Gorgeous matching tattoos – design ideas for couples, friends and family

by Kremy

matching tattoos for couples and friends

Matching tattoos have become a hot trend over the past few years. Such tattoos are a great way to express love, devotion and friendship. The desire of people who have a romantic relationship to create an invisible connection or families who would like to express the bond between themselves, has created original and very interesting tattoo designs. Matching tattoos can be fun, but they can be symbolic. This is a great way to have a shared memory of your friendship or relationship that you want to continue forever.

small matching flower tattoos ideas on wrist


There are three basic types of matching tattoos. You can make simple identical drawings on the same place of the body or come up with your own unique design that will not mean anything to other people, but will have a special meaning for the people who have the tattoo. The third option is the most interesting- it is a single composition split in half, which becomes clear only when the two parts of the image are seen at the same time. For example, rings, infinity signs, hearts are a popular choice for identical images. Key and lock, bow and arrow are different images that are in harmony with each other. Hearts and inscriptions are most often chosen as an image divided in two equal parts. Names, initials, dates of birth, wedding day or other significant dates, related to the partner, friend or family member are also widely popular.


How to choose the best place for your matching tattoos?

matching sibling tattoos ideas

As we mentioned above, matching tattoos are chosen not only by couples, but of friends, siblings, parents and children, families, etc. The choice of images is based on feelings, relationship, common interests, hobbies and activities. It is good to know that a tattoo will look differently on different parts of the body, so you need to have a very good idea for the size, type and design. Of course, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind as well.

Before choosing a place, you need to know whether you want your drawings intimate and invisible to others or are you attracted to the idea to place the tattoo somewhere where people can see it.

The first rule for a harmonious image is that both people should place them on the same part of the body. You will agree that the key on the girl’s hand and the lock on the guy’s neck do not really embody the idea of matching tattoos.

If you want a single image to be made up of two parts one of the partners applies half of the image on the right arm, leg or hip, and the second on the left side.

The most popular place for matching tattoos are the wrists because the image can be displayed or, if necessary, hidden. Among other options are the fingers, forearms, ankles and neck.


Matching tattoos – design ideas and meaning

beautiful flowers tattoo design ideas for couples

Having matching tattoos is a very courageous step, giving your partner confidence in the stability of the relationship. The symbolism of such tattoos is almost completely determined by the people who wear them. Tattoo artists remind that a tattoo is a decoration which is very difficult to remove from the skin. It may happen that love or friendship may end one day, no matter how eternal the relationship may seem to you now. That is why it is a good idea to choose tattoos with an allegorical meaning. Nowadays the choice of tattoo designs is unlimited and there are many different compositions, which are real works of art. Here are some ideas for you!

  • Lock and key is among the most popular options for matching tattoos. The great thing is that it can be done in many variations and styles and each design will look in a different way. From old school to Trash polka or watercolor, this theme will express the personalities of the people wearing the images. Small tattoos or large pattern with many details, this will depend entirely on your personal taste. Make sure you find a reputable studio and an experienced artist.
  • King and Queen is another popular theme. Such tattoos can be done in classic Old school style or Chicano style, the design may have additional elements like ribbons, roses or inscriptions. A variation of the design is the image of crowns.
  • The marine theme in Old school style is perfect for small tattoos like anchor and steering wheel, fish and other nautical items.
  • Rings – this design is especially popular among couples that are getting engaged and married. Very often, ring tattoos are stylized by adding meaningful details for the couple;
  • Infinity signs symbolize the desire of lovers or friends to be together forever;
  • Stars are also a popular image and often used as an additional detail and decorative element in larger tattoo designs;
  • Tree and bird – when joining hands the design creates the impression that the bird is flying to the tree;
  • Signs of Venus and Mars – these characters can be very small, and at the same time stylish;
  • Lighthouse and ship is a good idea for the real romantics;
  • Identical bracelets;
  • Bows, identical or in different sizes and colors;
  • Sun and moon – in many cultures, the sun symbolizes the masculine and the moon the feminine nature.

beautiful rose matching tattoo ideas on hand

Of course, there is no limit to creativity and imagination. You can opt for any image that means something to you and your partner – doves, barcodes, kanji, mandalas, puzzle, skulls, etc. Have a look at the photo gallery and see these gorgeous matching tattoo design ideas!


wedding tattoo ideas for couples music notes on wrist

super cool sibling tattoos ideas

split watercolor heart and inscription couple tattoo ideas

love tattoo design ideas for couples

small tattoo design ideas for couples friends and family

matching tattoos for couples and siblings

matching tattoos design ideas for couples friends and family

matching couples tattoos on wrist love her respect him

Matching anchor tattoos for friends and family

mandala couple tattoo design ideas matching designs

lotus tattoo design ideas for friends and siblings

cute matching couple tattoo designs ideas

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