Super cool engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples

by Kremy

matching engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas for men and women

Engagement and wedding are two memorable moments in everyone’s life. Wedding fashion and trends are not only about venue, style and decoration. Many newlyweds are now choosing original tattoos as a way to create a memory of this special occasion. We have selected some of the best engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples which may inspire you and your partner, especially if you are fans of unconventional and non-traditional way of showing that you have found you soul mate.

The wedding rings have a key role in the celebration of the wedding. In fact, they are the symbol of eternal love, the future happy family life and matrimonial fidelity. The rings have existed for more than thousand years and have been a part of the sacred rituals joining two individuals into one pair. The circle has no beginning or end and symbolizes infinity which makes this shape especially important for the people who decided to join their lives in marriage since it is based on the endless, eternal love, devotion and respect for each other.

Why wedding ring tattoos are getting so popular? Is it just a fashion trend that sends traditional rings to the history? What are the pros and cons of such tattoos and how to choose the best design? We shall give you the answers to these questions and in addition, we shall give you some creative ideas so that you can decide whether you are ready or not to go for a tattoo.


Engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas – pros and cons, considerations to keep in mind


wedding tattoos designs for couples matching finger tattoo


The choice of a ring is one of the most important and difficult moments in preparation for the wedding and in the life of the newlyweds in general. Being of symbol of a commitment, you need to decide in advance how it will look and often this is the most difficult task. Many couples, choosing wedding rings, want to find something truly exclusive and some even create their own ring design, adding elements and symbols that are related to something in their relationship. Engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas give the chance to have something unique and designed especially for you and keep the symbol of love forever. Wedding ring tattoos, like any other, have their advantages and disadvantages and one should be really clear about all the pluses and minuses. Here are the most important factors that you need to consider:


wedding ring tattoos finger tattoos ideas for men and women

Advantages of wedding ring tattoo ideas:

  • On the first place, newlyweds accept ring tattoos as a sign of eternal love and since you cannot easily remove it, it is an expression of their commitment, their determination and belief that there is no place for parting, divorce or treason in their union.
  • You definitely will not lose this type of ring so, you can swim, sunbathe, exercise, etc., without fear that it will fall off your finger and get lost.
  • Originality is another plus as many young people are looking for creative ways to express their feelings and want to be the first among their friends who have tattoos instead of wedding rings. Such tattoos attract the attention of people and immediately become a conversational topic, moreover the couples creates an image of non-traditional and broad-minded people.
  • Significant savings may not be among the most important pros, but it is a fact that gold is quite expensive and prices are increasing every day. The tattoo is an option to save on precious metal and diamonds.
  • Safety is important to those who can not wear jewelry at work, for example, working in a factory, with equipment, etc. There are people who suffer from allergies to precious metals and a tattoo solves this problem easily.
  • A wedding ring can be removed at any time while the tattoo cannot and it is with you forever, indicating that the person is in a serious relationship. Well, to some people this could be a major disadvantage, couldn’t it?


engagement ring tattoos for men and women finger tattoo designs

Disadvantages of wedding ring tattoo ideas:

  • One of the major problems that newlyweds face when they choose wedding ring tattoo ideas is that for older generation, this step looks quite challenging. Parents and grandparents often have a problem understanding tattoos and believe that this is a protest against the traditional institution of marriage.
  • A serious concern is that, although not impossible, it is quite difficult to remove a tattoo. People change and life is full of surprises, it may happen that after a while you separate and you ask yourself: why did I do it?
  • Pain is another consideration, especially if this is your first tattoo. If you are afraid of pain, then this is definitely not your option, because the application process is rather painful, especially in places with thin and delicate skin that is close to the bone.You need to get informed how to take care of the tattoo during the healing process. It is important to remember that the healing process is long enough so you need to have the tattoo done in advance and save yourself the worries about damaged skin on the wedding day.
  • Over time the tattoos may change their shape and color, which is definitely a huge minus. It is a good idea to discuss the design with the artist and, of course, find a reputable studio with experienced artists.

As you see, there are both pluses and minuses and everyone has to decide for himself what to choose – a traditional wedding ring or a tattoo, carefully weighing all the pros and cons. It is best to discuss this with your partner and take a mutual decision.


Engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples – basic symbols and meaning

cool ring tattoos for men and women wedding ring ideas hearts

If you decide to opt for a tattoo instead of rings you need to take a decision on the design. Typically, these images are applied to the ring finger of the right hand and can be just an accessory or have a special meaning.

  • One of the simplest options is a ring shape. It is simple to be inked and the process does not take a lot of time. More complex and intricate designs with ornaments or other patterns will take more time but this depends on the preferences of the couple.
  • Wedding ring tattoo ideas for couples include a variety of images and symbols, as you will see in the gallery below. You can even combine two or more patterns. Here are some options:
  • Date of marriage (Roman or Arabic numerals). Such a tattoo can be a wonderful reminder to your spouse about the anniversary of your relationship;
  • The name or initials of the spouse;
  • A diamond, which means the that your partner is most precious to you;
  • A sign of infinity, which means eternal devotion;
  • Abbreviations like Mr and Mrs;
  • Symbols of the signs of the zodiac;
  • Kanji, meaning eternal love and devotion;
  • Celtic patterns, usually knots, which fascinate with their beauty and have a profound meaning;
  • Inscriptions like words or short phrases that fit around the finger.
  • A heart instead of a ring on the finger looks cute and quite appropriate, especially if you choose the right design.
  • Special characters that mean something important to both – birds, anchor, wave, steering wheel, a treble clef or a musical note, flora or fauna elements, etc. They can be related to a hobby or to a special moment.

tiny finger tattoos for couples engagement wedding ring ideas

This is not a complete list of popular engagement and wedding ring tattoo ideas. People’s imagination and creativity are endless and you can create your own unique designs for this very special day. You will notice on the photos that wedding ring tattoos are mostly simple, unpretentious and seldom require special tattoo equipment or extensive technical experience. The tattoo can replace the traditional ring or you can have both and hide the tattoo under the wedding rings. Being a part of cultural and historical heritage, traditions follow us throughout life and it is important to remember that the wedding ring has always been, is, and will always be a symbol of infinity, an expression of peoples’ love and partnership. The majority of newlyweds around the world are hoping that they bind themselves by marriage once and for life. Of course, a tattoo is not a guarantee for a long lasting happy marriage, but it is a symbol of hope, and hope, as you know, dies last.




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