Face tattoo ideas 2023: Choose between 20 amazing small designs both for men and women

by Kristiyana

Did you know that face tattoos have come to be quite trendy in 2023? Apparently, these designs have caught the eye of many, as we currently can’t get enough of them on the social media platforms. However, face tattoos don’t come without a price. A lot of employers might see them as unprofessional, and you can get a few disapproving looks when walking down the street. However, we at Deavita.net have gathered 20 amazing face tattoo ideas which are quite small, hence will not be as distracting as other major bold designs. To pull them off, all you need is a little confidence and high-spirit. Here they are!

Heart face tattoo idea for women


Super sweet and cute face tattoo idea, wouldn’t you say? If you are all about romance (lol, same), then this red heart outline would be the perfect small design to get tattooed on your face.

Numeral face tattoo for men



Numeral tattoos have always been popular among both men and women. If you have a special number in mind, you can easily get it tattooed on your face in a cool writing style.

What do tattoos on the face mean?

Face tattoos can have many different meanings depending on the person’s preferences. For some people it is a way to express themselves, their beliefs or values, and for others it may be a form of self-expression or identity. Ultimately, what they mean is a matter of interpretation. For some, they represent family connections or a spiritual belief. They can also signify one’s social status and accomplishments.

Beautiful lotus flower design


I myself have always been obsessed with lotus flowers. They are unique, and when it comes to tattoo designs you can go with a variation of choices. A great option if you are looking for something eye-catching and feminine.

Anchor face tattoo idea for men


In need of a small and symbolic tattoo design for men? Go for the anchor tattoo. Anchors symbolize hope and safety. For some, they also call to the sea or trying to remain grounded. Either way, it’s a popular and cool design worth getting.

Sword tattoo for men and women



Or what about trying some edgy face tattoo ideas? Getting a sword design, either for men or women, would definitely make you look badass and like you can handle anything they throw at you.

Teardrop face tattoo idea for men


Thinking of going for the face teardrop tattoo design? Just keep in mind, that this tattoo has many meanings, some of which are pretty bizarre. Make sure you look into it, before reaching for the ink.

Unique tattoo design for women


Up for trying something completely different and original? I think this face tattoo design would certainly get you some complements for its uniqueness.

Snake face tattoo idea for men


Damn, I really like this one. I mean, it’s edgy, it’s sexy. And I bet women can also pull it off. Show a bit of your bad side with this snake face tattoo.

Colourful flower tattoo for women


Flashy and colourful tattoo designs are set to be one of the major tattoo trends in 2023. And flower ones have always been in style, so why not get this beautiful design on your face this year?

Under eye small cross tattoo


Another tattoo that has always been popular, no matter the placement, is the cross one. People choose it for different reasons. Some wear it to represent their beliefs, others because they just like the way it looks. Decide on your own meaning.

Faux freckles tattoo for women


A quite unexpected tattoo trend in 2023 I would say, is the faux freckles face tattoo. I guess if you don’t have natural ones, you can always get them tattooed!

Crescent moon face tattoo idea


Moon tattoos of any shape, form, and colour have also always been trendy. They can represent something personal, and look good. This crescent moon design is quite captivating in my opinion.

Stick and poke face tattoos


Ever heard of the stick and poke tattoos? These designs are created by dipping the needle into ink and placing it one dot at a time. No machines are used. This technique creates unique and exceptional tattoos. Perfectly suited for your face.

Sun tattoo idea for men and women


We already mentioned moon tattoos, but where are we without a sun design to complement it? This face tattoo can suit both men and women.

Hugs and kisses face tattoo idea


I like this design, because it’s very playful, yet you can easily hide it with your hair. No one even has to know that you have a tattoo, it can be our little secret.

Butterfly tattoo for men and women


No one said butterfly tattoos are just for women! As you can see, men can also pull them off. This face tattoo will show people that you have a soft touch to your personality.

Queen of Hearts face tattoo idea


Super cool face tattoo idea for women! And another one you can easily hide with your hair. Be the queen of someone’s heart with this design.

Symbolic tattoo idea for men


The number 21 is said to have many in-depth meanings. It can represent one’s responsibility, the harmony of creation, the union of trinity, and much more. So if you are looking for meaningful face tattoo ideas, I think you found your top choice.

Rose tattoo design for women


And how can a girl resist getting a rose tattoo? It’s a timeless classic, and you can get it in a variety of different styles. For your face, you can go with this elegant design.

Musical note face tattoo idea


What about going for something pretty small, yet meaningful? If music is a big part of your life, I would highly suggest this cute and subtle musical note face tattoo idea.



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