Chunky bob with bangs: Learn about the latest bob haircut trend 2023 worth giving a try!

by Anjelina

The bob haircut is one of the most stylish and elegant haircuts that stands the test of time and becomes a true classic! Thanks to being very versatile, it has managed to stay on top of the fashion trends in hairstyles for many years now. Stylists are constantly coming up with newer and trendier versions, which many celebrities are adopting, and thus setting an example for the rest of us on what to do to keep up with fashion. In this line of thought, in today’s article, we will take a look at one of the most trendy bob haircut options on the list of trends for the season – the chunky bob with bangs. Learn more about this fashionable look and get tips for styling your hair!

What is a chunky bob with bangs?

cute messy chunky bob with bangs and highlights

The modern “chunky bob” hairstyle is a variation of the classic “bob”, as we already mentioned. But what exactly is it? The hair is usually of medium length, reaching to the chin or at most to the shoulders. The technique involves cutting larger sections of hair at a time, giving the hair volume and depth. This makes the hairstyle extremely suitable for ladies with thinner hair. Overall, it closely resembles a blunt bob, but shorter sections in the front that accentuate the face can also be added. As far as bangs are concerned, they can be of any type and hairdressers often define them according to individual facial features. For example, a chunky bob would look great with side-swept, blunt or curtain bangs. They can be longer or shorter. So make sure you share your personal preferences.

Who is the modern bob haircut suitable for?

messy natural waves long bangs chin length haircut


A chunky bob with bangs is suitable for most women, regardless of their face shape and hair texture. This is because the haircut itself combined with bangs does so to accentuate the most pleasing features of the face – the eyes, cheekbones and chin. Its main advantage is that it also creates volume at the ends, which is great for ladies with thinner hair. Those of you with more voluminous hair can also reap the benefits of a chunky bob as your hair will look even more healthy, beautiful and well-styled!

gorgeous platinum blonde chunky layered bob with blunt bangs

Another advantage is that it is an extremely low-maintenance haircut, which saves time and is very important in our hectic daily lives. In the following lines, you will find out how to style a chunky bob with bangs! Then we will share with you some great styling ideas that will inspire you to try this trendy and stylish look! Continue reading!

How to style chunky bob with bangs?

chunky bob long curtain bangs and highlights

Styling a chunky bob with bangs is easy and requires little effort to achieve a trendy and neat look! We suggest you a few steps to follow and get a modern hairstyle, for which you will receive many compliments!

  1. To begin with, wash your hair so that it is clean. Then dry it well with a towel. These steps are necessary to make your later work even easier and more enjoyable.
  2. Use a heat protectant serum or spray to ensure your hair is protected from damage!
  3. With a round brush and a blow-dryer, first start drying your bangs. Smooth them out and curl them slightly with the brush to add volume. Next, move on to the rest of your hair.
  4. Once you have dried your hair, you can choose to stop styling if you wish. However, we do recommend adding soft waves. To do so, use a wand or a curling iron. Make loose, natural waves by wrapping larger sections of hair around the hair tool and holding for just a few seconds.
  5. When you’re done with the waves, use a texturizing spray. It’ll add even more volume and texture, resulting in a nicely tousled look.
  6. Take a little more time with your bangs – style them the way you like! For example, if they’re long, tousle them to the side or part them down the middle. If they are short, straighten them to make them longer and achieve a good look.
  7. Finish with beautiful hair accessories like headbands or hair clips that will add even more charm to your look.

If you’ve followed our steps, you’ve probably achieved a trendy and stylish hairstyle! If you’re still on the fence about giving the new chunky bob with bangs a chance, check out our inspiring gallery full of ideas and trendy looks!

Chunky bob with bangs – Photo Gallery

Taylor Swift trendy haircut medium length with bangs

Blonde bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

soft edges nice blonde bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Chunky bob with short bangs for dark hair

black chunky bob with bangs tousled look

Trendy chin-length haircut with a fringe

modern bob hairstyle with bangs blonde hair

Messy look of platinum blonde hair

chunky bob with long bangs middle parting platinum blonde hair

Beautiful natural waves and highlights

wavy medium length bob with a fringe

Chunky bob with short, blunt bangs

stunning balayage a-line haicuts with short blunt bangs

Straight messy hair and short bangs

tousled messy bob chin length with short bangs

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