Bangs with curly hair: Is it possible to love your curls more with these tips?

by Gabby

Curls… one in two women with straight hair dreams of having curls and volume. Men are not left out either and are often fascinated by women with curly hair, take the example of Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman”. Do you agree? Today we are going to look at which bangs with curly hair might suit you best. Deavita is there for you and our recommendations will help you achieve them without difficulty! For a long time, curly hair was considered unsuitable for bangs. Ladies, that way of thinking certainly no longer applies! Let’s explore the possibilities together! Here we go!

Bangs with curly hair: Is it possible to love your curls more?

bangs with curly hair haircut ideas how to style them

To begin with, dear ladies, there are no strict prohibitions for combining curly hair and bangs, but rather very short bangs are not recommended. Unfortunately, its appearance will frequently be at the hands of the weather. Fringes can come in different shapes. It doesn’t matter whether they are short, long, straight or asymmetrical. However, you should always take into account the peculiarities of the type of hair, otherwise you risk an unfavorable appearance. As soon as it rains, you will think about it, and the fringe will rise. With short bangs you will lose your look!

Before going to the hairdresser (and we recommend it), think carefully about what you like, and after taking into account all our advice. In most cases, soft curly hair will prefer long bangs slightly to the side. You can try layered wispy bangs, which gives a structured look while maintaining the wild look of your hair. Come on, let’s see our catalog of choices!

Bangs with curly hair: Long fringe

bangs for curly hair ideas fringe curtain long


This is the easiest type of bangs to wear. It suits almost all faces, especially round faces. Long bangs can be worn in a curtain or tapered, the desired effect here being to give the face a finer contour. If you need some more inspiration, check out the curly hairstyles 2023 that every fashionista will wear!

Round bangs

round bangs curly hairstyles 2023 medium length bob

Round bangs are a great suggestion to fit any hair perfectly! They have the advantage of conveying a very natural look, if their pointed ends are tapered, you have already won the lottery! For thicker, more dramatic volume, just leave the ends untouched. And if you are a mature woman, your curls probably need something to spice them up. Check out these natural curly hairstyles for women over 60, that will make you feel youthful!

Fringe on the side

fringe on the side curly hairstyles 2023 ideas haircuts bob

This is a nice haircut for you ladies, who have angular features and squarer faces. Side-cut bangs, or fringe lighten the shape of your face. In this case, there is a very pronounced straight or a slightly asymmetrical cut. It also allows you to structure the cut without disturbing the wild look.

Tips before trying out the curly fringe

curly fringe tips haircut trends 2023 long curtain bangs


If you want to make bangs on your curly hair, pay attention to some tips that we are going to give you. The first of these is to trust a hairdresser, because there are pitfalls in cutting bangs for your beautiful curly hair. You know from personal experience that when your hair is dry, it stands up and becomes quite unruly. You shouldn’t cut your bangs on wet hair, as you probably won’t get the desired effect. Also, for example, you should know that curly hair is not suitable for razor cut bangs, as it can frizz.

How to maintain a fringe on curly hair?

how to maintain a fringe on curly hair ideas tips and tricks

An important rule for a gorgeous look is to remember to regularly trim and maintain your curls to prevent them from sagging or getting greasy. We also advise you to visit your hairdresser often (every 1 or 2 months) so that he can style your bangs and charm everyone around you.

Regular hair care will undoubtedly ensure that all your hair as well as your bangs look better. We frequently think that to make our hair voluminous and shiny. We have to wash our hair every day or every other day. No my darlings, avoid frequent shampoos as well as hair dryers near your hair.

what fringe for curly hair to adapt in 2023 haircut ideas

For good hair care, it is advisable to use a soft bristled brush or a wide-toothed comb. Combing is done on wet hair. We suggest using products containing oils or homemade curly hair masks made with aloe vera extract or glycerin to deeply moisturize your hair. Whenever possible, choose natural and plant-based dyes to keep your curls and hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Well, ladies, have you picked out your awesome bangs for your curls?


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