Adorable baby shower tea party ideas – how to plan the perfect event?

by Kremy

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We selected some of the most adorable baby shower tea party ideas to help you organize the perfect event for the mom-to-be. You will find all you need to plan in advance – from invitations to party favors. Hopefully these guidelines will be useful to you and you will have a very special day with the future mom and your friends.

Baby shower tea party ideas and planning tips

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Any tea party is based on the principle of being an elegant gathering. When you organize such an event it is best to start with the guest list as this is one of the essential moments which will determine the further organization. Depending on the number of guests you need to choose a suitable venue – a restaurant, a club, some place outdoors or indoors. For example the party can take place in your backyard, patio or living room, especially if you work on a limited budget.

Baby shower tea party ideas for decoration are, practically, endless. You can choose a theme for your event and decorate the venue accordingly – anything from ladybug, little princess, ballerina, Teddy bear, little pirate – absolutely anything can be a theme for the event. You can choose a DIY project and craft the decoration or pay a visit to a party shop and choose from the numerous offers there. If you want to be practical some hanged baby clothes will not be just a decoration but a great present for the mom as well. Of course, fresh flowers are one of the best possible decorations for festive events and a baby shower is not an exception. Flowers are beautiful and feminine and fragrant and the best table decoration for all seasons. You do not have to order huge and expensive centerpieces with exotic flowers, you can combine rose buds with field flowers or arrange tiny bouquets with greens in an artistic way.

Baby shower tea party ideas – menu and party favors

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Plan the menu for the baby shower tea party. Remember that this is not just tea drinking and some beautiful tea sets or even elegant mix and match china is appropriate. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, stylish tableware – this is what will add to the really refined atmosphere of your party. After all this is also part of the decor, isn’t it?

Choose simple, tasty and flavorful food – sweet and savory – tea sandwiches, Madeleines, scones, cookies, fruits, etc. Make sure that the menu is balanced and avoid heavy meals.

We come to party favors for the guests. You can use your creativity and imagination – make a tour around the flea markets to gather vintage cups, bake cookies and send everyone home with a small pack, craft gift boxes and fill them with tea bags – the options are endless.

Remember – keep it simple and elegant, do not overdo it and do not forget to enjoy yourself just as well as the guest of honor – the mom-to-be!




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