Some superb methods of cleaning dirty grout on the floor tiles that really work!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Everybody who regularly cleans the tiles on floors knows how easy this is and how bright and shiny their tiles are at the end. But have you tried to do the same with the grout? You will say, of course, that this is rather more tricky. And you are not the only one – people often complain about cleaning the grout and don’t know how to wipe out all the dirt from this material. The good news is that there are some solutions on how to clean grout on tile floor that are not hard to achieve at home or at the office.

Before choosing a cleaning way, be sure what is the grout’s type you want to treat

how to clean grout on tile floor most effectively

The tiles are smooth and look so wonderful after cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning the grouts seems so hard to do, as they are usually in light color and in addition to that, with a porous structure, which clings dirt particles and is extremely prone to staining.

The most important thing we have to know before undertaking floor’s cleaning is what type the grout is. Its hue is also significant to be taken into consideration.

In the case of the grout made with cement and grit, called Sanded grout, there are visible grit particles in it. This one is often used for flooring for high-traffic area and not suitable for beautiful, polished and shining ones. Unsanded grout has no grit in its composition, though it is also made with cement. This type is solid, easy to be applied and is good for narrow joints. It is used when you have polished stones on the floor. There is another type, Epoxy grout, that is the better choice for wet floors like shower surrounding areas, because it practically does not absorb water and is more solid than the previous two types of grout. Another advantage is that it’s rather easier to be clean, which makes it a good choice when tiles are in light tones.

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Clean the grout on tile floor with warm water and nylon brush

fast cleaning with natural products


You have to be careful with the grout not to damage it. So, for this purpose metal brush is not suitable, but use one with nylon bristles instead. Then you need to spray a little warm water on the grout, let it absorb and scrub with the brush. The only negative effect could be the appearance of mildew, if you use water cleaning more often.

Apply vinegar and warm water in order to remove the stains with this solution.

Pour equal parts of water and vinegar in a bottle and simply spray this mixture on the grout. Then wait for a few minutes and scrub the grout with a brush afterwards. You only have to remember that using vinegar on unsealed grout is not recommended.

Use baking soda and vinegar

The only thing you have to do is to apply to the grout areas a mixture of baking soda and water, and then spray some vinegar-water solution over it. After it stops foaming, scrub the grout with a nylon brush. The last step is rinsing with water and wiping dry. In case the grout is unsealed, the treatment should be with baking soda only. The same method can be used to clean the rust from other tiled surfaces like walls.

Treat the grout with hydrogen peroxide

If the above-mentioned methods do not work well enough, try to clean with hydrogen peroxide bought from the local drug store. Use this product in a mixture with baking soda, which is a good solution for cleaning unsealed grout also.

how to clean grout on tile floor with homemade products effectively

What cleans dirty grout on floors: with oxygen bleach

Oxygen bleach, which could be easily found to be sold as a powder, is suitable for treating old stains from grout. After applying the oxygen bleach mixture, it has to stay on the surface for 10-15 minutes and then be rinsed. Wipe the grout until it’s dry, at the end.

Chlorine bleach in order to clean dirty grout on floor tiles

This agent is for cases when all the other methods of cleaning do not show results. It has to be used with extreme precaution because of its aggressiveness and is suitable for a short time cleaning floor only. The sure thing is that the treatment with chlorine bleach is effective.

How to clean grout on tile to remove the stubborn stains  ?

Steam-clean is one modern method for removing stains, and quite effective one. It is a perfect ecological solution for cleaning grout on tile floor at home. There are no chemicals, and it is good for continuous use. It is equally useful for cleaning the wall grout as well.

Begin with the milder methods and continue with more harsh cleaning

clean with baking soda

This approach is good to be applied, if you want to save your floor for many years. You should begin with the mildest methods of removing dirt and continue with the harsh ways of cleaning only when needed. The presented mixtures are not only easy to be homemade, but cheap and long-lasting solutions for your clean bathroom and cozy home.

Now when you are already aware of how to clean grout on tile floor, you may plan the spring cleaning of the whole house.

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