tree blossoms for a very short time. The blossoming cherry tree also symbolizes spiritual purity, femininity or courage. Sakura is often combined with other symbols that can change the meaning of the tattoo. Sakura and hummingbird can mean femininity, tenderness, sexual energy as the hummingbird is a symbol of vitality and sexuality. American Indians believed that the hummingbirds are the souls of the deceased lovers. So, sakura paired with a hummingbird can be a symbol of a lost love. Sakura and the butterfly symbolize rebirth, a bright life, love, tenderness. However, with a butterfly tattoo, you should be careful, because they have long been considered as an attribute of a geisha.

sunflower tattoo watercolor style

Sunflower tattoos are among the most striking tattoos. To most people, the sunflower appears as a symbol of the sun. Everyone who looks at this flower is experiencing exceptionally positive emotions. Since ancient times sunflower tattoo has been a symbol of strong love, as well as a uniting element for people who could not live without each other. In Chinese culture, sunflower tattoos means happy and long life. Nowadays the tattoo symbolizes fidelity, gratitude, happiness. Sunflower is often combined with images of ladybirds and butterflies.

pink orchid tattoo design ideas

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flower tattoos. The flower is considered to be one of the most amazing plant species on the planet. In addition to the incredible appearance, for many centuries orchids personified women’s beauty, sexuality and love. It is not a surprise that these flowers are among the most popular choices. The delicate petals of orchids are a symbol of affection. The flower itself can be a talisman against impotence and a symbol of fertility. Often, the orchid symbolizes wealth and luxury, harmony and charm.

dandelion tattoo with birds flower tattoo designs

Dandelion tattoos are really attractive with their simplicity and unusual look. The meaning of a dandelion tattoo is quite simple and concrete, like the flower itself. The dandelion can become a symbol of playfulness and coquetry. It embodies lightness and spring freshness of the soul. This tattoo is ideal for positive and cheerful girls. For people looking for a deeper meaning and symbolic essence of a flower, it can mean sadness and sorrow as its seeds fly away from the slightest wind.

daffodils tattoo shoulder back flower tattoo ideas

Daffodil tattoos are very appealing to women and in different countries, the meaning of the tattoos are different. Some cultures believed that the daffodil was a symbol of good luck and fortune, wealth and prosperity. However, in ancient Greece, the daffodil was considered one of the symbols of death, as this plant quickly blossoms and also suddenly fades. Nowadays, the daffodil is a symbol of spring as this is one of the first flowers that bloom and as a tattoo it has the meaning of rebirth and new beginnings. Most often, in flower tattoo designs, daffodil represents life, radiance, vitality and energy.

flower tattoo design ideas for women peonies

Peony tattoo designs are stunningly beautiful and women choose this flower despite the fact that it is considered a male flower. Peonies represent longevity since they can grow in one place for many years, and are not afraid of frost or heat. In Japan, as well as in China, the peony brings wealth and luck. Its meaning can vary depending on what other elements are included in the tattoo design – a dragon, a tiger, a panda and it can be a symbol for heroism, courage, an easy attitude to life, a lack of fear of death ambition, determination and compassion. In Europe, peonies are called roses without thorns and sometimes associated with the Virgin Mary.

jasmine tattoos small flower tattoos ideas

Jasmine flower tattoo are very beautiful and for hundreds of years this flower is associated with femininity and tenderness. This tattoo design is a hint for the mysterious nature of the woman as jasmine opens only at night. Jasmine has become a symbol of all the virtues of a woman like purity and modesty. Girls who choose a jasmine flower for their tattoo, most likely, possess these virtues. The word “Jasmine” originates from the Arabic word “yasmin” meaning “a gift from God.” In different cultures the flower has a different meaning but generally it stands for sensuality, amiability, love (especially in the Hindu community), grace and elegance. Jasmine tattoo designs come in numerous size, shape and colors and depending on the particular design, fairies, butterflies, hearts, vines or leaves can be added.

Poppies tattoo designs for women

Poppy tattoos, like almost any flower tattoo, have a deep meaning which can be traced back to ancient cultures. The poppy has many and different meanings varying from sleep, oblivion and death to love, truth, youth, and even a sacrifice to the gods. These are bright, colorful tattoos and come in a variety of designs – a poppy flower with a naked stem without any leaves, two poppy flowers besides each other as a symbol of love, blooming poppies, etc. The meaning of a tattoo with the poppy depends only on you, because it is possible that you just like this flower and you want to depict it on your body without investing in it anything other than your personal liking.

Magnolia flower tattoo design ideas beautiful flower designs

Magnolia tattoos are uniquely attractive and sophisticated. The flower has been symbolic for female beauty and tenderness. Magnolia came to the Western world from the East and in Chinese and Japanese tradition tattoos with magnolia flower symbolize simplicity, purity, charm, love, self-sacrifice. Magnolia flower tattoos come in different colors – white, yellow, pink and a perfect choice for women of all ages.

beautiful tulip tattoos for women forearm

Tulip flower tattoos are bright, rich and elegant. The curved lines of the plant are very seductive and accent on the romantic nature of a person. These tattoos may have a different meaning. For example, a red tulip can be a symbol of passion and love while a yellow one is a sign of hopeless love. When the tulip flower is depicted as a bud it could mean beauty and youth, tenderness, joy of life.

These are just some of the opportunities for amazing flower tattoo design ideas. As we mentioned, the number of choices is vast and you could choose any other flower – daisy, violets, azalia, gardenia, carnation, iris, clover, etc. Flower tattoos are the perfect choice for women who would like a unique feminine tattoo.


Flower tattoo design ideas – choosing the place and style of the tattoo

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All those who search for unique flower tattoo design ideas need to consider not only the composition, but the style of the tattoo as well as the right place on the body. The place for tattooing is a special theme and depends on many factors – on the first place it is the personal preference, the size of the tattoo, obviously, and whether you want it to be visible at all time or optionally hide it.

A small tattoo can be hidden under the clothing or, on the contrary, act like an accent of your appearance. When choosing a place for your flower tattoo, you should know beforehand how much you are willing to show it to other people. Tattoos with flowers are suitable for any part of the body, but some areas seem to be more preferred than others – wrist, ankle, foot, shoulder, back and clavicle. Clavicles and wrists most often are exposed to the eyes of the viewers and the tattoo will immediately attract attentions o if you wish or if it necessary to hide it, which is important to those who work in corporations or governmental institutions, the back or the ankle are a better place. Shoulders are also a good place for a flower tattoo and depending on the design, your imagination and personal taste you could place it on your legs or thighs. If you can not decide, you should place a template on various body parts and look at the mirror.Whichever place you choose, you should carefully consider the design of the tattoo, whether you want to have additional elements or combine several flowers in a more complex composition.

Another important decision that you need do make is the style of your tattoo. One of the most popular flower tattoo styles is watercolor where the human body becomes the canvas for gifted tattoo artists and the final result looks more like a beautiful picture than a tattoo.Make sure you go to a reputable studio with experienced artists as this is crucial for the final look of your tattoo. Be prepared that it may take several visits to the studio until the tattoo is complete as these tattoos are more complex, color intensive and require a certain experience.

Floral tattoos can be done in minimalistic style as well. You can choose a basic black color and a simple design. Those who prefer a modern look could choose geometric designs or dotwork style.




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