Ankle tattoos for men – design ideas, images and meaning

by Kremy

cool tattoo ideas for men ankle

Ankle tattoos for men are not as common as women’s tattoos. While women try to focus their attention on slender legs, the representatives of stronger sex prefer to decorate their body, arms and legs as those tattoos give a more masculine, and sometimes even brutal appearance. However, a properly selected image for a male ankle can look as masculine as a tattoo on any other body part and sometimes it reveals the romantic side of a man.


Ankle tattoos for men – why choose an unusual place for your body decoration

cool tattoos for men ankle ideas


Typically, tattoos on the leg are considered to be quite an original body decoration and enjoy a great popularity among men. Believe it or not, ankle tattoos for men may not be as big and impressive as sleeve tattoos, for example, but a small drawing can also have a deep meaning or emphasize masculinity. For example, a band tattoo in tribal style is immediately associated with a warrior.

One of the main reasons that men seldom choose the ankle for applying a tattoo is that it remains almost invisible. The tattoo is hidden under the trousers or socks, which is the classic wardrobe of any guy and those who want to demonstrate their tattoo can do it at the beach, swimming pool or in leisure summer clothing.

The second reason for ignoring the ankle as a place for a tattoo is the lack of muscle relief, which would be emphasized by the image. When doing tattoos on your arms you can the hard biceps and triceps are clearly visible and enhanced by the drawing. The same effect is achieved when men place their tattoos on the back or the stomach – the attention is shared between the muscles and the tattoo design.

The third reason is, perhaps, the common misconception, that it is too feminine to emphasize your ankles, which are considered as one of the most graceful parts of woman’s legs.

However, ankle tattoos have a huge advantage – they are easy to hide from others under the clothes. This is an excellent option for men who have a prestigious job or are planning to build a career. In addition, due to the fact that men seldom choose the ankle as a place for their tattoo, unless it is the beginning of a bigger design, such an original and non-standard choice, undoubtedly, will be appreciated by friends and acquaintances.

Ankle tattoos for men – original body decoration ideas


ankle band tattoos for men rope and knot


Many people believe that the choice of designs is limited when it comes to choosing a drawing for the ankle. Well, they are wrong. As we have said many times – the only limit is the lack of imagination and creativity. Small tattoos come in such a wide variety of designs that it is not a problem to find one that means something special to you.

Ankle tattoos for men come in two main types – a small image or a band tattoo. They can be performed in any style – from Old school to Trash polka, Blackwork, Dotwork, biomechanical, etc. Old school style is suitable for traditional images like anchor, compass, ropes, a steering wheel, a wind rose, etc. These tattoos are, undoubtedly, exceptionally masculine, stylish and discreet.

Daggers, swords, knives with dripping drops of blood or in combination with a rose or heart, massive bracelets or shackles encircling the ankle are also popular tattoo designs for men which are suitable for ankles.

Freedom-loving guys can consider symmetrical drawings with wings on the two ankles. Although not typical, flowers and birds are also an option. As you know, every tattoo has a special meaning to the person who wears it, so if a rose has a special meaning to you, just go for it!

Male ankle tattoos in Polynesian style look very stylish and original. In ancient tribes such images emphasized the fighting spirit of the warrior, bravery, determination and courage.

Pair tattoos are not a rarity. Couples choose their ankles for romantic tattoos like lock and heart, for example, names, special dates, etc.


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