Finger tattoos design ideas for men, women and couples

by Kremy

super cool finger tattoo designs

A finger tattoo is a good choice for people who want to have an original tattoo, but do not want to have a large area of the body inked. Not everyone can decide to decorate the body with tattoos. This is a rather painful procedure, after which the wound can heal for a long time. If, nevertheless, the desire to have a beautiful tattoo overcomes all fears, you can start with a small neat tattoo. We selected some super cool finger tattoos design ideas for men, women and couples which you can use as an inspiration.


Finger tattoos design ideas – pros and cons

Finger tattoo design ideas for men and women


Tattoos on the fingers were popular mainly among men. However, finger tattoo design ideas gained popularity among ladies as well and nowadays you can see them on girl’s fingers just as often as on men’s. On gentle female fingers small images look very elegant, not at all obtrusive and very stylish. Women basically prefer to do a tattoo between the fingers as the image is not so noticeable while most often men prefer the outer part.

The big plus of drawing a tattoo on your fingers is that this part of the body does not change with time, so the image will not float and will not lose its shape. To ink images on the fingers is not very painful, which makes them even more attractive and popular. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that tattoos on fingers fade and turn pale with time, so they need to be updated periodically.

Some people choose the tattoos on their fingers in such a way so that they complement a bigger design and work as a continuation of a forearm or hands tattoo.

Another popular option is a tattoo on the thumb. There is enough room to place a picture or a short phrase and it looks very stylish and original.


Fashionable finger tattoos design ideas

small heart tattoo for couples

How to choose the right tattoo for your fingers? Even the smallest image can tell a lot about your character. Depending on the location, the tattoo can be differently visible or easy to hide so, depending on your intention, you need to carefully select both the design and the place.

Think about all the small details before you decide on such an important step:

  • Determine the size of the future tattoo, a specific location on the finger, color and design;
  • Choose a reputable studio and tattoo artist. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the sketch itself, the process of applying the image, if necessary, ask for anesthesia;
  • If this is your first tattoo, make sure that you know how to take care for it and keep all the instructions. It is also important to take into account that we always touch something with our hands and they are exposed to elements almost all the time.

The most popular finger tattoo design ideas include inscriptions, sometimes each letter of which occupies one finger. Kanji are also hugely popular but you have to be certain that you understand the meaning of a symbol or you can get embarrassed if you meet a person who knows the language. Leaves, flowers or climbing plants are a symbol of harmony with nature and are more often the choice of women. Notes or other musical symbols, arrows, hearts, anchors, abstract symbols – the choice is unlimited.


words finger tattoo for men

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